Download Metal Slug 3 PC Game Free The Ocean of Games

Metal Slug 3 PC Game

Download Metal Slug 3 PC Game Free The Ocean of Games

After the success of Metal Slug 1 & 2, they launched the metal slug 3 with the better story and with a lot of improvements. Metal Slug 3 is the successful 3rd installment of the Metal Slug PC Game Series. Metal Slug Series is compatible with the multiple platforms like Android, PlayStation, iOS, and PC. You can install and play any game of the Metal Slug Series on any above-mentioned platforms.

Metal Slug 3 PC GameDownload

Metal Slug 3 is the real masterpiece of SNK in the whole series of Metal Slug. Its 2D Run and Gun shooting game. With the launch of this game, they can attract the maximum fans across the globe. It also has the same four characters as in Metal Slug 1 and Metal Slug 2. But this time the player is on some dangerous missions. They have to stop the boss from destroying the world. The rival is stronger than ever. Here we bring the downloading link for you of Metal Slug 3 and other games of Metal Slug Series

  1. Metal Slug 1
  2. Metal Slug 2
  3. Metal Slug 4
  4. Metal Slug 5
  5. Metal Slug 6
  6. Metal Slug X

Metal Slug 3 PC Game Free Download

In Metal Slug 3, new weapons and armed vehicles also introduced. You can also be enhanced the skill set of the players. Moreover, you can attain first aid during the gameplay. While playing the game, you will acquire multiple guns including machine guns, laser gun, rocket launchers, tanks, and jets to fight against the enemy. Your ultimate goal is to stop the Boss enemy. Metal Slug 3 in enriched of graphics and hand-drawn arts. The graphics and visuals are amazing and crispy. They have also introduced some weather conditions in the game and fights during day and night. The amazing soundtracks are also the part of this game with the proper balance of sound. It would have a pleasant effect on your mind.

Metal Slug 3 Free PC Game Download

Features of Metal Slug 3 PC Game

Metal Slug 3 has some unique and significant features which make it the masterpiece of the Metal Slug series. These unique features are following

  • Best Action, arcade, adventure and shooting game
  • New weapons and vehicles have introduced with lots of new features.
  • Successful 3rd installment of Metal Slug Series.
  • Levels are having more difficult and challenging then Metal Slug 2.
  • Improved graphics and visuals with the proper balance of colors so that they won’t pinch in eyes.
  • New tanks and other firearms explosive vehicles have introduced.
  • New and amazing soundtracks are part of the game with the proper balance of sounds.

Minimum System Requirements

Following are the main minimum system requirements of the Metal Slug 3 PC Game which you must fulfill before installing the game.

Operating System Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or higher any
Central Processing Unit Dual Core @ 2.2 GHz
Minimum Hard Disk Space 500 MB

Download Metal Slug 3 PC Game Free

We bring the complete setup for you of Metal Slug 3 PC Game. Just click on the download button and start downloading Metal Slug 3.

Download link updated on 18 feb 2018.

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