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Next Car

Next car game belongs to the racing game genre and one of the best game in the ocean of games. This game has been developed by Bugbear Entertainment and also they are the one who published it. Another famous game has been developed and published by Bugbear, the game is FlatOut.

Next Car Free Game

Next Car Game is basically derby destruction style game of cars. Like other cars and racing game, this game also have the same rules and regulations. Next car Game free comprises of following 2 racing mode.

  • Race Win Mode
  • Race Survival Mode

In the Racing mode of game you have to win the race and in survival mode you need to survive throughout the race. You may also have some facilities to upgrade your vehicles, buy and sell some cars.

Next Car Game Free

The game is comprised of some amazing racing tracks and some special blocked cars. These cars you have never seen in any other game. You need to unlock the cars and tracks that are locked. It has some amazing racing taste with the real class of physics and car damage system. The car got a kind of real damage once it experiences a certain hit either with racing peer car or any hurdle. And the developers put every aspect of car damage. Overall the game is very classic in terms of racing, surviving, sounds and graphics also.

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Next Car Game

The game was launched in 2016 but later on it updated in 1/04/2017. It is available for the users with Operating System Windows Vista or any higher the language version is English. Next Car Game got inspired by the series of FlatOut, that’s why it is not typical automotive racing production. You can changed the elements of cars as per you wish like you can change its color, body or engine as per your wish and money in your wallet.

Download Next Car Game Free

Features of Next Car Game

The following are the main features of Next Car Game which you may experience after downloading, installing and play the game.

  • Great Racing Game.
  • Two modes of racing one is win race and other is survival mode.
  • Amazing tracks and awesome cars are part of games.
  • Great physics applied in the game.
  • Graphics are really eye catching and attractive.
  • Impressive sound quality and also add great excitement in next car game.

System Requirements for Next Car Game

Before you make your mind to download the game and want to install make sure you fulfil all of the following system requirements.

Operating System Windows XP, Vista , 7, 8, 8,1 or higher
Central Processing System Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
Free Hard Disk Space 2 GB HDD free space required.


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