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IGI 4 Free Game

IGI 4 The Mark is first-person shooting and action game in the collection of the ocean of games. The game is the 4th successful installments of IGI series. There are two playing modes of IGI 4. Either you can play the as single player or you can play in multiplayer mode. The modes of the game are really amazing and impressive. In this game, there are two main heroes one from the US Marine Corps named as Steve Fletcher and the second one is the top rated mercenary officer named as Austin Hawk. These two officers are on the mission of destroying the nuclear missile before they reach to the London. Russia is the rival of US in this game too. They hired a terrorist Liya Rajoy in order to deliver the missile to the site where it will be launched. You have a mission to stop deploying the missile. You have to stop them by any means either violently or carefully.

IGI 4 has many mission to reach the main terrorist. The difficulty level of stages increases as you make progress in the game. Overall, the game is more difficult than the previous parts of IGI series. As the difficulty increase, they have also introduced some new destructive weapons. For your assistance, there is map and medicine kit for the health recovery. You can get it at multiple stages and initially, you have your own. Later on, you can collect it from multiple places.

IGI 4 Project
In IGI 4 the weather conditions are more swear. You have to go through the dense forest and multiple swear weather conditions like hot sun, cold nights, snowfall, thunderstorms and much more. It also has a cycle of day and night. The visuals and graphics are really impressive and amazing. The background music is much more suspensive and alarming. To sum up all, you will surely fall in love with the game shortly.

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IGI 4 Game

Download igi 4 for free

The feature of IGI 4

Following are the main features of IGI 4 which you will experience once you download the game, install and play the game.

  • Amazing and impressive first-person shooting game.
  • Best shooting game in the series of FPS Games.
  • The game is around spying and destroying.
  • Assigned missions of the military must be completed to save London.
  • Really amazing and impressive visuals.
  • Multiple gaming modes. Easy-medium and difficult.

System Requirements of IGI 4 The Mark

Operating System Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or higher any
Central Processing Unit Intel Dual Core @ 2.2 GHz
Free Hard Disk Space 2 GB
Video Card and graphics DirectX compatible Sound Card

Download IGI 4 The Mark Free

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