Download the Last of Us Free PC Game

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Download the Last of Us Free PC Game

The Last of Us is an amazing action-adventure video game. This game is all about survival and horror. The last of us is a survival and horror video game. This game was developed by Naughty Dog and published under the flag of Sony Computer Entertainment. The game was released on 14 June 2013 for PlayStation 3 worldwide.

In this game, a player is surrounded by the dangerous zombies all over and he has survived from them. The player have to keep his-self save from the zombies. Defend his self otherwise, he will also become a zombie. This game have awesome graphics and sound. It looks like you are really in to the game.  The moral values of Humanity are now changes.  Player have to do anything to survive on this planet. Zombies will attack players several times. The player have to fight for his life. Other humans are either dead or infected.

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The main character of this game is a teenage girl who is very strong, brave and a warrior. This character is named as joel. All family members of joel are already dead or infected. Now he have to save the world by fighting with zombies. Zombies are the deadliest creatures which are eating up all remaining humans. This game revolves around the main character who have to fight against zombies. These players have nothing to lose so they fight fearlessly. Joel have very hard style with which he kills the enemies. His actions are very violent and brutal.

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A character Named Tess is the partner of joel. Her nature is related to joel’s. But in start she was very emotional. While killing the zombies she feels little resistance in start but soon she got more confidence and start killing them. The gamming engine used to develop this game was powered by state of art technology. This game use advanced technology and weapons. Both characters joel and tess are equipped with rifles and axes. Both are as deadly as Zombies. Player have to keep his-self undetected and have to kill as many zombies as possible in order to save your life.

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Features of The Last of Us PC Game:

  • Amazing surviving horror game
  • Full of action and adventure
  • Strong and deadly characters
  • Advanced technology and weapons.
  • Achieved good ranking on IGN and GameSpot.
  • Background music and zombies voices seem very real.
  • Characters are very deadly
  • Characters are equipped with rifles and axes.
  • Have to keep you-self save.
  • Got amazing graphics.
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Minimum System Requirements of The Last of Us PC Game:

Operating System: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7
Central processing Unit: Intel Core i3 or i5 dual-core processor or better
Random Access Memory: 2 GB
Hard Disc Space Required: 14 GB
DirectX: 9.0
Graphics Card 512 MB Ram, NVidia 7- series, AMD 3000 – series


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