Ashen looses Epic Games Store exclusivity and comes to Switch, PS4, Steam & GOG

Annapurna Interactive has announced that their souls-like open-world action-adventure title Ashen is headed to new shores later this year. Users on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Steam and GOG will be getting their hands on the game on December 9th. Watch the new trailer here!

Gamers on the Xbox One and Epic Games Store users have been long able to experience Ashen since last December. That’s when the game by developer A44 originally launched. It especially made news for being one of the early Epic Games Store exclusives. Epic’s new digital storefront for games on the PC. As a means to lure in gamers into their ecosystem, Epic decided to make timed-exclusivity deals with game publishers.

The Ashen’s rebirth has restored light to the ash covered plains and the dark world you’ve always known. You must protect the Ashen at all costs, if there is any hope for the new light to survive. There are those who prefer the darkness and will try to stop you on your quest. You’ll need to be fast on your feet, quick to learn and willing to work with others if you hope to survive against the many threats you’ll encounter on your journey.

It looks like 12 months is the usual period where games have to be only available on the Epic Games Store, as we have recently reported on another EGS exclusive coming to Steam after pretty much exactly one year with Hades. Ashen will come out on other digital PC stores three days after Hades. It will be interesting to see how Steam and GOG users will react to both Ashen and Hades loosing its EGS exclusivity. Epic has been receiving massive amounts of criticism for introducing launcher exclusives to the PC space and many gamers have vowed to boycott publishers who stroke deals like that.

Of course, there’s more than just PC gamers who should be interested in this news, as Ashen will also land on the PS4 and Switch on December 9th.

Updated: September 8, 2019 — 10:06 am

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