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FIFA 16 game

FIFA 16 PC Game Free Download is one of the amazing sports games, and it is the successful installment of FIFA Series official. The efforts of development have been done by the Electronic Arts Sports, and it also published under their flag. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is great inspiring sports game from FIFA.

After seeing the success of FIFA 15 “Feel the Game” success.  The FIFA Corporation has decided to launch the next installment of FIFA called FIFA 16. The FIFA 16 comes up with the latest and new features like the inclusion of some new real FIFA player faces. The fans now select the whole team from scratch and can make his career in FIFA. At the beginning of the game, players will get some cards pack. On these cards, there are some players, coaches, contracts, and training plans, etc. These cards also consist of common Ultimate team cards. As it’s the successor of FIFA 15, there is also a lot of improvements in graphics. I bet, once you download the game and start playing it you will surely fall in love with the game.

FIIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Being the player, In FIFA 16 Ultimate Team you have a chance to experience international soccer. Not only International football you can also participate in domestic leagues. You can also enjoy the major leagues of football like English Premier League and La Liga League. The stadium belongs to 34 different countries. Many of them are new. There are 600 licensed teams in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team and more than 16000 players.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

FIFA 16 also allows you to set up, manage and train your own team along with sponsorship contracts, stadiums, and much more. In addition to game modes such as championships, friendlies, the manager mode, and skill games for beginners, the multiplayer is again in the foreground. In addition, FIFA Ultimate Team should provide again for collecting and buying fever. One of the new features of FIFA 16 is the ability to control and manage 12 of the female national teams. The game is also available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Features of FIFA 16 Ultimate team

The features of FIFA 16 which you will experience in FIFA 16 are following.

  • FIFA 16 has the original faces of official footballers.
  • As compared to FIFA 15 the graphics and visuals are amazing and improved.
  • You will experience International leagues and local leagues as well.
  • Traditional leagues like EPL and La Liga are the part of FIFA 16.
  • 600+ licensed teams are part of FIFA 16.
  • FIFA 16 added up 16000 players.
  • Control of the game is really easy and astonishing.
  • User-friendly interface, easy to navigate.
  • Can select the team of your own will from scratch.

Tips for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Mode:

Here are some of the best tips for Ultimate Team Mode in FIFA 16

    • The most popular game mode in FIFA 16 is Ultimate Team. For this, we have put together the best tips that you should look out for when starting.
    • Get the most revenue from Coin Boost in the Football Club Catalog. Especially at the beginning, it is important to collect as many coins as possible and build up a stable team quickly. The FIFA 16 Coins is the currency for which new players are purchased, as well as event, manager, and team cards for your team. Coins are available in the following ways:
      • After completing a game.
      • Occasionally by card in packs.
      • By selling players.
      • By dropping players.
      • As a reward for a tournament victory.
  • Buy players in the transfer market instead of just buying gold packs. This will save you many coins as it is very unlikely to attract a top player in the pack.
  • Pay attention to the chemistry in the team. Look for players who play in the same league or who have the same nationality.
  • Play seasons instead of tournaments as a defeat in a tournament is over. In seasons, you always earn graduation awards.
  • Do not shop at peak times on the transfer market. Bundesliga players are significantly cheaper, for example, at night and in the morning than in the evening.
  • Never stop game slot online, If you lose the game, you will end up getting fewer coins after a game.

Minimum System Requirements of FIFA 16

The minimum system requirements which you must meet for the FIFA 16 is given below.

Operating System Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or higher any
Central Processing Unit Intel Dual core @ 2.2 GHz
Minimum Hard Disk Space 8 GB

Download FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Free PC Game

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