Download The Flame in the Flood PC Game 2015 Full Setup

The Flame in the Blood PC Game

Download The Flame in the Flood PC Game 2015 Full Setup

The Flame in the Flood PC Game is one of the best game in the collection of the Ocean Of Games. Here you can enjoy the 100% working setup of The Flame in the Flood game with the direct download link for windows. It’s an adventure and action game. Molasses Flood is the one who developed and published the game officially. They officially launched the game on 24th of September in 2015. You can also download many actions and adventure games from the ocean of games.Flame In the Flood Full PC Game

In the “The Flame in the Flood” Game a girl is striving for her life, you will play the game as a scout. Scout only has the company of a dog whose name is Aesop. The God has gifted good sniffing sense to the dogs that’s why he can sense the coming danger very easily. Moreover, he can fetch the supplies for the scout. Scout has a journey through river ahead. Being the player you have to pay full attention to the multiple needs of the scout like when the scout feel thirsty, hungry and other needs. It’s your duty to explore the world and fulfill all of your requirements. If you unable to fulfill all of the scout needs she will die.  Once the scout is dead the game is over, there will be no way to bring life to scout.

The game “The Flame in the Flood” also has the complete crafting system through which the players can create 100 of new items. While playing the game you will also face multiple kinds of weather and weathers play an important role in the gameplay. Being player you have to provide proper clothes to save her from the different weather conditions. Being action and adventure game the game also adds up the travel and survive spices. Travel would be done through feet or by rafting in the rivers you need to be alive to save the girl.

Features of the PC Game The Flame In the Flood

The Flame in the Flood has many features which you will experience once you download the game and install on your personal computer. The list of main features is given below.

  • Amazing adventure and action game.
  • For the survival of girl you have to struggle hard.
  • Use the Crafts to survive better.
  • Travel and survive in this journey of the game.
  • Being player fulfill the need of girl.
  • Need to survive in multiple kinds of weather conditions.
  • Enjoy Action, adventure, travel, and survival in one game.

Minimum System Requirements The Flame in the Flood PC Game

Here are the minimum System Requirements which you must fulfill before moving ahead. Make sure that your PC meets these requirements of The Flame in the Flood PC Game.

Compatible Operating System Windows 7, 64 bit or Windows 8.1 64 bit
Central processing Unit 2.5 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor
Minimum RAM 4 GB
Minimum Free Disk Space Required 2 GB

Download Full PC Game The Flame in the Flood Free

Here is the complete working download link for you to download The Flame in the Flood PC Game. Click on the download button shown below and start downloading The Flame in the Flood Free PC Game.

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