Best Laptop for Students for Online Classes

Best Laptop for Students for Online Classes

COVID-19 hit the world and hit it hard. Due to this situation, the work from home scenario was preferred and that meant a rise in the need for mobiles and computers. The preferred device was the laptop due to many reasons. When we dive into a deep comparison between mobile phones, PCs, and laptops, we see why laptops come out victorious.

A PC is just out of the question because it has too many restrictions. You have to designate a place for its whole setup.  It has to have an active power source so if there are power shortages in your area, this will be a nightmare for you. You have to buy a separate microphone and speaker or headset along with a webcam. With that big a size and zero portability, it compromises your options. As the work from the home direction is in order, people tend to be on their beds or couches to work as it is as they say from the comfort of their home.

Most people have to spend 5 to 8 hours in front of the screen and that is not good for health. You should have an adjustable chair for your back which may not be available at home so the bed is preferred.

Compression Table Of Best Laptop for Students for Online Classes

Product Overview

Screen Size: 15 Inches

Processor: Quad-Core 7th generation Core i7

RAM: 16 GB

Price: Under 1700

This is the fastest Surface Book produced to date up to 4 times more powerful. What makes it stand out is its big 15-inch screen that is also touch-sensitive. Don’t feel like using the mouse pad?

Use the screen! It has a 10 point multi-touch technology and that is top tier stuff. By weighing only 1.91 kgs, this lightweight device will prove to be a great investment. 16GB RAM is really helpful with the Quad-Core Processor of 7th generation Core i7 backing it up for your working.

A 5MP front camera and even an 8MP rear camera are included. The front camera is of 1080p HD quality so, in your meetings, you will not be blurry ever.

All this talk about work may stress you out, won’t it? The pandemic going on and this new normal we have to follow of working from home can take a toll on you. Not to worry! The Microsoft Surface Book has Xbox Wireless built-in!

It has only 2 USB ports though which can be a downside but you can always buy a USB port Hub.

It does weigh according to the standards at being 1.9 kgs. The webcam that it has is of 5MP front and even an 8MP rear camera. Why does it have a rear camera? That is because this particular device is a laptop cum tablet. Yes, it converts into a tablet too! The battery time varies in the following way that it has a 17 hour battery time and a 5 hour time for the tablet when video watching which is optimum for online work.

At last, the note-taking capacity keeps on stunning me with the immense improvement in Surface 3 that I have just attempted in the working environment. It is a blend of OneNote programming and equipment. The second you circle a condition and draw the chart unexpectedly is staggering.

All that I’ve said since the very beginning has overwhelmed me with this laptop. The speed is equivalent to ux501 in the CPU mission and the battery is at the following level. I didn’t figure I would utilize tablet mode much since commentators reprimanded it as awkward, however offering measurements to others by isolating the tablet and cooperating changed my work process.

My last decision was this wiper edge and this surface book. I didn’t require 1070 a 4k scanner, so I messed with the Surface Book.

At the point when this item previously showed up, I was reluctant dependent on the audits and my organization’s involvement in other surface items. Be that as it may, my spine which was ux501 woke up in a knapsack and attempted to enact Windows refreshes while cooking all alone simultaneously. So I needed something that could fill the large shoes I gave up.

This laptop will likewise help you move to start with one spot then onto the next, you should simply fire it up and sit on it, perhaps that is the reason it costs around $ 6000 at the Car cost. Regardless, the screen is the smoothest of all rooftops. It shakes the GTX 1060 and the quad-center i7. The delivery is quick and the quality is by and large great. Great item.



Product Overview

Screen Size: 15.6 Inches

Processor: Quad-Core 10th generation Corei5


Price: Under 600

This product of the well-renowned company HP is one of their best. It has a standing screen display size of 15.6 inches. It supports Windows 10 Home as its operating system. An HD webcam has its perks when in a meeting and with a big 15.6-inch screen, you’re all set. The RAM is 8GB is quite enough for most uses.

A long-lasting battery compliments this device with these specifications:

10.5 hours of mixed usage.6.5 hours of video playback so if you missed your lecture and want to watch the recordings or learn from YouTube even, this is very beneficial. 8.5 hours of wireless streaming. Fast charging sets the tone with a 50% charge in only 45 minutes!

The most interesting part of this device is that you need not install any third-party software for viruses and hacks. The HP 15-dy1036nr comes with that from the box! It automatically checks your PC for unauthorized access and also it secures local storage and recovers from boot-up problems. The display is full HD anti-glare and WLED-backlit.

It has a Dual Array microphone meaning it has two microphones embedded with an advanced noise reduction technology that makes your input as clear as the sky.

One of the many amazing features this laptop possesses is that it is Environment friendly. Yes, you heard it right! The backlights are mercury-free and low halogen.  The property of arsenic-free display along with the above-mentioned environment-friendly features makes it Energy Star(R) certified and Epeat (R) Silver registered. This too comes with a 1-year limited hardware warranty. The boot-up features a higher bandwidth memory. So, if you want to transfer heavy files, it will be a matter of minutes rather than hours and with a good 256GB internal memory, this process will be as easy as pie!

Extremely excellent and rich. Show up a day ahead of schedule, the fast arrangement and illustrations of The Sims 4 are stunning!!! The sense that 3D – a similar web program is clear. A fulfilled client. The fan is calm when utilized with the battery. At the point when associated with power, the fan hears a little yet isn’t upsetting. It is exceptionally light. It estimates 14 1/8 ” x 9 1/2 ”. Today I have 10 days with this laptop thus far I am content with it. Wise speculation. At the point when I have additional time with this laptop, I will return and do another survey.

The screen goal looks generally excellent. The image quality is awesome. It requires 8 seconds to turn on. The screen doesn’t contact. The keypad isn’t on. This laptop showed up on May 7, 2020. It showed up the day sooner than anticipated in great condition and with no harm. The battery is charged to 100% in 1 hour 55 minutes. In the wake of charging the battery, it endured 5 hours between YouTube recordings and web perusing.

The fundamental selling point for me is continually taking notes. In my number related class, I went from piles of paper and eraser shavings to that surface book and surface pen as it were. I filter my schoolwork into a pdf and drop it into OneNote and I’m all set before different understudies hang tight at the printer.

I have truly gotten it to its cadence in recent weeks and have never discovered the longing to have the gadget. The battery works and vanishes under typical use and I wound up less worried about discovering which source to change when I go home and head for night class.



3. Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

Product Overview

Screen Size: 12.45 Inches

Processor: 10th generation Intel Core i5

RAM: 12 GB

Price: Under 700

This particular device has a display size of 12.45 inches. In comparison to the average, this is quite low but its other features may surprise you! The power button comes first. Yes, that is correct, the power button has another feature besides being used to be turned on. It has a fingerprint sensor on the power button which looks very nice and gives you an extra perk to flex on. Along with this, the Windows-Hello sign-in security function is also present so face recognition is also included in this device.

Coming to the more technical side of things, it has Windows 10S as its operating system and a 10th generation Intel Core i5 Processor. This processor is extremely good and this is further complemented by its 128GB RAM. A 128GB RAM may be deemed as too much for a laptop but if you do have this you know what edge you have over the others.

The built-in camera for the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is a 720p HD camera. For online lectures and meetings, you do need a good screen with high resolution. With 1536×1024 resolution and Intel UHD Graphics as the graphics coprocessor, video conferencing is not a problem for you.

The only real downside of this device is that it has only 2 USB 3.0 ports but they are Type-A so it’s a bitter-sweet situation.

It’s a little warm on the knees yet not very hot. Furthermore, it possibly gets more grounded when I test the thing for torment. Notwithstanding video visiting, recording things, or general perusing, light work is overall quite tranquil. Likewise, except if you have the $ 550 form, promptly turn off Windows S mode. There is no offending Microsoft except for the Windows Store is terrible.

My solitary genuine protest is that I truly wish there was some sort of Alcantara. I love the perfection of Alcantara keyboards a couple of times I’ve utilized very good quality gadgets. Else, I would energetically prescribe individuals to get the $ 700 rendition.

And keeping in mind that it can’t utilize the Surface Pen with that show, I think Microsoft figured that If you truly expected to purchase a $ 140 pen, you could likely purchase a Surface Laptop 3. I’m more into it. OK since this laptop isn’t implied for the end. Extremely swarmed, it’s to a greater extent a low spending PC.

The keys are pretty and are equitably dispersed. No fleeting garbage as the tab is somewhat more modest, however, that is OK. The unique mark windows are truly cool and much quicker than the ones on my phone. The keyboard is magnificent! The keys are neither delicate nor repulsively high.

How about we start with the screen. While precisely contrasted with Surface Laptop 3, this screen is as yet dazzling. Pleasant tones, the 3: 2 angle proportion is truly decent.

I would not like to stand by two days so I went to Brick and Motor to get it today. Laptop makers note that this is how you can lessen the expense of delivering the top-notch item. I have a 128GB model and would enthusiastically suggest not taking $ 550 except if that is the supreme furthest reaches of what you can spend.



4. ASUS VivoBook 15

Product Overview

Screen Size: 15.6 Inches

Processor: 10th generation Intel Core i5


Price: Under 700

This device is having a 15.6 inch full HD display perfect for your video conferencing needs along with a resolution of 1920×1080 making it top-shelf stuff. Besides that, it has an amazing 88% screen to body ratio making it look very sleek and up to par with design standards.

It includes a 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor and comes with 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD memory. The 8GB RAM helps to make your use trouble-free.

The standout feature of this device, excluding the technical ones, is its Ergo-lift design. This improves your posture while typing and is a good thing to have under the belt for the work from the home way of life as stress and pain is the last thing you need right now.

There is an array of USB ports with this laptop. It has USB 3.2 Type-C, USB 3.2 Type-A, and 2 USB 2.0 ports along with the HDMI port.

The screen is backed up by its Intel UHD graphics as its Graphics Coprocessor. A 128GB SSD memory is also included which is quite enough.

In general, I’m more content with this $ 300 laptop than my old laptop, which 8 years back was twofold the cost. You can seemingly discover better execution with a higher financial plan, yet in case you’re broke, I enthusiastically suggest this gadget.

Battery life is my lone issue, however, the facts confirm that this is predominantly because of my utilization instead of the gadget itself. I have different Chrome tabs running consistently, just as Visual Studio Code, and there’s frequently Minecraft as well. At this degree of utilization, the battery keeps going a normal of 2-3 hours. I haven’t planned this, however, so this is only a gauge on my part.

I was somewhat stressed over this buy because of audits remarking on-screen quality/seeing points. I’m glad to report anyway that I generally approve of screen perceivability or warped edges. Possibly I’m simply a typical individual in my preferences, however, he looks so great to me.

It surpassed my gaming assumptions. I anticipated that it should have the option to play out close to a couple of alters, however, so far it has taken all that I tossed at it. I haven’t overclocked the CPU (intentionally, at any rate – possibly Windows will do it consequently now?), And as such I’m working in stock 2.3GHz (I think)

It accompanied Windows 10 S, which I positively didn’t need, however it was really simple to turn it off. The illuminated keyboard is a lifesaver. I haven’t explicitly seen this element, yet it’s incredible. It accompanies an alternate splendor rather than a switch, which is superfluous since the lower setting is a lot more splendid. In any case, as verified in different audits, this harms the battery life a great deal (at any rate it appears).

Illuminated keyboards save your life for late night use. The lone issue (not simply the laptop) is Windows 10, it required a significant period to introduce Chrome since it just permitted me to utilize the Microsoft Edge program, yet I discovered that it needed Chromium. If you need assistance respond to me.

Is it true that you are searching for an extraordinary, moderate laptop for school and individual use? There isn’t a lot of video audits on YouTube about this laptop, yet it’s justified, despite any trouble. Regardless of whether you never attend a university, this is an extraordinary laptop for individual use.



5. Acer Aspire 5 A5515-55-56HK

Product Overview

Screen Size: 15.6 Inches

Processor: 10th generation Intel Core i5


Price: Under 600

This particular Acer product has a standing display size of 15.6 inches. This goes hand in hand with the HD camera it has to provide the best results. Big screens with great resolution, what more can you ask for? The resolution peaks at 1920 x 1080 or you can say it gives a result of 1080p.

The processor it has is rare to find in a device as low-priced as this. The 10th generation Intel Core i5 is embedded in this Acer laptop to provide extremely smooth graphic results. The device offers compatibility with Windows 10 Home and 8GB RAM which adds to the beauty of its specs. An integrated graphics coprocessor brings out the colors and enhances the experience. This also has three USB ports; two of USB 3.0 and one of USB 2.0 respectively. The whole package is supported by a full 8-hour battery-life and an advanced fingerprint security system.

The keys are somewhat level for me. I made many mistakes with this PC that I don’t do on my Mac. However, I believe that will be normal when purchasing a slim PC. I purchased this PC for work since I would not like to utilize my MAC. I needed something productive and took care of business, so I picked Acer. I love the PC itself, yet If I needed to transform one thing it would be the keyboard.

Children are virtual learning and need a responsive laptop and that is it. Not exclusively are there no postponements at school settings, however, they additionally play for about fourteen days with no deferrals. Any individual who has attempted to endure fourteen days knows the cerebral pain that accompanies it. It is a flat out dream machine. If you utilize the number keys a great deal, it tends to be extremely hard to run your large fingers over these keys.

An exceptionally quiet (quick) laptop contrasted with the more established Acer Aspire. Great, yet they moved the Home and End keys to the 7 and 1 keys. You should press Num Lock each an ideal opportunity to utilize Home or End and afterward again to return to Num Lock. Three cylinders at the cost of one! More terrible yet, the number of keys is decreased, as though a few designers had thought later and stuck them there.



6. ASUS Chromebook Flip C436 2-in-1

Product Overview

Screen Size: 14 Inches

Processor: Intel Core i5

RAM: 16 GB

Price: Under 1000

The ASUS Chromebook Flip 436 comes with a 14-inch touch screen. The screen is equipped with a hinge to make it rotate 360°! So you can make it a tent, stand and a tablet too. That compliments the portability side of things. It is extremely light too.

The processor comes in heavy as it is a Core i5 made by Intel and is powered by its operating system i.e. chrome OS.

BT associations for KB and Mouse were anything but difficult to set up and worked extraordinarily. As our office develops, I’ll presumably purchase a Chromebox or two.

The picture above is my clock arrangement from yesterday for another presentation and outer keyboard experience. Btw – my KB is certifiably not a particular kind of Chrome. I additionally purchased a modest 2TB outside hard drive. Basic fitting and play. I likewise associated a remote HP Officejet Pro printer. There is no issue setting this up. The explanation is that occasionally I should take it out and about or to a gathering. I will likewise once in a while utilize the switch screen to show you charts, diagrams, recordings, and so forth To expected givers. I will likewise be utilizing the 434 Flip pledge drive when I can associate it with my projection framework.

I think Chromebooks and Chrome Boxes are anything but difficult to utilize and function admirably. Nearly If you realize how to peruse the web, you can utilize a Chromebook or a Box. The Asus 434 Flip is a noteworthy bit of hardware and I anticipate numerous long periods of administration from it.

The fabricate is extraordinary and it looks/feels/resembles a considerably more costly item. Although it is close to 4MB of RAM, I figure it would be a great deal for my utilization. I especially like the screen. It is splendid and has an extremely fine casing. It simply appears to be OK, you may be asking why I purchased a laptop when I truly don’t care for it.

I’m running another non-benefit class for a public association where all innovation is on the web and in the cloud. I don’t especially prefer to utilize a laptop, so I previously purchased an outside screen and keyboard from BT Logitech. It’s a major distinction for me. Concerning the Chromebook itself; In my assessment, this is an incredible item in all regards.

I likewise have an Asus AIO PC which was magnificent. I am in no way, shape, or form a forced client, however, I accept this model will save a ton of time for its planned use. Asus Flip 434 is my first Chrome project. This is my absolute first laptop/notepad. The fundamental explanation I purchased this model was that I read audits of a previous model from Asus – the Flip 302. It has consistently been profoundly appraised.



7. LG Ultra PC

Product Overview

Screen Size: 17 Inches

Processor: 10th generation Core i7 Quad-Core

RAM: 512 GB

Price: Under 1250

The LG Ultra PC is a monster of a laptop when it comes to its specifications. A huge screen of 17 inches makes it stand out. It runs on Windows 10 Home so you’ll have the latest Windows version. The processor is top shelf quality by being a 10th generation Core i7 Quad-Core processor. This will make your working efficient and quick.

Another stand-out feature it has is its long-lasting battery clocking up to 16 hours making it the crown jewel of the product. You’ll be blown to bits by the 512GB RAM. With these kinds of features, the students working with heavy programs like programming and video-editing software will benefit a lot. The rendering will be done in the blink of an eye and that boosts your creativity and saves you a lot of time. The amazing engineering skills of LG have made this device to the normal weight of 1.95 kg so even the portability is not compromised.

The price is not too much if you think about it. For the features, it offers, $1249 is a bargain. After accepting it, I just eliminated the base cover, separated the battery, added a 2TB Nvme SSD, reconnected the battery, and restarted it. Bunches of capacity now and exceptionally light. I am content with this buy.

I got it carefully as a mixed media/web perusing PC. I fill in for late shifts in human administration’s lodging, so I watch motion pictures and surf the web for a couple of hours every evening. I previously had an HP Envy with a genuine 4K presentation. A decent PC, yet it gauges a little more than 6 pounds. As the battery keeps going under 3 hours, I needed to carry an outside battery with me.

I have Dell for a long time (XPS and Latitude) and I think my first laptop was from HP. I additionally had a 13 inch left when I was voyaging. This laptop is path better than any laptop I have by and by. I got it for proficient home use and I am not making it for my physical and individual use. She is great!

I love the keyboard with the keyboard. Switch If you need it. It just required an hour for the battery to arrive at 100% while utilizing the laptop. Lightweight however not adaptable. I wish it had Win Pro so I will update it.



8. ASUS Vivobook S13

Product Overview

Screen Size: 13.3 Inches

Processor: Core i5 Quad-Core processor


Price: Under 700

This device starts with a 13.3-inch display. The Core i5 Quad-Core processor fits the bill. This processor is given support by a good 8GB RAM which is quite good for a portable device like a laptop.

It has the perk of having good security by including a fingerprint sensor-activated via Windows Hello. The features are complemented by a 10-hour battery life which is optimum for your needs.

I enjoyed this PC up until now. It is exceptionally light and simple to convey anyplace while the screen is enormous and high caliber simultaneously. The face scanner is entirely agreeable and the showcase board is additionally exceptionally slick. That is the reason I paid $ 50 more for this laptop contrasted with the model in earlier years.

It appears to be that the high-level highlights of Vivobook were not accessible in the Windows 10 ‘update’ and the Asus drivers needed to make up for the lost time. Following a month, all the dysfunctions appear to have been adjusted. It is an exceptionally smooth and thin laptop. I’m happy I kept it!

Following a few days of dissatisfaction (I was prepared to bring it back) each time I restart my laptop, I know my product and/or drivers have been refreshed. Right off the bat, the Bluetooth mouse began to work, after that the touchpad began to react, lastly, the F6 key reacted effectively.

Not long after I got my laptop (and before I completely acknowledged how to utilize the on-screen touchpad), a significant Windows 10 update was introduced. The touchpad has quit reacting, the F6 touchpad on/off switch has quit working. The Bluetooth mouse that I associated additionally quit working.

The counter glare screen is a help for my astigmatism and I need to utilize a laptop to work 8-10 hours every day. The keys are agreeable and the text style utilized for the keys is current in appearance, enormous, and simple to peruse. In general, the laptop is a success.

Style aside (I have marvelous white, it’s so charming and ‘fantastic’ with its pinks, purples, and blues), it’s excessively light and quick. I love the unique mark sensor (incorporated into the trackpad I don’t know different purchasers don’t) and the charming smiley face liveliness for when/or not your unique mark is distinguished.



9. HP Envy 13

Product Overview

Screen Size: 13.3 Inches

Processor: 10th generation Core i7 Quad-core


Price: Under 900

The HP Envy 13 works with 8GB RAM. It is Windows 10 Home compatible along with a 10th generation Core i7 Quad-core processor. The Intel Turbo Boost technology gives it a competitive edge. High-end graphics are featured too which makes your display vibrant.

The security features are on point. These include a not so very common camera shutter and mute microphone options to secure your privacy. It also comes with a fingerprint reader which further strengthens the security.

The battery life clocks in at a whopping 15.25 hours. This device does weigh a lot less than the normal coming up to 1.3kg only! The backlit keyboard gives its style a plus point and the 1-year limited hardware warranty gives it a positive look.

I love this hp envy icore 7 bc laptop, it changes into a tablet that is greater than a surface so it’s simpler to type on the keyboard. It is light and slim, however not delicate. That! One of the upgrades to this laptop is the lightweight illuminated keyboard. It kills until you press a key. It certainly assists with battery power. Everything is getting more modest and quicker. I incline toward this to the HP 15 Envy X360. In any case, I wouldn’t suggest a more modest screen. I have a touchscreen and an illuminated keyboard. Huge keys. As yet playing.

Consistent establishment of HP working framework and programming. Like others, I have a 22 inch HDMI show for viewing NETFLIX and Amazon recordings. This laptop doesn’t contain HDMI. Nonetheless, you can purchase a connector to associate it with USB or Thunderbolt 3. The battery life is likewise fantastic.



10. CHUWI HeroBook Pro

Product Overview

Screen Size: 14.1 Inches

Processor: Two cored processor by Intel


Price: Under 400

The CHUWI HeroBook Pro offers a lot. The screen is standing at 14.1 inches. This device offers the latest Windows 10 and the processor is manufactured by Intel so you know it’s reliable. It has a two cored processor and weighs about 1.4 kg. This makes it a very light device. This lightweight quality promotes the portability a laptop should have.

The Intel processor has 8GB RAM as its partner which makes processing easy. A battery of 9 hours is eye-catching. The 14.1-inch display is enhanced by the recommended 1920 x 1080 or 1080p pixel quality.

Yet, if you simply need to watch downloaded recordings or track messages, HeroBook Pro will do all the fundamental undertakings. The 8GB RAM is sufficient to run Win10 cheerfully. It’s a preferred screen over the modest 768p boards on most spending gadgets. Also, it’s not restricted to ChromeOS regardless of being a large portion of the cost of a considerable lot of the bigger marked Chromebooks.

I was searching for low wattage Intel Thin’n’light bulbs that had a controlled processor and not a monster delivering block for a little satchel, without losing screen goal. The $ 250 sticker price makes the Chuwi collection appealing and the excellent metal development makes it a great incentive for cash, as I might suspect it could be. An amazing 1080p showcase, reduced structure factor, and tough metal development make this an extraordinary laptop. The HeroBook Pro doesn’t have a ton of force, which is really why I searched for it.

I was dazzled with the interest of the help group when I reached them about an inquiry and an issue with my laptop. Although this was not the model that fit my way of life, they took my item audits and reacted perseveringly throughout the days.

The keyboard is very acceptable once you become accustomed to it. The touchpad is huge and simple to use, without any issues or dependability. The Celeron N4000 is somewhat luxurious, yet If you hold your head down it’s overly simple to utilize and the fanless side is truly cool. Expectation they make some more models from these.

This thing is an expect what you get. 8G RAM, respectable size SSD, IPS FHD screen. Truly it is plastic yet it is excellent. The screen is incredible. Ubuntu 18.04 runs easily (ensure you get Realtek sound driver from momentum source). 5.4 portion.




A wide range of laptops is present with a variety of sizes and specs so you need to understand your requirements and choose wisely. Here are the most important things you need to consider.

Screen size:

  • 5 to 14-inch screens mostly come with enough features to have smooth video conferencing and uploading assignments. This kind of device is specially bought for kids.
  • 15 to 16-inch screens are the most common and therefore popular. They don’t weigh too much but if you don’t have to carry around them, this kind is for you (not that you can’t carry them).
  • Check the Keyboard and Touchpad.
  • Even the best laptops with the best technology are worth nothing if the peripherals don’t work properly.
  • If you have to work a lot, you should prefer a keyboard with 1-2mm key travel. For Windows devices, look for one with a Precision touchpad.
  • The touchpad should not make the cursor dart quickly and should at least have multi-touch to pinch in and out.
  • Specifications
  • Processor
  • Intel 10th generation
  • This is a super-powerful processor with great capability. Have this if you work on heavy software.
  • Intel Core i7
  • It has four cores enhancing productivity. It gives a little more leverage than a Core i5.
  • Intel Core i5
  • This is the optimum processor for day to day tasks involving normal applications. The performance goes hand in hand with the price.
  • Ryzen
  • The Ryzen series very well overpowers the Intel products and are found in cheaper laptops. If a laptop fulfills your needs and has a Ryzen processor, it’s a win-win.
  • RAM
  • Generally, 8GB RAM is ideal. 4GB works as well and for higher working, 16GB is preferred.
  • Resolution
  • A sharp screen goes a long way. The best you can get that works across all ages is one with 1080p or 1920 x 1080.
  • Keep the Brand in Mind
  • Many devices seem extremely cheap and have the best performance but the repair and spare parts costs are out of this world. Sometimes the re-sale price isn’t much as well. To have affordable maintenance, do a background check on the brands.

Why not use a mobile phone for online work?


  • The reason why laptops are the best choice is that mobile phones don’t have all the features. During the Pandemic, most of the organizations have had to use video conferencing software. The top app used is Microsoft Teams. Zoom is also a good alternative but due to some privacy concerns, people prefer MS Teams.


  • Now it should be taken into account that all the features of MS Teams are available on PC and laptops but the same cannot be said for mobile phones. So it creates an imbalance of options for an organization if some of their users are working on mobile phones. Other than that screen size matters a lot. Small details aren’t as visible on a small 6-7 inch mobile phone but are easily detectable on a 15-inch laptop screen.



  • Processor speed comes into play when you have to quickly download a heavy file your boss sent you for you to study or work on. This can be crucial in time-crunch situations. Not to mention storage space. If the file is very big then that will become a great problem.


My Pick

Although all of these devices are extremely good in their own right, I would choose the Acer 5 A5515-55VK because it includes all the features that are optimum for a student and is very affordable. As this pandemic goes on, many people are up against the wall with finances so the best choice would be this particular Acer device.


Is it bad to use a laptop while charging?

It is fine to do so but is not recommended. If you do want to do it, charge it to 50% and then move to a cooler place as heat harms the battery.

What is the difference between a laptop and a 2-in-1 laptop?

2-in-1 laptops offer detachable keyboards or rotatable keyboards to give different modes.

Should I shut down my laptop when I sleep?

It is a good idea to do so as it prevents applications from working unnecessarily like ad blockers etc.

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