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Attack on Titans Game Download

The attack on Titans Game is one of the best action game in the collection of the ocean of Games. The attack on Titans Game has been developed and published under the flag of KOEI TECMO GAMES Co. Ltd. The game based on the inspiring story of 3 characters. The attack on Titans Game was launched on August 26 in 2016. Here you can download the complete setup of the game.

Attack on titans free download gaame

The story of the attack on titans revolves around the following three main characters.

  1. Eren Yeager.
  2. Sister o Eren Yeager “Mikasa Ackerman.”
  3. A friend of Eren Yeager Armin Arlert.

Once in the life of Eren Yeager some big Titans broke the wall and entered into the city. The moment Eren can’t forget when he saw these brutal titans had eaten her mother. So, it’s the story of revenge which Eren has to take from Titans by doing a combined operation with his military friends. But after five years the Armin feels that Titans were also eaten the Eren. But once he saw an amazing scene in which they saw titans fighting back with other titans instead of eating the human. Later, this titan was revealed to be Eren as he transformed into the Titan.

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Attack on Titans Game Free download

Now Eren is helping the human to conquer the Trost District. But the thing is as he is himself now a Titan, so human considered it a threat and captured him. While in prison, the Eren has been attacked by one of the female Titan which later revealed is Annie. Some of the friends of Eren also came to know that they can also transform into Titan to fight back with more strength to free their area and save the people. The corps decided to use these Titans against the other Titans. So, Titans on attack game based on this story. The visuals and graphics of fighting against the Titans are really impressive and amazing. The fighting, suspensive soundtracks are also good. Surely, you will fall in love with Titans on attack game.

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attack on Titans Game

Features of the Attack on Titans Game

Following are the features of Attack on Titans Game.

  • One of the best action game.
  • The storyline is gripping.
  • The story revolves around three main characters and Titans.
  • Fight against the cruel titans.
  • Amazing visuals and graphics.
  • Soundtracks are impressive.

Minimum System Requirements

Following are the minimum system requirements of the Attack on Titans which your system must acquire before installation.

Operating System Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or higher any
Central Processing Unit Intel core i7
Minimum Hard Disk Space 25 GB

Download The Titans on Attack Game for free

Here we bring the complete setup for you of The Attack on Titans Game. You can download it by just a single click on the download button shown below.

Download Attack On Titans Game

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