Download Fire Emblem Heroes APK Version 2.2.0 for Android & PC


Download Fire Emblem Heroes APK Version 2.2.0 for Android & PC

Fire Emblem Heroes APK version 2.2.0 – The updated version of the game Fire Emblem Heroes APK has been launched and now available for download and play on your mobile phone. You can directly download the game now from the download link given below. The developers of the one of the famous game Super Mario Run, the “Nintendo Co. Ltd” has just launched this game. The game is simulation strategic game with the complete story of gameplay. The game at the time of installation is totally free of cost but later on, it includes some optional add-on items to purchase. By doing some purchasing you can add up some spices to your gameplay. The game Fire Emblem Heroes is available for Android and IOS. They also optimized and improved the game for the touchscreen devices and on the go gaming.

The story of the game is revolving around the 2 kingdoms. These kingdoms are Emblian Empire and the Askran Kingdom. In this game, the player has the ability to call upon the Heroes. Each hero and characters have their own abilities and traits. You have to use them as per your strategy to win the game. The main goal of the game is to rule and save your Kingdom of Askran and fight with your rivals endless. The victory totally depending on the well-designed strategies. The developers have made the controls of the game simple and user-friendly. You can easily manage the complete army and control them efficiently in order to win.

Download Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes APK File Information

Application Name Fire Emblem Heroes
File Name Fe-heroes-200.apk
Version 2.0.0
Category Games
File Size 48.44 MB

Most of the Heroes of the game has been belonged from the series of the Fire Emblem, while the rest of the heroes of the game has been designed from the scratch.

Modes of Fire Emblem Heroes APK

Players can play the game into many modes. Many of the modes of the game has been listed below.

  • Story Maps: Story Maps is the default mode of the game. In this mode of the Fire Emblem Heroes game being player you have to lead an army and save the Kingdom of Askran.
  • Training Tower: As the name suggesting that this mode of the game is for training purpose and the training changes every time we play the game.
  • Arena Duels: In this mode of the game you have to fight battles against the other players of the world. We have to gain points and lead to the number 1 positions.
  • Hero Battles: Hero Battles is a special mode of the game in which the players has to discover multiple battle scenarios for the small period of the time.

Fire Emblem Heroes Free Download

In order to make the game more excited the new characters, battle modes and scenarios have been added up. For the smooth running of the game, it requires an active internet connection. From its release since 2nd February the game got popularity and come under top 5 games of android. So enjoy the strategic game with fun. Download now Fire Emblem Heroes APK version 2.2.0 now by single click on the download button shown below.

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