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Do you want to have a corroborated and low price tag gaming system that handles all system potential working load? We suggest you use the extra quirks of the new Asus FX504 TUF gaming laptop, which is worth considering.



Nowadays, people are motivated towards the most expanded world of gaming. Thus they may need to buy a more reliable and productive gaming system within a cost-effective budget plan. Exceptional and dependable gaming is the need of every gaming lover, but as compared to the skills, your gaming system should hold up all the necessary output features. Getting the best gaming system will become easy with the traditional electronic series provided by the ASUS company.

ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop is another model provided by Asus in the financial plan to a mid-range gaming note pads portion. Its principal selling reasons are the 120 HZ screen, the equipment specs, and the phenomenal console, verified with a moderate evaluating strategy and a couple of additional advantages. The display screen of this system in requesting loads is an expected concern. However, in view of what we found from this survey unit, and there are a couple of additional features you should need to know about this pc that drives you crazy about it.

The specialty for full-size workstations under the low-cost budget is ready to deal with 1080P gaming effortlessly is exceptionally serious starting in 2018. The new model is presented with most OEMs which provide at any rate one unit in this section. The opposition drives down costs and drives up the general nature of the accessible items.

We invest our time energy to explore the better quality arranged model of the ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop, which carries an i7 Intel Core 8750H CPU, GTX NVidia 1050 illustrations, and high spec storage space, which is worth demanding.

ASUS FX504 TUF Gaming Laptop:

Recent updates have shown that ASUS went through a whole survey towards rebranding its updated setup. We currently see the TUF brand come to the front, which was before related to the motherboards’ Sabretooth line. The Sabretooth setup was known for added safeguarding, extra force stages, and for utilizing marginally better appraised inactive parts. While these PCs are plainly not being promoted under the Sabretooth sub-brand, they surely are being noticed harder than ASUS’s standard PCs in this value range.

Asus has the skill of providing the toughest electronic parts and consolidating them with a sturdier storage facility in its Ultimate Force motherboard range. What’s more to notice in the upcoming series? Presently, the Taiwanese goliath has chosen to bring that tough TUF moniker to another scope of productive PCs.

Asus is asserting that the ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop will be sturdier, solid, and have a more extended life expectancy than a “standard PC.” The system has gained enough repute because of a couple of key advances like a protected enemy of residue cooling framework and a console that is evaluated for 20-million strokes for each key.

When we talk about the approval of this model, it’s quite hard to benchmark the specific impacts in the market. It has a better cooling plan and dynamic residue the board has on life expectancy, or to check the 20-million-key-press sturdiness.

The ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop is an extraordinary gaming PC given that you have the extra 2 CPU processors for no additional cash. With respect to the gaming experience, it isn’t totally amazing as one would expect in view of the improved CPU. But when we evaluate the processing unit rate and screen resolution, we found this the number one gaming pc found in the low budget plan. The screen display board is normal, yet we’re not griping since you get a 120 Hz board toward the day’s end, and that is superior to the standard blend.

Get Expert Gaming Experience with ASUS TUF Upgraded Model:

Gaming could become more easy and more fun with the black and red angular design structure. ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop cannot stray from the ordinary gaming system. The shading plan is basically a uniform for machines this way, and the general look broadcasts “regular gaming PC” in its size and shape.

Indeed, even when we talk about the plan, there have been a couple of desirable changes found with the spotless surface on the right-hand side. Also, you will have an improved cooler system in this model. Also, we don’t accept that the general plan is any “harder” than what’s normally found in this value range. Toward the day’s end, the ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop offers a way better incentive for cash, and that by itself worth considering if you have low cost.

The all-plastic structure is the thing that’s anticipated from a gaming PC in this value range, just like the plastic touchpad. Dissimilar to some gaming machines these days from Dell, Gigabyte, and others, the presentation is nowhere near bezel-less.

ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop lined by wide, 1-inch-thick segments of the very plastic that wraps the remainder of the machine. There are two forward corners of the body, and the cover is cut off at an inclining, instead of the correct points or adjusted corners you see on most workstations. IT gives you more reliable and exciting gaming time.

Specifications of ASUS FX504 TUF Gaming Laptop:



Gaming Model


ASUS FX504 TUF Gaming System


Connectivity Ports The Asus FX504 TUF system has an SD connection reader port, LAN, USB ports of 2.0 and 3.0 type, HDMI connection ports, headphone or mic port, and also has a Kensington port.
Wireless connection facility The system has high-quality connectivity ports, including AC Wireless, LAN Gigabit, and 5.0 additional Bluetooth connectivity ports.
Memory space The overall system memory rate is made of DDR4 with a limit of up to 32 GB. The wide space of memory limit offers you the ability to perform every task with the high-speed working of 3200 MHz clock speed.
Storage Space The Asus new model is assigned with smart technology options of two high-quality DIMMs storage spaces of DDR4 of each 16GB type.
Graphics card Most people like this model because it has a smart MAX-Q NVIDIA 2060 gaming graphics card which is good for high performing.
System Processor The TUF new model has a Lake core Intel Kaby 8750H i7 CPU type which is good for all high-quality task approval.
Display Screen The model has a 120Hz sharp display with a non-touch 15.6″ widescreen in a matte complexion—the screen made with TN technology for providing high pixel screen goal.
Charger and Battery power The battery life of this system is around 3-4 hours because the charger has a built-in power of 120 Watt.
Trackpad and Keyboard Under the keyboard pad, you will found out an amazing-looking backlit keyboard that is intended with red RGB technology. The system keyboard is easy to use, which is a smart security scanner.
Weight and Dimensions The overall weight of this Asus model is around 2.28 kg with an additional weight of 0.5 kg of the charger, which is slightly heavy. The basic dimensions of this system are around 15 x 10.3 x 0.99 inches.
Extras The system has a quality output headphone 7.1 feature with high definition webcam.
Video Quality The screen has a smart Gt NVidia 1050 4GB Ti technology with additional Intel HD quality.


Highlighted Features of ASUS FX504 TUF Gaming System:

The ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop is controlled by the i7 Intel Core 8750H and a GTX NVIDIA 1050 Ti smart specs. However, the system will focus on providing extra value. After the survey, we have explored that the system offers up-to-date and better CPU execution which are being incorporated for no extra expense. These features are charmed to perceive how the opposition would coordinate with the contribution.

Further, we will explore the high-quality highlights which are available in this ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop.

  1. Built-in Quality:

As a feature of the new TUF marking activity, ASUS has made many visual changes to cause the TUF setup to seem particular. It combines with the bent cuts over a brushed metal exterior that we see on the top surface of the system.

The underside has a couple of comparative markings alongside about one large portion of the zone involved by consumption vents. The PC is effectively functional once the 11 screws are eliminated. There are four soft padded feet. It gives the ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop some foothold features for its structural safety.

  1. Standard Configuration Setting:

After taking the bring forth off, we see a genuinely standard arrangement. There are two cooling fans found in this system that are intended with two warmth pipes, one of which is somewhat more extensive, and the other are places among the two gadgets. The GPU, clearly, has two heat pipes running over it, inferable from the higher TDP. The frame of the screen has a lot of open spaces that lie untouched.

Since the unit accompanies a solitary DIMM 8 GB installed, there’s space for another, albeit that one won’t have any defensive film as we see on the current DIMM. It has to be noticed that the SSD storage facility, PCH, and the underside of the hard drive in this system are not fully ensured. While this is typical for a PC that sells in the 90K value range, it positively doesn’t reflect the intense picture that ASUS is attempting to depict with the new setup. Another essential thing to note is that none of the segments that will get hot are set under the system’s lower cover zone. It keeps the touchpad temperature low when you use it for the long term around your work area.

  1. Battery life:

Going to the battery, we discover a genuinely immense 48 Wh battery evaluated at 11.4V, taking up the primary part of the space in the lower-left portion. With a touch of legitimate steering of the console and touchpad links, ASUS might have pressed in a bigger battery since there’s a lot of open space on the privilege of the battery. In any case, this would have knocked up the cost by a couple of K.

  1. Cooler Construction:

Investigating one of the cooler, we see the new enemy of residue plan wherein the bigger residue particles have a lot more extensive outlet as see to one side of the heatsink blades. Bigger particles will, in general, obstruct the vents, and this would help lessen something very similar. ASUS has a pleasant video screening feature that is very brilliant.

When you play several games, the fans get noisy and bring the heat in your lower system area, but the system is supported with an average 40-52 dB head-level, so you’ll require earphones to cover them up. The fans are a lot calmer while running match-ups on the Silent mode. However, the processor with GPU and CPU likewise runs 10-15 degrees more sizzling. We wouldn’t suggest messing around on this mode for a really long time. So we suggest you let the PC running on the Auto Fan mode even if you are using your headphone.

You can even explore the features of this model along with its demanding specifies that they’ve consolidated an insightful cooling system for the console. The backside of the PC shows two arrangements of wide outlets on one or the other side.

  1. Connectivity Ports:

Since from the time of the survey, when we look at the PC connectivity sides, here’s the manner by which they show up. The right-hand side of the laptop has a Kensington lock area and additional I/O ports.

There are two different ways to take a look at the entire connection way provided by this system. On the one hand, most gamers are right-given, so the mouse is regularly positioned on the correct, which is without any cooling outlets. Well! We concluded that it is better than all other Pavilion models, but ASUS has likewise been not able to crush in an SD card space.

  1. SD Storage:

Then again, we see a lot of empty space where an SD card opening might have been given. The rejection of the equivalent gives off an impression of being an expense-cutting measure. We’ll check whether the expense cutting pays off eventually.

The ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop utilizes an NVMe SSD storage facility for up to 128 GB from Kingston. Well! It is just enough to house the boot drive and a few other programming’s. Concerning the hard drive, we see ASUS is utilizing the FireCuda Seagate SSHD space of 1 TB.  Well! It works better in all storage consumptions as compared to conventional HDDs.

  1. Extra Features:

All things being equal, the ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop has the pointer LEDs put directly at the top edge. With the lower part of the screen board having a “score,” these LEDs stay noticeable, paying little mind to the situation of the cover.

Two speakers in the lower area are located to have complete control of the sound, and they work through some little cuts on the sides. They’re moderately uproarious at around 60-82 dB at head level. However, the sound quality is somewhat fair, as they sound metallic and with minimal bass. Lows are observable from around 95 Hz in a portion of the tests we’ve run.

We evaluated that the DTS Audio system can help change the sound and give you choices for Bass Boost and Surrounds actuated naturally. I’d encourage you to untick them and somewhat change the levels in the equalizer to coordinate with your inclination, as the sound yield can be marginally changed and improved along these lines.

One of this present PC’s selling focuses is likewise its capacity to yield around 7.1 fast sound through the earphone jack. Well! for all expert gamers, it should need to improve your gaming and film watching encounters when sharing your screen with the help of different channel sound.

  • Design Lid:

When we talk about the cover, the pivots are genuinely standard and principle unbending nature. The upper lid feels charming as it rotates 140 degrees ahead and gives you complete comfort at the time of using your system in your comfort area or lying on the bed.

  • Console:

At that point, we have the console, which accompanies red backdrop illumination and follows the full design. The bolt keys stick away from the format, making them simple to find. The incitation point for the keys is supposed to be somewhat higher than the normal switches found on most workstations in the wrath.

  • Touchpad:

When we talk about the touchpad, it’s genuinely gigantic and has the two catches coordinated inside a similar body. The surface is smoother and diverse when contrasted with the remainder of the palm zone, and the matte completion works better with the following.

Generally, the ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop brings a higher productive form that is ordinary of this value range. The cooler is definitely a stamped improvement in this model and gives you a choice to keep the right-hand side clean to guarantee an unhindered gaming experience is likewise welcome. But, we see that the sturdiness publicized isn’t noticeable inside, and the shortfall of an SD card space doesn’t go unseen.

  1. Cost and Accessibility:

The ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop is accessible in stores all throughout the planet, actually April 2018. The base arrangement of the newest model, FX504GD, comes up with an 8300H i5 quad-center processor, RAM of around 8GB, an illustration of GTX, and a Firecuda 1 TB SHDD, which is restricted to buy under the rate of 800$. However, the ASUS FX504 TUF model intended with the i7 processor, more RAM, SSD stockpiling, and 1050 GTX Ti designs go for around $1100. Different setups of the TUF FX504s are likewise accessible in Europe and the UK.

Simply remember that if you decide on one of the base models, you ought to likewise add an SSD in the M.2 power setup. That to the side, while the i5-8300H is quick enough for everyday use and games, the 1050 GTX is extensively more slow than the GTX 1050 Ti option, and given this PC accompanies a 120 Hz powerful screen and no Gsync, you’ll need the quicker alternative to improve gaming experience without impressively managing down the subtleties in the fresher titles.

  1. Emissions and Connections:

Asus executed a fairly standard in their all electronic gadgets for gaming. However, it fights to the present norms IMO, cooling systems fund on the newest series, with two fans that flank the equipment and two warmth pipes. It is a thicker one that spreads on top of system processors. The system is designed with an additional slender one that goes simply on top of the GPU.

It will not work same as they’re utilizing on the GL503VD ROG models (the progression up from the FX newest model), which get two full-size heat pipes covering both the CPU and GPU, however an answer we’ve seen on other spending journals also.

In addition, the admission barbecues on the base are restricted, but the plan may recommend something else, as the air just gets in through 4 little cuts, two on each side. I’d figure this has something to do with the residue protector arrangement carried out on this line, yet it additionally contrarily affects the cooling’s exhibition IMO. Consolidate the two together, and you get a reasonable clarification for the CPU’s warm restrictions.

  • Battery life

There is a 48 Wh battery rate found in the newest ASUS model, which works around 4-5 hours in a continuous working state. The battery life isn’t this one of its principle selling focuses, regardless of whether there’s Optimus ready, which implies the Nvidia GPU turns off and the Intel chip takes over for everyday exercises.

For reasons unknown, HW Info didn’t as expect a sudden spike in demand for our test, so we can’t offer our standard battery readings in various situations. Also, we have concluded that it works around 6 hours of FHD video, a5-6 hours of YouTube streaming, and 3 hours of regular performing various tasks. We assure you will enjoy the entire gaming session with the screen’s brilliance at about 30% and the Balanced mode feature.

  • Wi-Fi Adaptability:

For Bluetooth and Wi-Fi portable connection, the TUF ASUS FX504 utilizes the 9560NGW Intel, which is a 2T2R 802.11ac module. It worked with all Bluetooth 5.0 connections. Given that this module permits you to utilize a more extensive 160 MHz channel, the throughput is somewhat higher than the standard harvest of Wi-Fi modules. In our tests, we figured out how to get uplink rates of 291 Mb/s and around 342 Mb/s on the downlink.

  • Gaming Performance:

The TUF ASUS FX504 system has the undeniable benefit of having the more up-to-date 6-center Core 8750H i7 CPU, which effectively best the past gen 7700HQ model. Also, alongside the 1050 GTX Ti, it will permit a higher FPS rate in titles that would have been supported by the CPU. It would apply to not very many games, and our tests show something similar.

Manufactured benchmarks show a noteworthy expansion in scores with Mark Fire 3D Strike scoring and TimeSpy to avail more than a thousand focuses. On the CPU front side of this system, with the Intel Core i7 processor, we’ve overseen that it has a more comparable design with the Intel Core 7700HQ i7. That is a serious wide presentation hole.

For those gamers who are more concerned about gaming, we figured out how to get 52 FPS in Rising of the Tomb Raider and 71 FPS in the infinite Bioshock system. These are higher task processing power than what we’ve seen with the Intel Core i7 systems. However, the exhibition hole isn’t pretty much effective as we found in the CPU tests.


  • It has a demanding and affordable price tag
  • Supportive with the SSD of NVMe type
  • The system has an amazing keyboard with a Backlit
  • The CPU onboard intended with 8th generation of Intel
  • The display screen is in contrast with adjustable brightness tags
  • Various choices of screen color scheme
  • The matte complexion is supportive with the 120Hz sharp screen
  • Nice and delicate design lines


  • It has a cheap design structure
  • Battery life of low
  • Speakers are of average quality
  • Software related issues found
  • Has poor and low-quality color coverage




  1. What is new in the smart ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop?

For having a vivid and reliable gaming experience, get back this Asus FX504 TUF Gaming Laptop. The stunningly thin Asus PC is worked to perform. It is furnished with the Intel Core i5-8300H processor and GeForce NVIDIA GTX Ti illustrations, so you can perform multiple tasks flawlessly, watch films and tackle all mess around quickly.

  1. Is the ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop cost-effective?

The ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop is a valuable gaming PC given that you have the extra 2 CPUs without any additional cash. The system is intended with the GTX NVIDIA 1050 Ti and the 120 Hz board, which make it more demanding in the market.

  1. Is ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop truly intense?

The TUF models provided by the ASUS model are the moderate models of gaming workstations. The Asus significantly centers around offering a financially savvy construct that is likewise strong enough to endure day by day huge load of business activities. Also, if you have seen variants of TUF workstations, you will be acquainted with this one.

  1. Is the ASUS FX504 TUF system useful than other models for gaming?

ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop comes up with a wide 15.6″ full matte presentation screen with a 144Hz invigorate rate and 3ms reaction time. These two basic features are found in this system which gives a high turnaround time during gaming. The 144Hzclock speed level is a decent knock-up from its archetype smart 120Hz revolving rate.

  1. Which is better for gaming purposes TUF model of Rog?

ROG series provided by Asus is intended to be over the TUF line of PCs, so ROG PCs are certainly the better decision. For comparative specs, ROG Asus PC is better assembled and plays out somewhat better. But when it comes to getting the high definition screen view, then Asus’s new model ASUS FX504 TUF is worth considering as compared to all other models.

  1. Would it be a good idea for me to purchase the ASUS FX504 model?

The ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop is a Ryzen 7 controlled gaming PC. The system contains a GTX1650 NVidia’s GPU. It packs in great specs and incredible execution at a lovely reasonable value point. In the event that you are searching for an extraordinary gaming PC on a tight spending plan, the ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop is one you should consider.

  1. Is ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop solid enough?

The new plan of ASUS TUF is more tough and reliable than all other models. You will get every one of the essential parts in this model. The showcase quality might have been exceptional and could be the best opportunity to get higher battery life.

Final Verdict:


Asus is focused on providing an edition of new TUF models in Australia, with the two accessible setups expected to hit the retailer’s industry. Now we’ve simply had the option to get an early designing quality. However, as per the quality of their electronic system, it is stated that the new model took enough time for its proper establishment to get higher benchmarks on the last customer model.

The ASUS FX504 TUF gaming laptop is an incredible gaming PC given that it offers all exceptional and essential gaming components in one workstation. The widescreen board is normal for all high-rated games. Certainly, there have been a couple of desirable changes found in this system that are worth considering for any gaming lover. In any case, we come to know that the model is worth demanding because of its valued features, which give all necessary gaming outcomes.

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