Top 20 Gaming Mouse options to make your gaming experience worth it

Is gaming your passion? Do you keep yourself updated on all the latest gaming trends? Do you take gaming competition as intensely as if your life depends on it? Now, if your answer to all the questions stated above is yes then you’re at the right place.

To be a proficient gamer you must possess a compatible gaming kit. From high-end visual effects games to have all the technical elements of the gaming PC. An essential part while establishing a gaming PC where many zealous gamers pay precise attention to is when buying a gaming mouse.

Top 20 gaming mouse options that can give you the ultimate gaming experience:

A gaming mouse is similar to a standard PC mouse. However, a gaming mouse is a little different when it comes to its appearance but there are more evident differences than just appearance. Such as, the way it operates and its performance while gaming. If you’re in search of a gaming mouse then you have got nothing to worry about. We have you covered. We have listed down the top 20 Amazon gaming mouse for your ease.

Compression Table Of The Best Gaming Mouse

    Prodcut Name    Rating    Check Price
Logitech G502 Hero98/100Check Price
Razer DeathAdder98/100Check Price
Redragon M60298/100Check Price
Razer Naga98/100Check Price
Razer Basilisk98/100Check Price
BENGOO Mouse98/100Check Price
Razer Viper95/100Check Price
Razer Mamba95/100Check Price
Logitech G20395/100Check Price
Razer DeathAdder95/100Check Price
Cooler Master95/100Check Price
Logitech G60095/100Check Price
Logitech G40395/100Check Price
Glorious Model O95/100Check Price
Redragon M90195/100Check Price
Logitech G60490/100Check Price
Logitech G30590/100Check Price
SteelSeries Rival90/100Check Price
Redragon M71190/100Check Price
Corsair Dark Core90/100Check Price

1. Logitech G502 Hero High-Performance Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Hero gaming mouse is one of the most demanded amongst the gaming community. The hero is known to be the most efficient 16k gaming sensor with the functionality of the next generation accuracy with a thorough design. It happens to be the fastest frame rate processing power with 400 plus IPS (Intrusion Prevention System). A 100 to 25,600 maximum DPI (Dots per Inch) range alongside no need for filtering, smoothing, or acceleration. It is capable to attain competent accuracy and compatible responsiveness that is perfect for a wholesome experience while playing.

Not only that, it is customizable according to your choice. It has 11 different programmable buttons. Logitech G HUB can be used to program your preferred commands to the 11 buttons. You can build, rearrange, fight, and much more just at your fingertips. Besides, one of the most amazing features is that it has a convertible weight mechanism. You can rearrange 5 detachable 3.6 grams weights according to your ease for the best gaming experience.

Logitech G502 Hero also has Light-sync technology. You can choose from a full spectrum of almost 16.8 million colors and sync lighting transitions. That can be synchronized with other Logitech devices too.

  • 16K gaming sensor
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • 5 removable weights
  • Expensive

2. Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse

It’s almost a century since the Razer DeathAdder line has been part of the mainstream Global Esports arena. It has a commendable reputation for reliance, resistance, and its user-friendly structure. The Razer DeathAdder Essential gaming mouse has a high accuracy 6,400 DPI (Dots per inch) Optical sensor.

It also offers on-the-spot sensitivity changes through reprogrammable DPI buttons for apt gaming performance. Moreover, its reliable mechanical switches brace nearly 10 million clicks supported by a 2-year warranty as a guarantee. It has a firm, rubber scroll wheel that consists of small textured bumps that enhances grip and allows for easier scrolling. Also, it consists of 5 reprogrammable buttons that allow rearrangement of complex large functions through Razer Synapse.

  • 6,400 DPI
  • 5 reprogrammable buttons
  • 2-year warranty
  • Expensive

3. Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

I don’t recall whether there is a program to control lighting designs, however, there are presets that you can switch between by squeezing a particular mouse button. The size additionally glances great in the hand and as much as it looks exceptionally inconspicuous.

The construct quality is pleasant and the shadings are delightful and splendid.Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

While Nemeanlion is working, here is my assessment. It’s excessively little for my enormous hands and the charming idea of the mouse is awkward, yet when I skilled it to my companion who utilized the buddy HP mouse, it was simply cool. Generally, this is the ideal decision if you simply need to change from an essential mouse to the cost of an overnight supper.

You may think it sucks; however, the interlaced link is a send from God. The lights are splendid and will impeccably supplement any dark and red style. The front and back buttons are simply awesome, and the flexible DPI button makes the mouse valuable in any circumstance.

I purchased this for my child since I was tried to get an RGB mouse after seeing the Razer Chroma setting (RGB console, mouse, mouse cushion, speakers). I disclosed to him that at just eight years of age we’ll begin with something less expensive, and on the off chance that he can show he can deal with his PCs, I’ll wind up getting him a top of the line one.

It was a charming encounter for me. Most importantly, at the hour of this audit, this mouse cost $ 13.

  • User-friendly design
  • Classic gaming mouse
  • 7 MMO buttons
  • Lacks more customizable DPI settings

4. Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

It is said that Razer Naga Trinity gaming lets you experience an export world just at your fingertips. It is one of the most recommended gaming mouse by gamers. It has a high-precision 16,000 DPI Optical sensor that allows an exceptional on-the-fly sensitivity user-friendly personalization through designated DPI buttons that are open to reprogramming for gaming purposes.Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

It also allows full personalization as it has 3 replaceable side plates with 2, 7, and 12 button figure-ground. Almost 19 reprogrammable buttons that allow rearrangement of complex large functions through Razer Synapse. It has adjustable Chroma RGB color profiles that aid 16.8 million color contrasts that also includes pre-set profiles.

  • Easy personalization
  • Nice side panel
  • Synapse still needs improvement

5. Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

It would not be wrong to say that the Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed Wireless gaming mouse functions 25% faster than another wireless mouse. It delivers two of the most phenomenal features together that are extremely low latency and interference depletion for immense wireless freedom. Also, it has dual-mode connectivity that aids Bluetooth for effective power consumption and HyperSpeed wireless for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

It has almost 450 hours of battery duration while being connected to Bluetooth and 285 hours on HyperSpeed setting. Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed has durable switches that allow up to 50 million clicks supported by a 2-year warranty. Not only that but also 6 reprogrammable buttons that permit rearrangement of complex large functions through Razer Synapse 3.

  • Dual connections
  • Dual Unique design
  • Stellar battery life
  • No DPI indicator

6. BENGOO Gaming Mouse

BENGOO gaming mouse comes with 4 convertible DPI speed switch that varies from 1200, 1600, 2400, 3600. It allows you to direct the speed with freedom and with ease. It ensures that there is no need for any driver, it only requires you to plug in and start playing. It consists of 7=6 different buttons that are designed to serve you the best gaming experience possible.BENGOO Gaming Mouse

This mouse offers multi-colored lights to add aesthetics to your gaming PC that adds to your competitive environment to boost up your confidence. It is a user-friendly designed mouse that is meant to fit perfectly within your palms. The BENGOO is supported on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.  Plus, it can also be used with a notebook, PC, laptop, Computer, MacBook, etc.

  • DPI settings
  • Aesthetic
  • Buttons are not programmable

7. Razer Viper Ultralight Wired Gaming Mouse

Keep up the exertion that Razer certainly got off to a decent beginning with the Viper after quite a while. Simply feel the surge and as I would see it not the best fps target improvement we can offer yet. It’s a $ 150 mouse. The last cost of the game merits the end-product of the game. Kindly notice these audits on YouTube and some here applause it, I got it for nothing additionally as the Razer hasn’t been extraordinary in quite a while and it is by all accounts improving.Razer Viper Ultralight Wired Gaming Mouse

Today I got the 2019 Viper once more. It gauges much less. The Deathadder Elite is astonishing, however in case you’re searching for an extraordinary new mouse and a finger hold that can work for you, get it.

It saves me a couple of bucks and it’s incredible to see Razer at this level. The triggers have practically zero play and less body pop. Speedflex isn’t comparable to other unique paracords. Razer reacts to the slight weight of the mouse that will make numerous individuals investigate Razer without precedent for quite a while. Little, light, and responsive. It can easily make you an addict.

  • Easy control
  • Custom lighting
  • Might be a little costly for some buyers

8. Razer Mamba Elite Wired Gaming Mouse

Many YouTube live Stream gamers recommend the Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming mouse that has a high-accuracy 16,000 DPI Optical sensor that allows on the spot sensitivity rearrangement through designated DPI buttons for gaming.  It offers Chroma RGB color profiles that consist of 16.8 million color combinations that include pre-set profiles. It is an enhanced, eco-friendly design with a rubber edge scroll wheel with bumps that permits scrolling at a smooth pace.Razer Mamba Elite Wired Gaming Mouse

It also contains 9 programmable buttons that ensure reconfiguration and allotment of complex macro functions through Razer Synapse. It has reliable mechanical switches that support almost 50 million clicks supported by a 2-year warranty.

  • Color personalization
  • 9 programmable buttons
  • Costly

9. Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC Wired Gaming Mouse

Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC wired gaming mouse allows 8,000 DPI gaming-grade sensor that responds accurately to actions. It gives you options to customize your sensitivity setting that fits best with your preference, with Logitech G HUB gaming software and cycle with ease by almost 5 DPI settings.

This gaming mouse allows you to play around with its most vibrant LIGHTSYNC RGB that features color wave articulations that you can personalize by almost 168 million colors. To avail of this advancement, download G HUB software to select from preset colors and transitions or you can also create your own. There are various game-driven, audio, video, and screen mapping options are also available.Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC Wired Gaming Mouse

It ensures that the user plays with comfort and eternal control. The simple 6 button design allows you to enjoy the perks of a customizable system. The primary buttons are mechanical and created with metal springs for durability, excellent performance, and the vibe. The crisp clicks deliver a sense of intensity while playing the game in an exotic environment.

  • 5 DPI settings
  • light sync RGB
  • G203 prodigy is better

10. Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

DPI switch buttons have been made more modest and harder to press. This is a slight change, yet it very well may be significant when playing back as I squeezed the DPI switch fastens too often. So far all is well – so I’m going from 1 to 5 stars. The rubber treated grasps on the sides appear to be smaller than the super paste. The mouse is lighter than the Mamba Elite which can be positive or negative depending upon your inclinations. I like this.

Other than the quality, it performs well for games and work I think. However, it doesn’t make a difference if the mouse has some manufacturing plant blemishes.

I am as yet anticipating the appearance of my third substitution. Truly, I’m burnt out on utilizing it for a couple of months just to discover something incorrectly once more, so perhaps I could utilize it as an extra and get an alternate gaming mouse. Likewise, my guarantee period will lapse one year from now and I could wind up with a wrecked mouse to keep.

Although I utilize this mouse to play, I know I’m not very hard on it. I do the typical game moves of FPS players, and that is it. All things considered, it’s intended to be a gaming mouse.

I needed to check whether they fixed the DeathAdder Elite issues in adaptation 2, so I felt free to get one, as Mamba Elite recently sent me as a substitution which began to glitch my Left snap and the guarantee period on it (which depends on the primary DeathAdder I requested).

  • Drag free cord
  • Ergonomic design
  • Only available in right-handed
  • Not the best for smaller hands

11. Cooler Master MM711 60G Glossy White Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master MM711 60G Glossy white gaming mouse has one of the most unique designs that are innovative and artistic at the same time. Its creative design makes it more appealing than another gaming mouse. It has a lightweight honeycomb shell that is new pierced like is created to be extremely durable and lightweight too, which means all play no work.Cooler Master MM711 60G Glossy White Gaming Mouse

Moreover, it has an ultra-weave cord that is a coming of age design that creatively decreases its weight and cable pull while playing. It has a PTFE material that gives a lustrous control with low friction, it glides swiftly on the surfaces.  The mouse has a gaming-grade optical sensor that you can set up to 16,000 DPI for maximum control, accuracy, and durability. It is an ergonomic style that is super convenient.

In under 2 years, I have just restored this mouse for a trade multiple times! The main issue was the left mouse button. It began to crash following a couple of long stretches of utilization.

  • Comfortable design
  • Glossy texture
  • Some user might not like the lightweight

12. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

You must be wondering that list consists of many Logitech G mouse, it is because Logitech G is one of the leading Computer hardware companies that feels pride in proving their use

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mousers with durability and satisfaction.

Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse has 20 MMO tuned buttons that consist of 12 button thumb panel articulated for fast, no-look navigation and no friction. The PTFE feet eradicate friction on almost any surface for smoother motions and efficient precision. G shift ring fiber button quickly doubles the number of actuation you can carry out with every button.

Its unique structure is meant for comfort, its sculpted shape and buttons decrease the click fatigue during extremely fast multiplayer sessions. You can personalize it in your way with the customizable thumb panel lighting colors and button allotment.

  • 20 MMO tuned buttons
  • Customizable thumb panel
  • Ring button accidentally gets clicked

13. Logitech G403 Hero 25K Gaming Mouse

Logitech G403 Hero offers 25,000 sensors through a software upgrade from G HUB and my friends that update is completely free to all the consistent users, Logitech G’s latest upgrade consists of 1:1 tracking, 400 plus IPS, and 100-25,600 maximum DPI sensitivity with zero filterings and acceleration.Logitech G403 Hero 25K Gaming Mouse

It offers light sync RGB with full-spectrum lighting that reacts to in-game movements, audios, and screen color changes. It gives you feasible options to personalize lighting effects from 16.8 million colors with G HUB gaming software, that you can also auto-sync with various Logitech G gear.

It is comfortable and reliable and weighs 87 grams, precisely designed to glide under your palms with perfection with rubber grips for extra access to control. It also has a 10-gram replaceable weight that you can customize according to your preference. Moreover, it has 6 programmable buttons to enhance your gaming experience. Provide you DPI shifting to reprogram while playing from 100 to 1,600 DPI.

  • 100-25,600 DPI settings
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • Pricey

14. Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse

This is one of the most recommended gaming mouse by YouTube Live streamers

Glorious Model O Gaming Mousearound the world. The reviews and satisfaction are quite intriguing. Its adequate size and profound style are perfect for gamers. It is an ambidextrous lightweight gaming mouse suited best for medium to large hands. Designed for high speed, complete control, and smooth comfort, its actions are incomparable.

It comes with an ultra-flexible cord and allows users to personalize their gaming mouse. From 6-step DPI to aesthetic lighting effects, adjustable click, and scroll speed, it has 6 different buttons with great support any more exciting features. It has a 2-year warranty too. Last but not least, its glorious skates are 100% pure virgin PTFE glides like skates on ice.

  • 100-25,600 DPI settings
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • Minimal number of buttons

15. Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse

Redragon M901 wired gaming mouse is PC gamers, it is an optical gaming mouse which consists of 12,400 DPI via software, 12,000 Frames per second and 1000 Hertz polling rate, and 50 G acceleration. The high accuracy sensor gives Pinpoint precision whilst micro switch that makes sure endurance and reliability.Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse

It has 18 programmable buttons with 5 memory profiles each with different LED color options for fast identification. Coming with an 8-piece weight adjusting set and effects, the performance of this mouse is fascinating. It is a user-friendly mouse design that is meant to make users feel comfortable.

  • 12,000 FPS
  • 18 programmable buttons
  • Only for right-handed people

16. Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G604 Light Speed Wireless gaming mouse is one of the many suggested gaming mouse from proficient gamers. It comes with 15 reprogrammable controls that include 6 thumb buttons that are also reprogrammable and auto adjustable by G HUB software.  You can switch between dual connectivity, Bluetooth, and ultra-quick 1mms light speed the latest wireless technology.Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

It also offers a dual-mode Hyper fast scroll wheel which is a reliable metal, a scroll that switches between quick and ratcheted scrolling. It gives you the option to apply key binds. It has 240 hours battery life in light speed mode and almost 5 months in Bluetooth mode. It has a 2-year warranty.

  • 2-year warranty
  • 15 programmable buttons
  • The shape isn’t comfortable enough

17. Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

It is a next-generation 12,000 DPI hero Optical sensor that gives uninterrupte

Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Moused gaming performance, with precision and power durability. It is the latest light speed wireless gaming mouse that delivers super-quick 1ms response time and quicker than other wired performances.

It has a long battery life of 250 hours with continuous use on a single AA battery. It is a lightly structured mouse that is portable with built-in space for a USB wireless receiver. Its maximum speed is more than 400 IPS.

  • Next-gen 12,000 DPI hero optical sensor
  • 15 programmable buttons
  • Costly

18. SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse

It is a remarkable 12,000 CPI with 350 IPS Optical 1:1 tracking E-sports sensor that allows durability and reliability. You can tag it the world’s least and most precise lift-off duration. The cord it has is 2 meters long and 6.5 feet.

It has a split trigger that gives 60 million clicks on mechanical switches. To provide the user best-using facility, the manufacturers have built this mouse with innovative silicone grips for smooth control.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Not suitable for traveling because of wire
  • Costly

19. Redragon M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse

Redragon M711 Cobra gaming mouse has 5 DPI options from 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 which you can adjust according to your requirement. It has 7 reprogrammable buttons that enhance the performance of the gamer and efficiency. The RGB LED gives out excessive light that sets a gaming atmosphere for the user to cherish.

The M711 Cobra is an important element for your gaming PC that gives lethal precision and killer accuracy. It gives out an ambient vibe for the gamer to play intensely with customizable features.

  • 5 DPI options
  • Only for right-handed people

20.Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro, Wireless FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse

Corsair Darkcore gaming mouse possesses hyper-polling techno advancement that transmits to your PC with almost 2,000 Hertz which is double the efficiency of a normal gaming mouse.Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro, Wireless FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse

It has a nine-zone innovative RGB backlighting that consists of additional 5 single RGB LEDs that you can personalize too.

  • 18,000 Optical sensors
  • 5 RGB LEDs
  • Only for right-handed people


To make your decision easier, we have compared all the 20 gaming mouse options for you. Model Hand Orientation Hardware Platform Sensitivity (DPI)
1. 1.Logitech G502 Hero High Performance Gaming Mouse Ambidextrous 100-25600
2. Razer DethAdder Essential right PC 6,400 DPI
3. Redragon M602 RGB Right PC 800-7,200 DPI
4. Razer Naga Trinity right Universal, PC 16,000 DPI
5. Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed Right PC 16,000 DPI
6. BENGOO ambidextrous PC 1,200-3,600 DPI
7. Razer Viper Ultralight ambidextrous PC 16,000 DPI
8. Razer Mamba Elite right PC 16,000 DPI
9. Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC right PC, Mac 8,000 DPI
10. Razer DethAdder V2 right PC 20,000 DPI
11. Cooler Master MM711 60G ambidextrous PC 16,000 DPI
12. Logitech G600 MMO right PC 250-8,200 DPI
13. Logitech G403 Right, ambidextrous PC, Mac 100-25,600 DPI
14. Glorious Model O right PC 400-12,000 DPI
15. Redragon M901 right PC 12,400 DPI
16. Logitech G604 Lightspeed ambidextrous PC, Mac 100-25,600 DPI
17. Logitech G305 Lightspeed ambidextrous PC, Mac 12,000 DPI
18. SteelSeries Rival 600 right PC, Mac 12,000 DPI
19. Redragon M711 Cobra right PC 500-5000 DPI
20. Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro right PC 18,000 DPI

Our Picks

After reviewing all the gaming mouse, we have come down to a conclusion that there are many good options out there but considering the convenience and some technical preference we recommend you the following,

  • Razer DeathAdder V2
  • Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC
  • Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED

Buying Guide for a gaming mouse

With so many great options to buy from, often, people get confused in choosing the perfect one that suits their preference. Below listed are some guidelines that will help you make the decision.

  1. Laser or Optical Sensor

An Optical sensor mouse provides the user with lag-free experiences compared to a laser mouse. Gaming requires precision and for this, an optical sensor is a choice you should make.

  1. DPI (Dots Per Inch)

The higher the DPI the lesser you will have to move your cursor on the screen for distance. If you want to feel the exact motion as the cursor moves, you should go for 8,00 to 1,000 DPI. But, if you also want to change DPI settings according to the games you should buy an adjustable DPI setting mouse.

  1. Wired or wireless

The times where the wireless mouse was preferred for more accuracy are long gone. Today a wired gaming mouse is equally compatible and the wireless mouse is expensive too.


To follow your gaming passion, you need a precise gaming environment that caters to all the requirements and preferences of the gamer to be the best one out there. An adequate set up with quality accessories can facilitate you for a much longer period.

We hope that we were able to accommodate your ambiguities and vague perceptions related to the question of the best gaming mouse that serves you well. There is not one dynamic gaming mouse but many more that qualifies as a top gaming mouse when it comes to performance. We have provided you with a list, it’s your call to make now.


What is the difference between a simple and a gaming mouse?

When players play a sport, they prepare themselves with a kit. Likewise, E-sport is also a new-found sport that requires persistent setup. A gaming mouse is one of the fragments of the setup. It helps you to mark, shoot, fight, run, and much more with high precision and accuracy in contrast to a standard PC mouse.

What is the best size for a gaming mouse?

Wired and wireless are available in different designs and structures. However, a wireless mouse is more compact and fits smoothly under your palms. Intense gaming requires a steady hand for which you need a mouse that fits your hand.

Does a gaming mouse come with a warranty?

A gaming mouse is an expensive buy. Yes, companies provide adequate warranty periods to satisfy the users. The warranty varies from product to product.

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