10 Reasons to Work at Publix

Publix: Publix Super Markets, Inc., commonly known as Publix, is an employee-owned supermarket chain in the United States. It was started in the year 1930 as a single store and now it is the largest grocery chain owned by the employees. The associates at Publix are dedicated to the work and declare that Publix is a great place to work at. Around 1,93,000 people are employed in Publix stores.

Fortune magazine has ranked the Publix in Number 21 position in a list of 100 Best Companies to Work For 2017. According to a survey, 1029 employees gave reviews and ratings to Publix as follows:

  • 94% ratings for great challenges
  • 93% ratings for great atmosphere
  • 93% ratings for great rewards
  • 96% ratings for great pride
  • 93% ratings for great communication
  • 92% ratings for great bosses.

Nine Reasons to Work at Publix

People working at Publix gives many reasons supporting the view that Publix is a great place to work at. Here in this article, we have listed the top nine reasons to work at Publix.

9 reasons to work at publix

Below, we have discussed the Nine Reasons to Work at Publix.

  1. Good Friends in Publix: According to the Annual surveys, one of the main reason associates love to work at Publix is the friends they make in the workplace and teamwork they experience.
  2. Excellent Publix Benefits: Publix provides various exciting benefits to its associates to help them out in various situations. The various benefits offered by Publix are health care and support, the savings plan for retirement, education or training programs and much more discounts on different services and products. Publix employees are also offered the Employees Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) which provides them a free stock every year as a part of the retirement program. Publix also facilitates its associates to purchase additional shares on their own.
  3. Publix Ownership: Publix is the largest employee-owned supermarket chain in the United States. Employees can gain many benefits through the ownership using profit sharing in the form of year-end bonuses, free shares and quarterly retail bonuses of organization stock circulated annually to their retirement account. Publix Login is an online portal designed for the employees and they can log in to Publix Passport to view their personal as well as work-related information at Publix.
  4. Stability at Publix: Publix has no long-term debts. The profit margins of Publix are the best in the supermarket industry. Publix’s directors are highly dedicated towards the work and maintain the organization stable over a long period.
  5. Publix Career Growth: Publix has a great belief of promoting the products and services as they value extended service to their organization. Just because of this reason, most of the baggers, bakers, meat cutters, cashiers, clerks, and decorators become managers or join the company support team. Approximately 25,000 Publix associates have been working with the organization for at least ten years.
  6. Helping Others in Publix: Publix receives a positive response because of customer satisfaction based on national surveys. They are not just proud of the healthy relationship which they develop with the customers, they are also proud to be the sort of people drawn to careers which allow them to serve others.
  7. Community Spirit of Publix: Publix and its associates donated more than 36 million dollars every year. They also help the people in need through volunteering in United Way. In addition to this, they also provide help to great community partners like March of Dimes, Food for All, Special Olympics and Children’s Miracle Network.
  8. Committed to Diversity: Publix is committed to the diversity of their workforce, not only to improve but also to reflect their customers in their stores. This is the reason that widens their scope of understanding in all their work processes.
  9. Committed to Planet Earth: Publix believes in performing business in a responsible way so as to fulfill the requirements of the planet. From solar energy to local product sourcing, from recycling to energy efficiency, and Get into a Green Routine everything is a successful program.

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