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FIFA 16 APK Free Download

The Ocean of Games brings you the best Android Games to download. Here is one of your favourite sports game FIFA 16 APK Ultimate Team for your smartphone. Download now the FIFA 16 APK and enjoy the best features of FIFA Game. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is one of the finest instalment of FIFA series. The game has been launched for many platforms like Windows, Android and IOS. And every year the game come up with the brand new features. So, the tradition of improvement has been kept by the FIFA. The new release of the FIFA game is totally different from the previous versions. The game consists of many new modes of play. This also includes your favourite the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Mode. So, what are you waiting for? Download now the FIFA 16 APK and start playing the FIFA 16 Ultimate team.

FIFA 16 APK Ultimate Team

In FIFA 16 APK and FIFA 16 PC version both have the same features. The most amazing and awaiting feature in the series of FIFA Games is now the part of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Yes, you can put up all together with your favourite players in one single team and can make a team of your dream from the very beginning. At the start of this game, you will be given some new packets of the cards. These are the cards in which you will have different players, contracts of the players, coaches and training plans of the game. This is just beginning the game is full of features. The cards for the Ultimate Team is also available.

FIFA 16 game

No doubt the Ultimate team is the ultimate feature of the game but you can also play friendly matches, leagues and major cups of the FIFA. More than fifty leagues are the part of the game now and you can participate with your FIFA 16 Ultimate team. The most famous leagues like Euro Cup, English Premier League (EPL) are now the part of the game. The also contains all the official licenses from the players. Through the game, you can also able to get latest badges, Kit and Rosters for the game.

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FIFA 16 Free APK

The gameplay of FIFA 16 APK Ultimate Team is similar to the past games which include the basic rules of fouls, timing and other FIFA Rules. But the game controls have been simplified and moreover, the touchscreens have also been adopted. So, making the new moves like skits, dodges are much easier than before. To sum up all playing FIFA 16 APK on smartphones is the hell of fun.

FIFA 16 APK Ultimate team has improved the graphics and faces of the players. You can easily identify any player in the field. The game also comprises of the famous FIFA soundtracks. But here we would like to mention the most important feature regarding sound is the Live Commentary.

Download FIFA 16 Ultimate Team PC Game

Download FIFA 16 APK Ultimate Team

Here is the complete setup of the FIFA 16 APK Ultimate Team for you. You can download the game so easily and run it on your smartphones.

Download FIFA 16 APK Ultimate Team

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