Best selling Virtual Reality Escape Games For 2020

Enter the mind of a maniac as you try to uncover the fate of a child who has mysteriously vanished…

How’s that for a hook?

Does it leave you hungry to know more?

Do you feel really tempted to go on that adventure yourself?

Such are the hallmarks of a great game.

Whether it’s GTA or Fortnite, every game has to have the capacity to make people desperately curious about what it’s about; and leave players thirsting for more, after they wrap up a game session.

And they are what mark the escape games offered by this escape room in Melbourne, Australia.

Space Heroes

How would you like to explore a ravaged space station with your friends?

Go aboard a sabotaged space station and uncover the sinister plans of its attackers to destroy Earth. Can you stop them?

Collaborate with your friends to solve puzzles and find a path through the sabotaged space station while experiencing zero-gravity flight and telekinesis.

You will encounter the dreaded attackers and fight them with lasers as you work to save Earth from doomsday.

Sounds like a fun Sunday night, doesn’t it?


Mad Mind

Penetrate the mind of a maniac and unearth the truth behind a shocking disappearance

A child has mysteriously vanished.The only person who can shed light on it is a maniac who won’t be talking any time soon. You are a team of detectives from the future. You will be sent into the mind of the maniac where you will try to find out what has happened to the child. The entire team will need to work together to crack diabolical puzzles and discover the secrets

Can you do it before time runs out?

What features do these games have in common?

  • They give players a chance to escape reality and do things – experiencing zero-gravity flight or penetrating a human mind – that they could only dream of.
  • Your problem-solving capacity and how well you deal with a crisis scenario will be tested.
  • They are an excellent team-building and bonding opportunity.

But, that’s all virtual reality. Anything for those who want something a little more hands-on?

You can go for an experience like this Huntington Beach escape room.

You can go for escape games ranging from escaping a serial killer’s lair to finding the last invention of Nikola Tesla, following the clues in the room he died in, before the room is sealed off and the invention lost forever!

So, the next time you’re looking to team up with friends to fight mysterious invaders with lasers or find your way out of a serial killer’s lair, look up these escape rooms. You may just find what you’re looking for!

Updated: December 21, 2019 — 6:37 am

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