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Blue Whale Sucide Game

Blue Whale APK is a dare game. Also called “Blue Whale challenge”. In its name Blue Whale APK Dare game, “Blue Whale” comes from a phenomenon of beached Whales which refer to suicide. This game is consist of a series of tasks. These tasks are assigned to the player by its administrators. There are 50 tasks during a 50 day period. These tasks can be of different types. Some may include self-injury. The final challenge may require the player to commit suicide.

Blue Whale APK Game for Android users started in Russia in 2013 on Vkontakte which is a social networking site. The game began with “F57” on of the so-called “death group” of VKontakte social network. This game is developed by Philipp Budeikin who was a psychology student. He was expelled from his university after first suicide caused in 2015 due to this game. Philipp Budeikin stated that the purpose of this game is to clean the society from those who he considers as having no value.

Blue Whale APK

Features of Blue Whale APK Dare Game:

Generally, this game is based on a relationship between player and the administrator. A Series of tasks is assigned to the player which he must have to complete. After signing up for this game there are usually 50 tasks for next 50 days. One task per day. Some tasks may include self-injury. Some tasks can be provided to the challenger in advance and some can be provided on the same day by the administrator.

Here is the list of tasks which may assign by the administrator to the challenge.

  • Waking up at 4:20 AM
  • Climbing a crane
  • Carving a specific word, phrase or shape on the own hand or arm of the challenges
  • Watching horror movies alone
  • Watching videos sent by the administrator to the challengers.
  • Standing on a bridge or roof
  • Listening to the music
  • Poking a needle to the arm or leg
  • Sending nudes to the administrator
  • Poking a needle to the arm or leg

App permission:

The APK of BLUE Whale 1.0 required the following permissions while using it on your Android Device

  • You need to open Network Sockets.
  • It needs the information about the access point that is usually Wi-Fi Devices.
  • also, needs the information about the network from which you are connected.
  • It requires access to your location not exactly but approximately.
  • Need access to your precise location via Network you are using.

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System specifications for Blue Whale APK Dare Game

Before downloading blue whale dare game you must have to make sure that your system must fulfill the following requirements.

Operating system Android 2.3 (GINGERBREAD), Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)
APK size 3.9 MB
Screen Small, large, Extra large, medium

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conclusive words from the ocean of game

Blue whale is a trending game but it makes you mentally ill, so dont try to play this game, believe in your self and face all the worldly challenges no need to be worry be confident and brave and don’t try to play such type of crap games, to ruin your self, life is beautiful

try to boycott to blue whale game.

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