Download GTA 6 For iOS [1.8GB] (W/o Jailbreak)

Rockstar Games finally released the mobile versions of the much popular games Grand Theft Auto giving players the ability to enjoy the brilliant graphics on the go on their mobile devices. This year Rockstar have done it again when they released the much anticipated and long-awaited heir to the widely popular Grand Theft Auto 5 successor Grand Theft Auto 6. With much better graphics than the last grand theft auto, this year’s release has yet again managed to grab a record number of digital as well as physical sales around the world Download Link For IOS (1.8 GB) Grand Theft Auto 6 Device Compatibility Rockstar games finally released the mobile versions of the much popular games Grand Theft Auto giving players the ability to enjoy the brilliant graphics on the go on their mobile devices. This year Rockstar Games have done it again when they released the game this year.

This year’s release has added a lot of functions and features, this year you can create your custom players with custom actions and facial expressions. This year’s release also adds the ability to play online in the same Grand Theft Auto 6 environment you all love and enjoy but with an additional online mode called Grand Theft Auto 6 Royale where 100 players play a single game and the last man to survive this mode wins that game! You can win all types of different prizes once you win the Battle Royale, ranging from Ammunition, Money, and rare outfits, etc. This year’s Grand Theft Auto 6 adds a lot of capability like hacking other peoples computers from certain devices acquired inside the game.


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GTA 6 Download Link For IOS (1.8 GB) (Without Jailbreak)

This is the direct download link for Grand Theft Auto VI for IOS.


This is a high-speed server link. Make sure you’re using a high-speed connection while downloading.

Also, Download GTA 6 for Android.

How To Download GTA 6 For Your iPhone/iPad/iPod (Without Jailbreak)

To download Grand Theft Auto on your very own IOS device just click on the download button and complete the offer to start your download.  The best thing about downloading it from here and not from the Apple app store is you do not need to jailbreak your device and put your device at risk by voiding it’s warranty completely. Also, you will not be able to find Grand Theft Auto on the App store because this is still a beta version exclusively on our website for free. Just complete a simple offer to support us in our venture to help people like you who enjoy playing games like Grand Theft Auto 6.


How To Install Grand Theft Auto 6 On Your iPhone/iPhone

To download Grand Theft Auto VI on your iDevice just click on the download button and complete a short survey to start your download. Once you complete the offer the downloading of the app will start on its own. Once it has finished download turn OFF your wifi or internet, the first time you open the app.

GTA 6 Compatibility With IOS Version (Without Jailbreak)

This version of Grand Theft Auto 6 is available for download for FREE and the best thing about it is that it is compatible with almost all the versions of IOS (IOS 7 and above). It is compatible with all the listed devices iPhone 5, iPhone 5s. iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max with all the storage variants available as well as all the different color variants. This version is also compatible with all the iPod Touch Models released till date. All the above-listed models will be able to run Grand Theft Auto 6 on your respective devices without any problems as Rockstar Games have taken all the necessary steps to make this phone compatible with all the devices mentioned above. The issue of phone overheating and the random app crashed have been taken into account and have fixed this time around so you can enjoy your game without any diversions whatsoever. Just do not be selfish and enjoy this game on your own, if you like it then please share this website link on your social with your friends who might be interested in playing grand theft auto 6 on their device too.

If you want to check the complete system requirements for Grand Theft Auto 6: Click Here

GTA 6 Online Gameplay

How To Play GTA 6 Online on Your iPhone/iPad/iPod

Now onto the things you have been waiting for, the main question, that is, how to play Grand Theft Auto 6 online on your iPhone, iPad or your iPad. This version looks especially beautiful on the iPad Pro Models on the amazing 120 Hz refresh rate screen. To play this game online on your iDevices just open this website in a web browser like Safari or Google Chrome, Open this website, Navigate to the Download Grand Theft Auto 6 For IOS – Direct Download Link section and scroll down to find the Play online button. Click on the play now button, Complete a short survey and you are good to go!

Play GTA 6 Online

The only thing that is required is a good internet connection with a minimum of 10 MBPS download & upload speed.

You may need to complete human verification by completing a quick and easy survey. This because of the early access phase of the game and we really do not want everyone to play. So you’re special. Complete the survey today and enjoy the beta of Grand Theft Auto 6 online on your IOS Devices.

Check How To Download GTA 6 On Your PC.

Conclusion On GTA 6 For iPhone/iPad

So we really hope that you were able to download Grand theft auto VI on your IOS Device with the help of detail that we provided you. This is a completely exclusive post and you won’t find it anywhere on the internet and Grand Theft Auto 6 series has been loved by millions of people online and our generation grew up playing this game in our childhood,

Now it’s your time to pay us back a bit. The only thing we want from you is that, Share it with all your friends so that everyone can play this game but make sure you download it for you first then try to distribute to others because as we told you that this is an early access phase so this can be turned off anytime in the near future.

Download Right now and comment of you guys are facing any kind of problems downloading and installing the Grand Theft Auto 6 setup file on your IOS Devices.

Updated: August 5, 2019 — 11:08 am

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