Acer Helios 300 Predator PH315-78NP Review Guide – Best Budget Gaming Laptop

Acer Helios 300 Predator PH315-78NP Review Guide – Best Budget Gaming Laptop

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Have you desire to play games on a good screen that offers a higher smart refreshing rate? We suggest you buy the Acer Helios 300 predator PH315 model that contains all spectacular aspects for a more improved gaming experience.


The Acer Predator Helios 300 78NP is a solid mid-range gaming PC intended for speed and efficiency. It comes up with a high lake processor combined with a GeForce NVIDIA GTX designs card. It empowers you to push great edges each second fps in gaming. Besides a moderate value point, you get a couple of more advantages like high performance and great gaming quality. You will have high-quality speakers, long battery life, a sufficient measure of ports, and a high-class console.

We’ve known Acer for its great gaming workstations and robustly valued apparatuses, for example, the massive Predator and smooth Predator 700 Triton. Also, Acer hasn’t halted all exceptional features in every model. They are presently taking the fight to the scratchpad space by stacking them with lavish highlights and incredible gaming equipment. The Acer Helios Predator PH315-78NP Gaming Laptop review that we have conducted doesn’t occupy pretty and innocuous highlights.

It wears the entire gaming suite as a clear, simple gaming PC and at a reasonable cost. Inside the package plan, you’ll discover an i7 Core 8750H processor and a GTX GeForce 1060 illustrations card. It’s not the ideal gaming PC by the same token. The Acer Helios Predator holds a couple of battery losses to a great extent. But if you can ignore its dull presentation, the machine marks all the effective results and cost perfectly for a gaming PC. In this survey, we classify its exhibition to determine how it stacks against the opposition.

Acer Helios Predator PH315-78NP Gaming Laptop:

Acer has, as of late, come up with a high-quality gaming PC. The Acer Helios Predator PH315-78NP gaming laptop working with ultimate 1060 designs and is intended with the most recent Intel processor. The PC has a strong presentation comes up with high-quality I/O gadgets, touchpad, and console, alongside a brilliant screen.

The Acer Helios Predator PH315-78NP gaming laptop has been quite possibly the most well-known mid-range gaming workstations over the most recent few months. The machine is famous because of its amazing value, as it accompanies a higher Intel processor, GTX NVidia 6 GB graphic designs, and an IPS screen which additionally cost more than $1000.

The Acer Helios Predator PH315-78NP gaming laptop is a top-rated gaming PC that has got higher approval at its superb cost to execution proportion, moderately lightweight plan, quality console, and premium completion. The model is known for its 144hz high to revive rate loyalty display fit for yielding games at more than 60 edges each second and dealing with 3D substance. Capacity is likewise restricted because of the consideration of just an elite 256GB strong state drive.

The Helios predator 300 model is Acer’s first range gaming PC based on Intel Core higher rate processors and 1060 sharp illustrations. The whole system is generally compared to another worth scratchpad in this market. The great estimating and strong execution are its fundamental selling focuses, close by a decent console, fast system of IO, and a genuinely decent screen with 144 Hz revive rate on the latest model. Still, there are still a few perspectives to improve, similar to the size of the battery, dull structure choices, and rather dull speakers.

There’s such a huge reason to cherish the Acer Helios Predator PH315-78NP gaming laptop as it’s one of the worth considering PC. Regardless of anything else, if you’re paying for a dependable i7 Intel Core sharp Lake processor, GeForce GTX 1060 designs chip, a lot of memory and capacity. You likewise get a really high form quality that is the basic contrast shown in the revival models available at this value range.

In case you’re searching for a moderate PC that can bend over as an efficiency stage and a gaming PC, the Predator PH315 Helios possesses all the necessary qualities. It handles AAA dual batteries and a VR gaming facility. The system is good for web exploring, office tasks, and photo editing takes. We effectively suggest it as our Editor’s Choice if you have a lower or mid-range spending plan for a gaming PC.

Specifications of Acer Helios Predator PH315-78NP Gaming Laptop:


Gaming Model


Acer Helios PH315-78NP Gaming Laptop


Connectivity Ports The PH315 system has a list of USB and LAN ports. You will have 3.0 and 2.0 generation 1 USB ports along with an extra Lock, SD reader, Earphone, and HDMI ports.
Wireless connection facility The Helios 300 system comes up with Gigabit connectivity of LAN. It has a remarkable Qualcomm Wireless Bluetooth facility for external connection.
Memory space The system contains two forms of memory spaces in the form of DIMMs. You will have DDR4 memory spaces of 32GB each.
Storage Space Helios 300 system has an NVMe sharp SSD of 512GB. Also, you will have an extra HDD 5400 RAM of 2 TB.
Graphics card The model contains a GTC NVidia graphical card of 6GB.
System Processor The system is intended with a Lake core intel 8750H i7 CPU processor at remarkable rates.
Display Screen The Acer Helios model screen is made with IPS technology and comes up with a widescreen of 15.6″ with a matte aesthetic.
Charger and Battery power The battery rate of this system is workable for 48 Wh. and the charger is splendid with 180 Wh.
Webcam and Keyboard There is a high-quality backlit red keyboard. Also, with a high rate screen resolution, you will have a higher pixel webcam.
Weight and Dimensions The overall weight of this PC is around 2.56 kg. The dimension rate of this system is around 15 x 10.9 x 1.08 mm.
Audio and Video Quality The video quality is exceptional with a GTX smart HD Intel 630 screen rate. Also, the speakers are loud and provide high-quality sound.


Highlighted Features of Acer Helios Predator PH315-78NP Gaming Laptop:

  • Features and Design Structure:

Acer offers the latest reliable Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop, which is available in two screen forms. You will have a 17 or 15 inches’ laptop. In this survey, we talk about the 15-inch laptop screen. If you are already looking at the Asus FX504G TUF model, this model of Helios offers a comparative appearance. The frame is precise around the edges, and the case wears a generally dark-hued finish decorated with red highlighted muscle lines.

The LCD casing and base are made of plastic, while the top and palm rest sparkling cleaned aluminum radiating a more exceptional look. Turning the PC on its backside uncovers plastic fumes with red accents also. As though insufficient, the console is illuminated in red and the touchpad illustrated in red for better gaming productivity. Also, the red and dark shading plan is a basic reason of its popularity.

With widescreen sizes and almost 5.5 pounds, the system is effectively the heaviest in this gaming laptop list. The Asus Zephyrus ROG S is slender and lighter at 4.63 pounds as compared to this model. Similarly, the MSI Stealth GS65 Thin 068 is slender and lighter at a lighter weight of 4.14 pounds. At last, the Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop is additionally more modest and lighter than the MSI 17-inches Leopard model.

  • Sound Quality:

The Helios 300’s double speakers convey strong execution and get adequately noisy to appreciate interactivity and music. The framework has pre-introduced DTS programming, so you can change the sound settings. It helps you to discover the sound yield to be metallic while tuning in to strong Rhymes.

Let’s conclude it, a significant number of gamers mess around or watch recordings utilizing earphones, and this is the place where the DTS programming sparkled. The DTS Headphone in Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop setting encompasses sounds inside the climate. It doesn’t matter whether you’re gaming, watching recordings, or tuning in to music. You can appreciate the strong sound and set it at a reasonable cost.

  • Gaming Graphics and VR Facilities:

The Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop is adopting a dual high-quality barrel strategy to designs with a discrete feature. GeForce NVidia RTX Max-Q is intended in this system GPU, connected with 8GB RAM and an incorporated Intel GPU. The PC switches between the two utilizing NVidia’s Optimus innovation relying upon the errand.

Many customers claim that their experience of gaming on the Predator Helios 300 was exceptionally smooth. There will be no falters or dropped casings or hiccups of any sort, and that is without drawing in the Turbo button.

The PC can allow you to have 80 different casings each second, beating the 63-fps normal. The G14 Zephyrus scored around 115 fps, while the Raider oversaw just 91 fps, followed by the Aorus, which indented with the 76 fps. It was all that could possibly be needed to outperform the 70 fps standard gaming PC normal. The G14 Zephyrus got 73 fps, and the Raider beat the opposition with 99 fps, trailed by the Aorus’ within the 87 fps.

During the professional VRMark Cyan test, the Predator Helios scored up at an extremely powerful rate. The MSI Raider was inspired by the gathering, which scores up to 8,423, followed by the Aorus. Raising the back was the Asus Zephyrus ROG work at 5,286. Every one of the units outperformed the gaming normal of 4,597. At the point when you’re not gaming or driving another graphically burdening movement, the Helios predator system switches over to the coordinated illustrations to save battery life.

  • Screen Display:

Take unlimited advantage with the assistance of the advanced Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop. The PC has an iron-red illuminated console which is an aid for gamers as it causes them to play with expertise while giving the PC in more precise look. It additionally makes it simple to play in low-light conditions.

Sandwiched between the dainty bezels is a 15.6” In-Plane Switching show. The showcase has a local goal of high pixel definition and a matte completion which helps battle against reflections. That implies even in splendidly lit rooms or outside under direct daylight; you will not get a ton of glare from the presentation. Likewise, because of the IPS board, seeing points are acceptable. On the off chance that your game in a gathering and ordinarily have onlookers applauding you as they look after your shoulder, seeing points will be great.

All things considered, in plain view, we joyfully welcome the 144Hz invigorate rate that the Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop intended will all essential display features. Considering 60 Hz is the norm for most machines, the 144Hz is truly extraordinary and, for the most part, selective for pricier PCs. At the high refreshing rate of 144Hz, the Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop can figure out how to convey more edges each second, particularly on occasions where the equipment is fit for pushing that high.

The screen splendor is estimated at around 300 nits, somewhat dimmer than our classification normal of 350 nits. That can assist with having the high pictures look altogether in dull condition. It isn’t great for survey insight. The Strix comes up with 269 units, and the Leopard with 245 units are feeling blunt. At last, there is no G-sync technology remembered for this PC. Similar to the G-sync facility is recommended for the HP 15 Omen system.

  • Heating Quality:

The Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop is intended with a double fan cooling framework with a fourth-gen Aero 3D Blade fan and Cooling Acer Boosting innovation. It was roused by bionic quiet owl flight mechanics that amplify wind current and limit commotion. The 0.04-inch fan edges are sharp enough that deal with serrated winglets along with the top base. It can improve the cooling rate of up to 45% from the past age. Most customers concluded that the innovation works flawlessly, and while placing it on their lap, we never felt hot.

What’s more to notice in the heating feature? Well! The PC remained calm when it comes to the screen presentation, even as we played Batman Asylum for longer than 120 minutes. Because of the restrictive Cooling application, which is found in Predator Sense, you can make custom changes to the fans.

Also, with the Turbo cooling button system, fans will work at the most extreme speed for ideal cooling when the framework is overclocked. During the video heat test of 15 minutes, the touchpad estimated a cool 78 degrees of heating Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the center of the console enrolled 88 degrees.

  • Acer Helios PH315 laptop Webcam:

The 720p HDR high-quality webcam on the Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop does a pleasant occupation for a coordinated shooter.

The tones were immersed pleasantly and looked best when appropriately lit. In dimmer conditions, the tones are converted in the more quieted situation, and there is some pixelation now and again. By and large, the webcam is strong in this pic. In case you’re a potential gamer hoping to stream your interactivity, put resources into an outside webcam.

  • System Warranty and Software Quality:

The Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop accompanies a Sensitive Predator programming, which awards gamers the capacity to alter the PC severally. You can change the console backdrop illumination, fans, screen framework execution, and control overclocking. Gamer-driven outsider programming joins with the NVidia tech Control Panel. It will permit you to change the discrete GPU settings.

Moreover, the GeForce NVidia technology feature is a setup of applications intended to improve interactivity. As is typical with Windows 10 frameworks, there’s an ordinary measure of bloatware, including Skype, Microsoft, Netflix, and Solitaire ranges. The Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop carries around a 1-year restricted guarantee. You can easily perceive how Acer fared in our unique yearly reports, including the Tech Showdown support feature.

  • System Connection:

We value Acer’s endeavors of putting a lot of ports on the Helios 300. There is a very limited sizable amount of ports to associate all your number one gadgets. Fortunately, that is including an advanced USB C type port to keep your PC substantial for a couple of years. It’s a pleasant touch that you don’t will regularly see in this value range. The system’s left side holds the connection ports, including an Ethernet, a USB port, HDMI yield, and an SD card range.

The HDMI connection in the Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop proves to be useful should you at any point need to interface with an outside screen. Then, an earphone jack and a couple of USB 2.0 ports are situated on the PC’s correct side. Other availability choices include high rate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth feature. The Acer new model fuses with a two-year guarantee that is standard across all Acer models.

  • System Performance:

Under its paunch, the Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop sneaks up all of a sudden. It’s equipped with a 2.8GHz smart system Core i7 processor, 16GB smart data memory, 256GB Solid-state drive, and a GeForce design GTX chip. These features recommend to an even machine that would have the option to deal with anything you toss at it.

However, we’ll cover memory and capacity later. The Core system i7 processor is a six-center processor with an extra quality 2.2 GHz system base clock speed and a 4.1 GHz data rate. The system can execute up to multiple strings at the same time while using the Hyper-Threading technology.

Also, it is proved that the Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop has a very sizable amount of juice for some genuine performing various tasks. You can enjoy doing your routine task with up to 30 tabs in Chrome while watching a higher stream on Twitch and tuning in to music behind the scenes.

The two additional centers get an expanded presentation of the half. On account of this, the Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop can handle all your task. It is an amazing machine that will remain cool under tension and also act smartly in a huge data load.

  • Memory and storage:

Since the Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop is worked as a workhorse for video editors, innovative experts, and gamers, it needs to deal with a lot of requesting errands at the back. That means a lot of memory to deal with so many responsibilities also. Acer proceeds with its series of wins on account of adequate memory.

You get sufficient internal memory of 16GB in the form of DDR4 memory, which is above and beyond for the above assignments and many more. Indeed, you can likewise update the GB memory to deal with more escalated responsibilities. However, it should deal with fewer requesting assignments like word handling and web exploring easily.

All things considered, the 256GB static strong drive is adequately quick to keep boot-up and stacking times sensibly smart. Since this arrangement came without a hard drive stockpiling alternative, you should save your most important records and games. That is concluded that the measure of capacity isn’t sufficient for huge capacity.

  • System Gaming Performance:

Now you can motivate yourself in great gaming encounters with this Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop. It’s furnished with best-in-class processors that never let you down when you’re gaming persistently. Your PC will convey top execution even after extended periods of utilization as the Aero 3D Blade Fan keeps it cool. A decent design card makes a gaming PC adaptable, thus does the GeForce NVIDIA GTX illustrations chip.

When we talk about system GPUs working, the Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop deal with the high board on benchmark tests, gaming runs, and general applications. Also, if you engage in site page delivery, business profitability applications, advanced media creation work, and anything in the middle, the GTX idealizes execution there. The blend or the six system cores and 12-string will push up every gamer for better execution in an exceptional gaming theme.

  • Trackpad and System Keyboard Quality:

Acer checked all the privilege boxes in the Acer Helios PH315-78NP laptop and came up with the console making it agreeable and responsive. The individual keys accompany a 1.6 mm vertical travel which is over our 1.5 normal. The keys likewise require 79 grams of activation power which means light and click-able keys. It should take you a long expectation to learn and adapt to become accustomed to the pressing factor, after which you ought to have the option to type quickly.

Somewhere else, the keys are illuminated, which helps when gaming in a dim room. In any case, you can modify the tones or control them as it doesn’t have full RGB illumination. The wide-inch touchpad will allow you a great roomy setup. Add precise and receptive to Windows 10 signals, and you have yourself a wonderful touchpad. In any case, we recommend you get a high-quality gaming mouse for enjoying shooter games and other tasks that require higher exactness.

  • System Availability and Price Tag:

The refreshed Helios model 78NP is accessible in many business sectors at the hour of this update. The US market generally gets a top-level setup with the Core i7 CPU, GTX high rated illustrations chip, RAM of around 16 GB, and an internal SSD storage of 256 GB, for around $1300. You’ll easily need to add an extra HDD to store every one of your games.

The system is intended with i5 models, which are accessible in certain districts for less, and given the new Core i5 smart Coffee Lake technology, CPU is at any rate on par execution astute with the more established i7 models. With these remarkable features, you shouldn’t absolutely dis-consider those either, particularly in case you’re on a tighter spending plan and essentially plan to utilize the PC for messing around. Now you can fulfill several takes that would profit from the additional centers and strings of the i7 core CPU.


  • It is made with High-quality material
  • Have efficient trackpad and good keyboard
  • The system can get an upgraded sharp screen, which offers a high refresh rate.
  • Comes up with an excellent cost-effective value
  • Provide solid system performance
  • It runs quiet and cool at the time of daily use
  • Easy to update with new features
  • Great and valuable gaming theme design


  • The system processor is a bit noisy
  • The speakers of this system are of average quality
  • Have some dependable design structures



  1. Is buying the Acer Helios Predator PH-315 model worth it?

The Acer Helios Predator 300 PH-315 conveys great gaming and, in general, execution at a strong cost. However, it experiences less than ideal battery life.

  1. How long does the Acer Helios Predator 300 PH-315 last?

You can have 3 hours and 30 minutes of battery life in the Acer Helios Predator 300 PH-315. But the system misses the mark regarding the 3:21 normal for gaming workstations. Then again, incredible gaming PCs will get just about 2.5 long periods of battery life, so the circumstance might have been a lot more regrettable.

  1. Is the Acer Helios Predator 300 PH-315 easily upgradable?

The system is properly upgradable with the two screws. These features give you simple admittance to the 2.5-inch drive of SATA narrows and two different memory spaces. The redesign is basic for any individual who intends to employ the Helios 300 as a gaming PC. The reason is that these games today can undoubtedly push 50GB of space.

  1. What games can Acer Helios Predator 300 PH-315 support for easy play?

Acer Helios Predator 300 PH-315 gaming PC can run Apex Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, Minecraft, and GTA V. You will enjoy a portion of the greatest PC games at a suggested level. PC Gaming Benchmark audits depend on the number of the best PC games a PC can run. The Acer Helios Predator 300 PH-315 PC can run 940 of the main 1000 games, so most gamers give it a 95% rating.

  1. The amount of RAM does the Acer Helios Predator 300 PH-315 have?

The fundamental arrangement for Acer Helios Predator 300 PH-315 in the US will just slow down you $1,200, which includes a 2.8GHz, quad-center Intel Core 7700HQ i7 processor, a GeForce NVidia GTX designs card, overall system RAM of 8GB, and your decision of a 256GB strong state drive or hard drive.

  1. Is Acer Helios Predator 300 PH-315 useful for gaming?

The Acer Helios Predator 300 PH-315 system has consistently been an incredible section-to-mid-level gaming PC, on account of its emphasis on the sweet spot among execution and cost. That is the reason it’s been reliably highlighted as extraordinary compared to other gaming PCs throughout the most recent couple of years.

  1. Will RAM in Acer Helios Predator 300 PH-315 influence gaming FPS?

Furthermore, in certain situations and relying upon the amount of RAM you have, indeed, adding more RAM could build your FPS in Acer Helios Predator 300 PH-315 system. On the other side, if you have a low measure of memory, you can use different memory spaces. By adding more RAM, you will easily expand your FPS in games that use more RAM than you recently had.

Final Verdict:


Besides its execution, the Acer Helios 300 predator updated model is a steady overhaul of a new year variant. It comes up with a more pleasant screen and quicker remote chip. All its different characteristics and highlights stayed unaltered, including the questionable plan choices, the fairly massive development, the tranquil and quick console with low-travel keys, the normally measured battery, or the somewhat helpless speakers.

On the exhibition side, the model of Helios predator is a critical advance up from its archetype. The i7 variations offer a significant lift in applications that can profit by the half additional centers and strings, while the i5 predator models offer comparative execution to the i7 models. However, this model is available at a lower cost.

So by the day’s end, if you’re searching for a balanced PC with proficient illustrations, no devastating blemishes, and a great price value, the Predator Acer Helios PH315 could be the one and only option that is worth considering. It is counted in the list of superb quality and mid-Range gaming systems.

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