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Binding of Isaac

The binding of Isaac in one of the best action video game in the collection of the Ocean of Games. The game binding of Isaac is developed by the Nicalis. The binding of Isaac is the previous version of the game but later binding of Isaac Rebirth was developed for the Microsoft Windows on 4th of November 2014. It is a crawler game of top-down 2D dungeon. In the Binding of Isaac player of the game need to control Isaac or any one of the six different characters of the game.

The Binding of ISaac

Isaac is a small child. He was living a very happy life in a small room near the hillside. Everything was in place for the Isaac. Isaac has strong bonding with her mother. He loves to draw pictures on paper as well as on the wall. One day Isaac hear a voice, that voice telling Isaac mother that Isaac has been corrupted with the sins and she needs to purify him. The mother accepted the call and start restricting the movements of small child Isaac.

One day his mother again receive a call from the God and this time God demanded to sacrifice her own son to prove the loyalty and faith to God. She accepted that call again. She went to the kitchen to take the knife to fulfill the commands of the so-called God. Isaac was listening all from the crack of the door. Now he is totally frowned and start rushing here and there to save his dear life. His heart starts pouncing more and more as his mother move ahead to him closer and closer. Finally, Isaac fined a way to run away from the basement to save his life.

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The binding of Isaac game comprised of one of the most advanced game engines. The graphics and visual effects have enhanced greatly and the new soundtracks also the part of the game. The artwork in the game is totally by hand. The gameplay of Isaac has been increased with more than 500 hours.

Features of Binding of Isaac

Following are the significant features of Binding of Isaac.

  • One of the best 2D crawler game.
  • The visual effects are enhanced.
  • Almost all of the pixel artwork is new.
  • The game engine is most advanced and highly efficient.
  • More than 500 hours of gameplay.
  • Get ready to play save the Isaac.
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Minimum System Requirements

Compatible Operating System for Game Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or higher any
Minimum Central Processing Unit Dual Core @ 2.2 GHz
Minimum RAM 4 GB
Minimum Free Hard Disk Space Required 500 MB

Download Binding of Isaac for PC Free

The complete setup of the Binding of Isaac for PC can download with a single click on the download button shown below.

the download link has updated and post binding of isaac rebirth was updated and popsted on ocean of games.

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