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Download left for Dead PC Setup for free is a single window link. Left 4 Dead is fighting game which is full of horror and action moments.

Left 4 Dead is a video game available on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS and Macintosh, fps genre, developed by Certain Affinity and edited by Valve Software. This game left for Dead was released on 17 Oct 2008.

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Overview left for Dead PC Game

Dam It was revealed a long time ago, offering a link between Dead Air and Blood Harvest and offering two unpublished survival maps.

A mysterious virus spreads in the city, anyone who becomes infected transforms into a zombie and attacks from then on non-infected. The player is one of the few survivors who is not infected. Unfortunately, he is trapped in a city teeming with the zombie. Alone he has no chance. But maybe he can escape with some friends.

Left 4 Dead is a co-op shooter with a whole truckload of zombies. Based on the source engine, a zombie team competes against a human team. The zombies are supported by countless PC-controlled zombies, while people rely on teamwork and firearms.

In different scenarios, people either have to resist the zombies or reach certain goals. Through different zombie classes and desperate survival battles of people Left 4 Dead promises to be an exciting multiplayer experience. You can survive alone or with the help of a friend in co-op mode against a horde of zombies. Left 4 Dead has four campaigns and two levels of difficulty. You have two kinds of weapons: a handgun and a weapon at a distance. In the absence of ammunition, you can also kick in order to distance your pursuers.

Download Left for Dead PC game

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This PC and Xbox 360 PC-based shooter let players play by selecting one of four characters and reach to the checkpoint with that character and should avoid all barriers that will be infected.  The setup starts in 2009 when a widespread of anonymous origin falls on the United States. As a result, this virus turns the whole community into bloodthirsty creatures and then these creatures infected other community as well by attacking them.

Survivor characteristics

The 4 survivors are all identical, there is no particular skill assigned according to the survivors, and all can use all weapons/items at their disposal. The objects usable by the survivors are “one-handed” (torch, little stick, etc. ) or “two-handed” (big stick, rifle, etc.). Survivors can use two objects with one hand or 1 with two hands. They can re-arrange their items when they wish. If you are the fan of the racing and action mixture then here is the best thing for you. Download Bike Rush Free PC Game Now.

Health and injuries

3 states of health are planned for the survivors:

  • In good health: since the survivors have, at least, 1 life, they are “healthy”, they can fight, move without penalty (it is recommended to play the wounds, just for the atmosphere)
  • Injured: At 0 life, the survivor is injured, he must be on the ground (in terms of safety, one knee is enough), he can speak and call for help, but cannot get up alone.
  • Death: When a wounded survivor is surrounded by 2 zombies (they must touch his shoulder) for 5 seconds, he is devoured by the zombies. He is definitely out of the game

Life points of survivors work as follows

  • Survivors start with 3 out-of-order health points (no matter where you get a hit, you lose a health point).
  • If a survivor falls to 0 points, he is injured. To be healed, another survivor must be next to him for 5 seconds and do nothing other than help him get up.
  • After being hurt once, a survivor has only 2 life points
  • After being hurt twice or more, a survivor has only one life point

Free Left for Dead PC Game

Characteristics of left for Dead:

These are the main characteristics of download left for Dead PC Setup for free

  • Horror and arcade game
  • Hazardous virus
  • A huge number of communities infected
  • The battle between enemy and player
  • Use of gun

Missing features in download left for Dead PC Setup for free

  • Fire, smoke, and explosions do not cause panic in the hangars.
  • The undead does not always crawl into the orchard.
  • The enemies of the farm do not appear in the woods.
  • The covered bridge does not collapse during explosions.
  • Fires in the area of the burned forest are missing.

Cheats for the download left for Dead PC Setup for free

Before you start the game, right-click on the game entry or click on the icon on the screen in the Steam account. Then click “Properties”, then “Set Startup Options”. Enter “-console” in the free line there. Now start the game. You will then see the console in the main menu where you can enter commands. To access the console during the game, first type bind “x” toggle console. Where X is the key you need to press to open the console. Instead of x you can, of course, use a key of your choice. Now enter “sv_cheats 1” to make the game server susceptible to cheats. Then you can use the following cheats:

  • God 1: you become invulnerable.
  • No clip: You can walk through walls.
  • sv_infinite_Ammo 1: You get an infinite amount of ammo.
  • Give First_Aid_Kit: You will receive a first aid kit.
  • Give Ammo: You get ammo for your used weapon.
  • Give Pistol: You get a pistol.
  • Give Auto shotgun: You will receive an automatic shotgun.
  • Give Rifle: You get an assault rifle.
  • Give Hunting_Rifle: You receive a hunting rifle.
  • Give Molotov: You get a Molotov cocktail.
  • Give Pipe_Bomb: You get a pipe bomb.
  • Give Propane_Tank: You will receive a propane gas bottle.
  • Give Oxygen_Tank: You will receive an oxygen bottle.

Minimum System Requirement for Left for Dead PC Game

Operating System Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or higher any
Central processing Unit Dual Core 3.0 GHz Minimum
Graphics Card 256 MB Memory

Download Left for Dead PC Game for free

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