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One Night at Flumptys .  is one of the best free PC Games in the collection of the ocean of games. One Night at Flumptys is developed by one of the independent developer names as Jonochrome and is published under the flag of Gamejolt. One night at Flumptys game is the true inspiration of FNF (Friday Nights at Freddy’s) which one is another best horror game.

One Night at Flumptys Download

The PC game One Night at Flumptys is totally based on the story of a graphic designer employee. Once he was working for some extra hour late at night. During his stay in office something weird happens. So the game revolves around this story. Consider yourself in his place. Now you have to take some serious actions to survive in drastic horror night. The game is a kind of short monologues which shows the thinking ability and current thoughts of yours. Now you need to perform some certain task in order to survive and advance in this game.

Free One Night At FlumptysIn order to survive you need to discover some new clues about what the hell is going around you. One Night at Flumpty’s Game character is Flumpty Bumpty just like Humty Dumpty which just has a funny look. The look is like egg who kills whatever comes in the way. Then there is a Birthday Boy Blam. Birthday Boy Balm is a small guy and he has some rectangular head. The actual danger in the game is that he becomes violent sometimes whatever comes in his way. Graphics are really awesome and eye-catching. The plots are really captivating.

One Night at Flumptys

Features of One Night at Flumptys

One Night at Flumptys has following features which you will experience once you download, install and play the game.

  • A Free PC Game belong to the genre of Horror Games.
  • Truly Inspired by the Five Nights at Freddys.
  • The game revolved around the story.
  • Short Monologues.
  • Need to identify by using clues and mind about what is going around you.
  • Need to perform some certain activities in order to advance in the game.
  • Funny looking egg called Flumpty Bumpty.
  • Real amazing and eye-catching graphics of the game.

System Requirements of One Night at Flumptys  

Before you move advance and start downloading the game. Make sure that you fulfill the minimum system Requirement for the game.

Operating System Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or higher
Central Processing Unit 2 GHz Processor or any higher
Free Hard Disk Space At least 600 MB free Disk Space.


Click the download button and start downloading the one of the best horror and arcade game from the collection of ocean of games.

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