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Metal Slug 6 Free PC GAME

Download Metal Slug 6 PC Game Free – The Ocean of Games

Metal Slug 6 PC Game is the successful installation of the Metal Slug series. It is the most famous shooting game. The game has been developed and published under the flag of SNK on February 24th, 2006. The game has been launched for the SEGA and Nintendo Emulators, but later on, it has been published for multiple platforms like PlayStation, MS Windows, Android, and iOS. The game has multiple modes of play. You can enjoy the game as the single player or can play with your friends and family member in 2 player mode. Two players assist one another  and strive for killing the boss enemy. So, download now Metal Slug 6 PC Game for free.

Metal SLug 6 PC Game Free

In the Metal Slug 6, there are two teams. Team A called as Peregrine Falcon and Team B call Sparrows. Each team includes two players. They are on the mission to investigate the where the queen moved towards the mountains, and they have to rescue the Martians by killing the Boss Enemy and Queen. The Metal Slug 6 also has some new armed explosive vehicles like tanks, cars, and elephants also. The player can ride on elephants and camels also which also have armed explosive with it. Moreover, the skills of all the four characters have been improved and enhanced. Here we have all the setup of Metal Slug Series. You can easily download any one of them

Metal Slug 6

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  2. Download Metal Slug 2
  3. Download Metal Slug 3
  4. Download Metal Slug 4
  5. Download Metal Slug 5
  6. Download Metal Slug X

The amazing and stunning graphics of the game add up the real color of life in the game. The background soundtracks also add up the life. You won’t be bored while playing the game. The missions of the game also include some mummies, zombies and other enemies. You can shoot them ignore and pass them as per your wish. During the gameplay, you will acquire the bonuses and many weapons to accomplish the mission.

Metal SLug 6 PC Game Free

Features of Metal Slug 6

Metal Slug 6 has the unique and significant features which you will experience after downloading and installing the game.

  • Stunning action and adventure game.
  • New and improved features are part of this game.
  • The 6th Successful installment of the series.
  • More difficult gaming levels.
  • Two teams of four players.
  • Improved the graphics and visual effects.
  • Background soundtracks are really impressive.

Minimum System Requirements of Game

In order to run the game smoothly, you must meet the following system requirements of the Metal Slug 6.

Operating System Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or higher any
Central Processing Unit Dual Core @ 2.2 GHz
Minimum Hard Disk Space 500 MB

Download Metal Slug 6 PC Game Full Version Free

Here we have the complete setup of the Metal Slug 6 for you. Just click on the download button shown below and let the download begin.

Game Size: 170 MB
Password: apunkagames

download link updated on 18-feb-2018.

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