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Snow Bros 2

Download Snow Bros 2 PC GameSnow Bros 2 is one of the best adventures game and successful sequel of Snow Bros 1. The game has been very popular and famous among the Gaming Fans of all ages. The gameplay of the Snow Bros 2 is very similar to the gameplay of the Snow Bros 1. You have to throw the snow at the enemies and then kick the snowball in order to kill them. Your ultimate goal is to kill off the enemies and face the boss of enemies. After every ten stages, the boss appears in front of you.

Snow Bros 2 Free

You have to kill the boss by using your snow. In the Snow Bros 2, there are 2 main characters of the game. They are

  1. Nick
  2. Tom

While playing the game you have to throw snow at enemies until they cover up totally with the snow and gain the shape of the snowball. The enemy partially covered with the snow will not able to move until they shake off. You can’t kick the partially covered enemies. You should kick the enemies’ snowball which must hit the boss in order to kill them. There are total 50 stages. These 50 stages consist of 5 bosses. You have to kill them in order to end the game.

Free Snow Bros PC Game

In the snow bros 2 there is bonus money. If the player manages to kill all the enemies with the help of one snowball the bonus money will fall from the sky. You have to collect it in order to make high scores. There is 4 kind of awards which you have to collect in order to become more efficient and fast. You can get them by killing enemies from the rolling snowballs. Here are the following 4 game awards are.

  1. Red – It will speed up your gaming character.
  2. Blue – It allows you to throw more snow.
  3. Yellow – It allows you to increase your throw of snow.
  4. Green – It makes nick and tom to take the shape of balloon and you can hit the enemies in order to kill them

To sum up, all playing Snow Bros 2 is hell fun and adventure. The game is an addicting game. The game has amazing soundtracks which have the real pleasant effect on humans mind.

Snow Bros 2 PC Game

Features of Snow Bros 2

The game Snow Bros 2 has amazing and significant features which you will experience once you download the game and start playing it on your Computer.

  • The amazing adventure and fun game.
  • A The chance to play with snow.
  • Red boost up the speed of tom and nick.
  • Blue Increase the amount of snow thrown.
  • Yellow increase the throwing distance.
  • Green inflate you to take the shape of the balloon.
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Minimum System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 or higher any
Minimum Hard Disk space 100 MB
Central Processing System Pentium 4 or higher any

Download Snow Bros 2 PC Game Free

Here we have the complete setup of the game ready to install and run. Just download Snow Bros 2 PC Setup and start playing the game on your computer.

Download Snow Bros 2

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