All GTA 5 player effect cheats for PC

player effect cheats GTA 5

GTA 5 Player Effect Cheats

The cheats of the GTA 5 has been divided into four main categories. These four categories are of following.

  1. GTA 5 Player Effect Cheats

These cheats are of like

  • Invincibility Cheats.
  • Drunk Mode Cheats
  • Explosive Ammo Cheats
  • Super Jump Cheats
  • Others
  1. GTA 5 Item Cheats

These Cheats include all the items of the GTA 5 Game. For example

  • Weapons
  • Ammo
  • Parachutes
  • Others
  1. GTA 5 World Effects

These cheats include the effects of GTA 5 Cheats. For example

  • GTA 5 weather Changes cheats.
  • Moon Gravity Changing Cheats
  • Motion cheats and many others
  1. GTA 5 Spawn Vehicles

Top Class vehicles are now the part of the GTA 5 Game. And now you can get all of these GTA 5 vehicles. These vehicles include

  • Duke O’ Death
  • Buzzards
  • Motorcycles
  • Heavy Bikes
  • And others

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In this article, you will get the complete list of Player Effect cheats of the GTA 5. Stay tuned for more GTA 5 Cheats. Enjoy Player Effect Cheats of GTA 5.

GTA 5 Cheats All player Effect

GTA 5 Player Effect Cheats

Player Effect Cheats

Cheat Description
Drunk Mode
Challenging the concept of cheats giving players an advantage, Drunk Mode will muddy your screen and prevent you from walking in a straight line.
Drunk mode allows you to toggle the visual effect of the blurred screen, and your character will sway when idle and stumble when walking. The same effect is achieved by drinking too much..!
Explosive Ammo Rounds
Because the damage caused by the stopping power of a bullet just isn’t enough sometimes.
Causes all shots from all weapons to cause an explosion, dealing a higher amount of damage. It also causes certain objects and characters to be set on fire, and pushed away from the blast.
Explosive Melee Attacks
Your punches and kicks are literally explosive!
All melee attacks cause explosions which don’t harm your character, but have the same effects as Explosive Ammo otherwise. Opponents will the tossed away and set alight.
Fast Run
Increases your maximum sprint speed
Your character will sprint significantly quicker with this cheat. It only becomes active when you’re actually sprinting, not during simple movement.
Fast Swim
Increases your maximum swimming speed
Pretty self-explanatory. You swim quicker both on the surface and underwater.
Flaming Bullets
Your bullets will set things on fire upon impact
Like the Explosive Ammo cheat, this will affect all weapons and all shots fired. Instead of causing an explosion, this will simply set objects and PEDs alight.
Works for 5 minutes before you need to re-enter the code
While this cheat is active, the player character will not take any damage. Applies to being shot, hit, run-over, falling from high altitudes, remaining under water after breath runs out and stubbing toe on furniture. Stepping on Legos still hurts, though.
Lower Wanted Level
Takes one star off of your wanted level
If the police are giving you too much trouble, use this cheat to instantly lower your wanted level. If you’ve got several stars, you’ll need to use it multiple times.
Max Health & Armor
Increases your health and armour back to full
Refills your health and armor bars instantly. It doesn’t keep it that way though, so if you’re nearing death again, you’ll need to re-use the cheat.
Raise Wanted Level
Add one star to your wanted level
In case you’re too lazy to, I don’t know, hit a pedestrian or something, this cheat will add a wanted star. You can use it as many times as you want, but the wanted stars are capped at 5.
Recharge Ability
Recharges the special ability of your character
Instantly recharges the special ability bar of the player character. Can be used as many times as you wish.
Spawns you mid-air for a skydiving free fall and no way to use a parachute! The only way to possibly survive is to press forward on the left analogue stick and hit a wall or the ground head-on
Using this cheat will instantly teleport you to a high altitude location exactly above where you were when you used it. Just a warning though – parachutes are disabled by the cheat.
Slow Motion Aim
Gives you a lot more time to aim. Enter 4x for increased effect, fifth time disables cheat
Slows down time a bit while aiming down sights, allowing for greater precision. Stacks up to four times, at which point time is slowed to a crawl.
Bigfoot (Sasquatch) Mode
Yes, you can transform into Bigfoot!
Re-skins the player character model as Bigfoot by eating a special peyote. Warning: high effort!
Super Jump
Leap tall buildings in a single bound
 Significantly increases jump height and distance. Holding jump will further amplify the effect.


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