Download Metal Slug 4 PC Game Free – The Ocean of Games

Download Metal Slug 4 PC Game Free – The Ocean of Games

Metal Slug Series keep on hiking the mountain of success. The SNK successfully launched the 4th installment of Metal Slug Series, and that is Metal Slug 4. Metal Slug 4 is based on some crispy and mind breaking story. The heroes’ comeback with more features and two old partners are off, and two new heroes are in. This game was launched in 2002 under the flag of SNK. They have launched the game for multiple platforms, but now you can play the Metal Slug 4 on your computer.

Metal Slug 4 Free PC Game Download

The storyline of metal slug 4 is quite interesting. An organization of the world name as “Amadeus” wish to hack and take over all the computers that belong to the Military across the globe. To do so, they have created a new virus to inject in computers and can fetch the critical data from the computers. It’s your mission to stop them before they accomplish their evil wish.

Some new weapons and vehicles are also introduced in the Metal Slug 4. These weapons include the dual machine gun, Dual Laser gun, and other weapons. Six different new vehicles are also the part of this game. And these are Motorcycle, Bradley Tank, Metal Crow tank, four-legged walk machines, Forklift Truck, and simple truck. Apart from the weapons and vehicles, two new soldiers are also the part of the platoon, and these are Nadia and Trevor. Here you can download the Metal Slug 4 Complete Version and other games of Metal Slug Series. Here are the downloadable links

Metal Slug 4 PC Game

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  3. Download Metal Slug 3
  4. Download Metal Slug 5
  5. Download Metal Slug 6
  6. Download Metal Slug X

Features of Metal Slug 4 PC Game

Metal Slug 4 has some unique and significant features. These unique features are following

  • Best Action, arcade, adventure and shooting game
  • New weapons like Dual Machine Gun and six different vehicles have introduced.
  • Successful 4th installment of Metal Slug Series.
  • The levels are more severe than the Metal Slug 3.
  • Improved graphics and visuals with the proper balance of colors and visual effects.
  • New tanks with more dangerous firearm explosive have introduced.
  • The soundtracks are amazing. They added up some balance to improve the soundtracks, and it will always have the pleasant effects on the human mind, and you will enjoy the game while playing.

Minimum System Requirements

Your system must acquire the following minimum system requirements for Metal Slug 4. Make sure these requirements must be fulfill.

Operating System Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or higher any
Central Processing Unit Dual Core @ 2.2 GHz
Setup Size 61 MB
Minimum Hard Disk Space 500 MB

Download Metal Slug 4 PC Game Free

We bring the complete setup for you of Metal Slug 4 PC Game. Just click on the download button and start downloading Metal Slug 4.

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