Grab The Karin Sultan Classic In GTA Online This Week!

Today a new version of a fan-favorite vehicle arrived in Grand Theft Auto Online. Alongside the new car, some amazing bonuses, discounts and freebies are on offer in the game, so boot up GTA Online and get ready to grab Los Santos by the horns.

The Karin Sultan is arguably among the most iconic vehicles of GTA 5 and Online. The newly released Sultan Classic is bound to be a must-have for most players, especially collectors and racers. Based primarily in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 1 with some hints of Subaru sprinkled around, this design is a perfect model for anyone who wants their sports car to be rugged as well.


The Karin Sultan Classic is available now for $1,718,000, which is a bit higher than we’re used to when it comes to cars with Classic appended to their name, but you can also get it for the lower trade price of $1,288,500. There is a full suite of upgrades available after you purchase the vehicle.

There are many earning opportunities enhanced with bonus earnings this week. Players can earn double RP and GTA$ on all Rockstar-Created King of the Hill and Land Races. The real treat, however, is the 25% payout increase on the Diamond Casino Heist finale. Not only do you get that bonus 25%, but the NPC crewmembers’ cuts are also halved, leaving even more GTA$ left over to go into your pockets. You can find our complete collection of guides to the heist here.

You’ll see a very eye-catching car spinning on the Diamond’s podium this week too, and if you win the vehicle prize from the Lucky Wheel, you’ll get a pre-customized Karin Everon pickup truck for free. Granted, we looked at the customization and thought it’s more of a point against, rather than for, the prize, however it might fit your tastes better.

Rockstar wasn’t content increasing your Diamond Casino Heist rewards just by 25%. Additionally, all set-up costs for the heist are 50% off. If you haven’t had a chance to try out the new content yet, all Arcade properties and their upgrades are 25% off. You’ll also find a lot of fan-favorite vehicles with prices discounted by 40%, 35% and 25%.

Updated: July 18, 2020 — 2:18 pm

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