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Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines is one of the best simulation game in the collection of The Ocean of Games. It is one of the award winning game of Best simulation. The game is totally open-ended from the player’s end. You are in charge from scratch of a city. Being the mayor of the city you have to plan the complete city.  You are responsible for doing everything like giving a name to your city, planning roads, public services, private services, entertainments points, parks, schools, hospitals and whatever is the need of a city. You are responsible for all the things. In Cities Skylines you have complete charge of manipulating the roads of your city Even though you can place some dozy mountains and properties at the beach front. You are responsible for urban planning.

City Skylines for PC

In Cities Skylines you will take the start from the land of 2km approximately. From the small town, you have to build up the large busy city. Where people would be engaged in multiple activities. You must also take care of the facilities for the citizens like health, education, public transport, electricity and all other necessities. The only difficulty is to start up. From where you should start. Once you started rest will be the fun. We recommended that you should start carefully from planning the electric system and sewage system. You must use the grid system for the electricity of the city.

Cities Skylines free Download for PC

In the Cities Skylines, there is complex traffic monitoring system just like the real life. Just like real life, there is the exchange of day and night cycles. And you have to as you act in normal life. In order to control the budget and finance of your whole city for multiple projects, you have to make a plan and budget. You can impose plenty for violation of rules and laws. Like every city, you can also define some policies. And everyone will be responsible to comply with these policies.

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Features of Cities Skylines

The Cities Skylines have some magnificent features which you will experience once you download the game, install it and start playing the game.

  • Amazing award winning simulation game.
  • You are responsible for urban planning from scratch.
  • Set the basic necessities for your citizen.
  • Start from the grid station for the electricity and sewage for the city.
  • Turn your town into the big massive city.
  • Monitor the traffic signals.
  • Can define and impose the plenty in violation of rules and laws.
  • Can set the policies for the betterment of your city.
  • You are responsible for everything in the city.

Technical Specification

Following are the main technical specification of the Cities Skylines which you must meet before advancing.

Operating System Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or higher any
Central Processing System Core 2 Duo @ 2.2 GHz
Minimum Hard Disk Space 5 GB

Download Cities Skylines for free

Here is the complete setup of Cities Skylines free for you. Just click on the download button shown below and start downloading the game.

Download Cities Skylines

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