Brief Review Guide About Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 – Dream of Every Professional Gamer


Asus has collaborated with AMD company to promote and work on progressively smaller gaming workstations. With the Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming system the company start selling the system at 1000 dollars. The company is known for providing widescreen for having expert gaming experience. The 14-inch screen ratio is ultraportable with full gaming capacities. The primary fascination here past the dainty size is a pristine Ryzen 9 AMD system processor.

We’re glad to report that it’s rankling quick in all cases, similarly prepared for gaming and media jobs, and better than the opposition. Intel, then again, won’t be cheerful; this proficient CPU is additionally an incredible worth, and Team Red presently undermines its hang on the versatile market.

The processor is only one significant part of the full G14 Zephyrus bundle. The Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming system offers a reliable and compact bundle with high edge rates and our new midrange gaming Editors’ Choice.

However, not at all like most of the other systems, this model has been executed in less time in a good manner. Generally, when it comes to talk about the budget plan, you could purchase workstations that convey better execution. However, with the G14 Zephyrus, you’re paying for a huge amount and get the full-featured system with high definition power facility for the expert gamers.

Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming Laptop:

Most ASUS users prefer to buy the top-recommended and popular gaming stations. People are usually motivated towards a slim body and high specs to have great gaming and working experience. This guide plan will explore all features and specs of the latest popular model ROG G14. The Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming system is one of the popular systems found in the market that most gamers have longed for quite a long time. The system is intended with the most recent Ryzen AMD 4900HS fast processor and additional GeForce NVidia RTX GPU, which offer a ton of strength into its little 14-inch skeleton. Also, the system’s overall cost is cost-effective, which started from 1,449$ for the model we checked on. It’s not compared to other gaming PCs out there. Probably it is the best PC, period.

The Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 system sounds unrealistic for most business users. Also, it offers more than 10 hours of battery life, marvelous execution for VR gaming, and routine word tasks that never get hot to the touch. Its overall plan can both fulfill gamers and take a gander at home in more expert settings. The system offers realistic personalization highlights as well.

But it’s not good to unhide all other features that are expendable than the other ASUS models. As you’ll find in our Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming system review guide, this is a magnificent gaming PC that is sufficiently convenient to go anyplace and adequately incredible to play anything. It likewise offers probably the best battery life of any PC, without settling on style or capacity.

The Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming system is considered an exceptional PC. It is the first model which has gained enough positive reviews in the market. Also, it is the first occasion when we see such amazing gaming equipment pressed into a particularly small 14-inch outer presentation screen.

It actually doesn’t make with hard material, but the system can tackle all sorts of task remaking or heat-related issues because of the restricted surface zone. Most of the gamers are not amazed to talk about the Ryzen 4900HS 9 CPU processor. However, you need to note that it can tackle high temperatures on the outside of the system keyboard. It has a sharp Matrix Anime display screen that is likewise significant eye-catching and a trick.

Specifications of Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming Computer:



Gaming Model


Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 System


Connectivity Ports Asus model offers a wide range of ports which include HDMI port, Gen 1 and Gen 2 ports, one headphone and combo jack port for the microphone, Type-C, and Type-A port, and additional lock Kensington port.
Wireless connection facility Connectors for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are available.
Memory space The system contains 3200MHz DR4 RAM in SD form with a capacity of 16GB.
Storage Space The system is designed to provide NVMe M.2 storage space in the form of SSD for up to 1TB
Graphics card Asus model contains RTX NVIDIA MAX-Q 2060 graphical card.
System Processor It has Ryzen AMD 4900HS processor
Display Screen The system contains IPS command 15″ widescreen with Pantone Color combination. The screen is intended with a 60Hz resolution rate for 100% rich HD definition, which can auto sync with new updates.
Software update 64-bit Home windows ten operating system
Charger and Battery power Power Adaptor of 180Watt and the almost plugging time is 0.60 mm with 76w per hour.
Trackpad and Keyboard There is a power key option with an additional fingerprint scanner. The keyboard is intended with a chiclet backlit and additionally supportive with N-Key.
Weight and Dimensions Overall weight is 1.75 kg and the dimensions are 32.4 x 22.2 x 1.79 cm
Color Combination Eclipse Grey with White moonlight background
Audio Quality Speakers are intended with Atmos Dolby technology. There is a Microphone with SMP smart technology.


Highlighted Features of Zephyrus ROG Asus G14:


The company ASUS is known for making quality gaming systems that are used for gaming purposes. The ROG G15 system is packed with an amazing processor and other core features that are focused on by expert gamers. Further in this section, we will explore the featured highlights of this model that are fully aggregated in this model.

  • Zephyrus Asus G14 ROG Configuration and Price:

The Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming system is minimized with an amazing wide 14-inch gaming screen that offers a lot of force at a more moderate cost than gaming lovers may anticipate. All functional and basic models of ASUS starting from $1,000 and can reach up to $2000. But most people want to know about the price of this amazing ASUS G14 model. Well! The Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming system offers all professional gamers a huge load of significant worth in its smooth and little case.

At present, however, markdown estimating carries the G14 to $900. But in the best gaming scenario, you should buy this model if you need more productivity and want to have the appropriate configuration. Most sellers offer ostensibly the best blend of force and worth we’ve seen for the G14 Zephyrus model.

The configuration of this system is furnished with a Ryzen 9 AMD 4900HS processor, overall internal memory of 16GB, and a GeForce NVidia 2060 RTX GPU with a Max-Q feature. Also, the system provides you extreme system configuration with a VRAM of around 6GB. Most of the Pro gamers are familiar with the importance of VRAM, which is a stalwart that will deal with most gaming requests easily.

With an SSD of around 1TB for having the extreme capacity and a 120 Hz 1080p showcase, it’s additionally prepared for both gaming and profitability use. The base model of the Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 sells at the rate starting from $1,049 with a less incredible CPU of Ryzen 4900HS and an internal GPU of GTX NVidia 1650. With the RAM and capacity limit cut down the middle. You’ll actually get a respectable gaming machine, yet without the ability offered on better setups.

The system sells at the highest rate of around $2500 arrangement. It has a similar 4900HS Ryzen CPU and 2060 GPU of RTX Max-Q of our audit unit, just as a similar RAM and capacity designation. However, it flaunts a 60Hz rate of 1440p showcase board. It likewise gets some cool extravagant accessories, like a little LED RGB cluster on the cover, called the Matrix AniMe show.

  • Zephyrus Asus G14 ROG Design:

Plan insightful, the Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming system is something that considers as a little miracle. As gaming PCs go, it is very thin and light, packing gaming ability seriously into its 14-inch body than any similar Ultrabook from the previous few years.

Its overall dimensions of this system are 12.8 x 8.7 x 0.7 inches; the compact Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming system weighs simply reaches 3.5 pounds. That is the reason the model becomes popular and the best compact gaming PC available. The PC is known for its lightweight structure and its high-quality materials that make up its smooth body, with flexible aluminum utilized for the case, duck, and cover.

In any case, the conservative plan is feeling the loss of a few highlights, dropped to cut weight and size. Most outstanding is the absence of a webcam. While the showcase’s thin bezels don’t leave a lot of space for a camera over the screen, there’s additionally no webcam beneath it or on the PC deck. But if you need to video visit or transfer yourself playing on Twitch, you’ll need to get a different camera.

Shading plan:

In our review guide plan about the Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming system survey, the unit arrived in a smooth looking white completion, combined with a metallic silver deck, for a shading plan that Asus calls “Evening glow White.” Asus likewise offers the PC in a more stifled “Obscuration Gray,” which has a close dark completion on the cover and coordinating deck, with dark keys on the console.

Around the external edge of the case are a few ventilation grilles, which are an important piece of any superior PC that has heat-producing parts inside. The plan has a sleek prosper along the back pivot edge, where the grilles have a rakish look and a three-sided three-dimensional plan.

That back edge of the Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming system is additionally special in that it has a drop pivot top that raises the back finish of the PC somewhat when opened. That puts the console at a more agreeable point and raises up the presentation only a tad for accuracy to review.

  • Zephyrus Asus G14 ROG Connectivity ports:

At the edges found in this PC, you’ll locate various helpful ports. On the privilege are two connectivity ports of USB 3.0 and a C-type USB port. A Kensington lock space also allows you to get the PC if you’re worried over somebody wandering off with the inevitably versatile gaming machine. On the left side of the system keyboard, there is a force connector, a classical a 2.0b HDMI yield, and another USB-C port that offers to charge for the PC.

There is a DisplayPort for yield to a screen. A blend sound jack gives you earphone and mic uphold. For remote networks, the Zephyrus G14 has likewise furnished with Wi-Fi connectivity for Gig+ and Bluetooth connection for higher efficiency. The outcome is a lot of speed for gaming, even without an Ethernet association, and fast availability for remote gadgets like mice and speakers.

  • Zephyrus Asus G14 ROG Display:

In our review guide about the Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming system unit came furnished with a 14” wide 120Hz 1080p clear presentation. While some people would have cherished a higher goal board, Asus just offers its WQHD 1440p goal with a lower 60Hz invigorate rate, and the gamers will ordinarily pick higher revive rates over minimal goal gains.

The actual board offered respectable tone and brilliance. As indicated by our colorimeter, the board created 117% of the HD shading range. Well! as a gamer or designer, it is somewhat better compared to the G5 Dell 15 (114%) or the Strix ROG Asus Scar system, and eminently better than the Blade 15 Razer system for better efficiency (105%).

Its splendor is additionally better than expected, with 323 nits, beating the G7 Dell 15 (which offers 303 nits), and leaving both the ROG Asus Strix III (which offers around 275 nits) and Razer 15 Blade (which offer 275 nits) looking somewhat faint. The gaming experience feels smooth and sans judder, on record of Free Sync AMD. You may be scratching your head over the matching of Free Sync with the NVidia G14’s GPU, yet ongoing updates from NVidia let the two innovations cooperate, and the outcomes are rich and smooth.

  • Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Audio:

With a couple of 2.5-watt speakers and another pair of 0.7-watt tweeters, the Zephyrus G14 presents vigorous sound and incredible volume for a, particularly little PC. So whether it was the accident and fly of the drums or the intensely mutilated guitar and vocals, in Chevelle’s “Passionate Drought,” most people could feel the devastating guitars and a fair measure of bass. However, the vocals additionally came through plainly and never became mixed up in the blend.

The entirety of the sound is fueled by Atmos Dolby’s innovation, which handles the sound capacity. The included Atmos Dolby application allows you to pick from a few preset sound modes, streamlined for gaming, motion pictures, and voice-driven media, with presets called Dynamic, Movie, Game, Music, and Voice. You can likewise make custom presets utilizing the graphical EQ choices to tweak the sound as you would prefer.

  • Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming execution:

Equipped with a GeForce2060 Nvidia Max-Q RTX GPU with an extensive VRAM of 6GB, the G14 Zephyrus model is now called a gaming monster that packs genuine muscle into its 14-inch outline. Messing around like Batman, which is stated in Doom Eternal and Arkham Origin, we saw that there was some fan clamor as the warm administration kicked on.

However, it’s calmer than numerous other gaming workstations and very little stronger than a few norms, non-gaming PCs mostly people utilized.

The presentation of the Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming system additionally exploits NVidia’s new similarity with FreeSync AMD. The system allows you to appreciate without tear gaming with an NVidia data card and AMD-viable showcases. On this PC, that implies sans judder interactivity, regardless of whether we are playing fighting games with hooligans in Gotham or taking a cutting tool to the evil baddies in Doom Eternal.

Gaming Test in Different ways:

Our benchmark tests affirmed the amazing gaming ability of the Zephyrus G14, conveying strong edge rates in a wide scope of games at 1080p goal and requesting settings. It’s a demonstration of how much force the high-quality GPU of GeForce NVidia RTX 2060 Max-Q and overall VRAM of 6GB. These features can find a way into a, particularly conservative skeleton without overheating or being hot to the touch.

While playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider, run in benchmark mode at the most elevated settings, the G14 Zephyrus put out 49 casings each second (fps). It directly coordinates the Dell G7 15 (at 49 fps with an RTX 2060 GPU) and edging in front of the 15 Razer Blade (at 46 fps with a GTX 1660 Ti). On the other hand, it may fall only a couple outlines shy of the ROG Asus Strix Scar (at 55 fps with an RTX 2060 GPU).

For playing the Hitman game by running at Ultra settings, the Zephyrus G14 system roll over at around the speed of 87 fps. It works smoothly in front of both the Asus ROG Strix Scar III (86 fps) and 15 Razer Blade (80 fps). However, the speed may fall behind the G7 Dell 15 (at the rate of 117 fps).

In any case, the G14 Zephyrus truly conveyed in Grand Theft Auto V, where it overwhelmed the opposition with 115 fps, almost multiplying the mid-60’s edge paces of the opposition, similar to the G7 Dell 15 (at 66 fps) or the ROG Asus Scar Strix III and Blade Razer 15 (at 64 fps for both).

What’s more to notice while picking this pc for gaming purposes? Well! The G14 Zephyrus likewise prepares you to tie on a headset for VR, scoring strong results in the Steam VR execution test. On the other hand, the framework will allow you to game in VR; it didn’t stand out on that front; the ROG Asus Scar Strix III (at the minor definition of 10.3) and the G7 Dell 15 (at screen definition of 11) both scored better.

  • Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Working Performance:

Yet, life is not all about playing games or participating in VR challenges. But the Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming system has the fastest processor, and a wide range of memory additionally make it considerable profitability and media-altering machine. During our survey about this system, we have concluded that users get the option to run many Google Chrome tabs immediately. They can feel free from any log jam, and most non-gaming utilizes never at any point kicked on the fans to chill things off.

Overall execution tests, as 4.3 Geekbanch, the Zephyrus model scored at most demanding and highest 30,181 focuses. Well! The ratio is better than expected for a 14-inch PC, in front of both the G7 Dell 15 offer 23,863 focuses and the Scar system offer 23,196. So as compared to these models, G14 ASUS is considered the best model for gaming found in the market.

Video change scarcely made the Zephyrus start to perspire, playing out a 4K HD 1080p Handbrake transformation at the highest rate of 7 minutes. Such a transcoding work ordinarily eases back even the quickest frameworks.

As compared to the other gaming stations that we have listed above, the G14 ASUS model contains all high featured tags that provide high-level working performance. The overall working and typing speed provided by G14 Zephyrus is dependent on the SSD storage of 1TB. We have tested the speed of the system when we copy 5GB of data in around 4 sec. Overall it can provide you the highest data transferring speed of 1140 megabytes which is exceptional.

When we compare the system with Blade Razer and XPS Dell, we have concluded that Razer 15 Blade pro offer around 600-megabyte speed while transferring 5 GB data, and XPS Dell provide 535-megabyte speed at the time of copying 2 GB data. So, the results are clear, and those who want to have higher performance in less time can, without any concerns, buy this system.

  • Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Stylish Outer body:

The stylish design can also give one unexpected twist on a hidden part of the laptop which is the lid. The smooth and attractive flat surface of the lid may look to be more luxurious with a pattern of dots across half the lid’s surface.

Asus still has backlit amazing lights for you.

  • Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Keyboard Structure:

The console is a standard QWERTY format with tiled keys, with respectable dividing between the keys to all the more likely recreate a gaming console composing experience. Regardless of the G14’s more modest size, it doesn’t have an edge-to-edge console, and composing on it can feel somewhat confined. In any case, the dividing of the keys assists with lightening this, and the key travel feels sensibly profound, with an acceptably responsive composing feel. The console’s backdrop illumination, in any case, is simply terrible.

Each key has straightforward lettering that sparkles white when the backdrop illumination is turned on, which is a genuinely standard plan decision. Also, each letter has all the earmarks of being situated straightforwardly on top of the keycap post. Well! The overall structure of this system doesn’t require much light at all because of its resolution. The overall plan gives each key a dim, shadowy spot directly in the letter’s focal point.

The illuminated letters additionally aren’t adequately differentiated by the light silver shading of the keys, making them less clear when the backdrop illumination is on in everything except genuinely dim conditions. Well! It may not be an issue confronted by most of the users on the dark completed model. However, it was an issue identified in our survey unit.

When seen at a typical point, the LED backdrop illumination can really be seen through the holes of each key well, illuminating the console like a Christmas tree. Moreover, the silver covering of the keycaps shows up a lot slender around the edges of each tile-molded key, implying that the edges of the keys will here and there sparkle white when they shouldn’t. The lighting isn’t altogether steady across the entire key. The outcome is lopsided and makes for a shockingly unpolished note, in any case, flawless plan.

Console Control board:

Over the console are committed catches for volume control and mic quieting and a Republic of Gamers control board that allows you to streamline framework execution. Called ROG Armory Crate, this instrument gives you a helpful dashboard interface for dealing with the CPU, GPU, and fan execution, allowing you to change different settings. While it may not get a lot of utilization in gaming, the G14 Zephyrus gaming system additionally has a wide and decent touchpad.

The wide touchpad has a shiny, smooth surface, with perfect, particular snaps and great right/left snap qualification. The touch signals and two-fingered moves all worked as we can use this system for editing, playing, or for routine work.

  • Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Battery Life:

However, for the entirety of the Zephyrus G14’s gaming ability and crude force for day-by-day efficiency, we didn’t anticipate that the battery life should be especially noteworthy. All things considered, gaming PCs are infamous for their short perseverance, frequently coming in now and again too short to even think about enduring an entire day of work or school. In any case, the G14 Zephyrus ASUS system blew us away with an extraordinary 11 hours and 32 minutes of consistent web surfing at 150 nits screen brilliance.

The overall measurement is longer than the G7 Dell system, the Scar gaming system, or even the usually enduring Blade Razer 15. The G14 Zephyrus ASUS system almost copies that time, giving you a really long time of usable battery while never finding a divider outlet. Well! for all of the pro and beginner gamers, that is long enough that you can get off for a day without taking the charger along.

  • Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Heating Capacity:

It doesn’t matter about the presence of genuine warmth-producing segments inside a thin metal skeleton; the G14 Zephyrus ASUS system didn’t have any issue with heat. In our standard warmth test, which includes 15 minutes of web-based full HD video, the underside of the PC crested at 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Well! It can figure out under the 95-degree mark, where we consider the warmth awkward.

The outdoors console and touchpad temperatures additionally remained cool, estimating 85 and 75 degrees, individually. Under a heavier burden for longer periods, such as gaming for 45 minutes, the PC gets observably warm. However, the G14 Zephyrus ASUS system doesn’t appear to get the perilously hot-to-the-contact areas of interest that some gaming frameworks have.


  • Long hour battery life
  • Great audio and display quality
  • Efficient portable designed paired with fast performance.
  • Great working performance for routine tasks
  • Attractive and clean look
  • Fastest lightning SSD
  • Killing NVIDIA and AMD performance
  • The elegant looking moonlight body design
  • Comfy and Comfortable keyboard
  • Superior processor for High command tasks
  • Screen resolution is great for professional gaming.
  • Compact size has 14″ widescreen.


  • The webcam is not available.
  • Backlight issues found on the keyboard.
  • Loud fans


Final Verdict:

The Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming system isn’t only an incredible gaming PC. It’s additionally the compact gaming PC available and provide the longest-enduring battery life as compared to other gaming stations. The presentation of this system is attractive which produce rich sound and strong resolution. The exceptional features offered by the G14’s Ryzen AMD system if its processor and GeForce NVIDIA Max-Q illustrations card which are the best facilities for any pro gamer.

The features and specifications in this one bundle bring in low budget value. That is the reason the system is truly worth purchasing. The Zephyrus ROG Asus G14 Gaming system provides preferred high-range execution over any gaming medium. It’s our number one lightweight gaming PC, and thus standout amongst other gaming PCs available in the market.


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