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Counter Strike 1.6

Counter Strike 1.6 is one of the best action and shooting game in the collection of the Ocean of Games. The game has been developed and published under the flag of Valve Corporation. The story line of the counter strike is quite interesting and impressive. As usual in shooting games, this game also comprises of some missions of killing the enemies to be the part of some team. There are total 3 teams in the counter strike 1.6. You are at liberty to choose any team of your own choice. Each gameplay has a separate story map. The main objective of the mission is highlighted on the map. So, the map would be very handy for the completion of the mission.


Counter Strike PC GAME

In counter strike 1.6sometimese the players has to fix the bomb and sometime they need to explode it. The opposition group try to stop you. But your first aim is to trick them and keep them away from the location. But if they comes in front of you, you have to fight and have to kill them. Some mission consists of kidnaping the group of people by joining hand with the terrorist in order to save some places from the counter terrorist attacks. If other group successfully get those people they will kill them and you lose the game.

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Counter Strike 1.6 PC

Counter strike 1.6 has some great effects and real characters inspired from the real life heroes. In order to win the game you must have some professional and army vision skills. The costumes of the players are really attractive and amazing and it gives really pleasant effect on mind of the person who is playing the counter strike 1.6. The performance of the game for example if we consider lagging then there is no issue its run very smoothly. The graphics and visuals are really amazing. The players has to go through multiple weather conditions like snowfall, sunshine, thunder storm, volcano and many others. There are many conditions in which players have to go through dense forest. Surely players will fall in love with the game shortly and become addictive to the Counter Strike 1.6.

Download counter strike 1.6 free

Counter Strike 1.6 Free Download

Features of Counter-Strike 1.6 PC Game

Following are the main features of counter Strike 1.6 which you will experience once you download the game, install it and play the game.

  • The graphics and visuals are really amazing and impressive.
  • There are multiple maps in every gameplay of counter strike 1.6.
  • Best shooter game of the era.
  • Multiple players can play simultaneously.
  • Some new drastic weapons have been introduced in the counter strike.
  • The controls are really user friendly, so easy to play the game and strike.

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System Requirements for Counter-Strike

Following are the minimum system requirement for the game. Make sure that you fulfil these requirements before downloading the game.

Operating System Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or any higher
Central Processing Unit Dual core @ 2.2 GHz
Minimum Hard Disk Space 2 GB

Download Counter Strike 1.6 Free

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Download counter strike 1.6 free

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