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GTA 6 Features – Everyone knows about the GTA 5 Features. The latest game of the GTA Series is officially launched with latest and amazing features. GTA 6 also has some amazing and stunning features. The list of GTA 6 Features are quite wide and impressive here we have shortened the list for you. Get ready to read about all the stunning GTA 6 features.

GTA 6 Features

GTA 6 Features List

  • Virtual Reality Compatibility.
  • Back to the Clock of 1970’s.
  • New City to Explore.
  • More fun and Adventure.
  • Power to customize the main Character.
  • GTA more missions.
  • More Realistic effects
  • House Changes
  • More n More Vehicles
  • More n More Fashion with stylish Cloths
  • GTA Locations

Virtual Reality Compatibility

Yes, you are reading the right thing. The most fabulous GTA 6 feature is the upgradation of the game with the Virtual Reality. That makes totally clear that now the players can be the part of the game. The technology is upgrading at a fast pace now. The whole concept of the Virtual Reality is seemed virtual and dramatic but it’s the fact the gaming with VR has tremendous experience of playing. Yes GTA 6 will be going to support GTA 6.

you may have an idea by the following video about the graphic of GTA 6.

Back to the Clock of 1970’s

Yes, this is main GTA 6 features. The whole game will be executed on the clock of 1970’s. Firstly at the Motoringcruch, they pay to heed to this idea later on many other sites share their view about this idea of traveling back into the clock of 1970. The fan of the game really likes the idea of 1970’s culture in the latest game of the 21st century. That is the time when society was not civilized and the mafia rules.

New city to Explore

Another GTA 6 Feature that fans are expecting in this version is that the players going to break the wall between cities. Now you can move from one city to another city with the help of Map.

GTA 6 More Fun and Adventure

Playing GTA 6 is much more fun and adventure. Because the game comprises of many new professions such as the player can be the president of the US or can be the leader of the political party. Above all the player can be the chief of the Aliens. So, GTA 6 means hell fun of playing.

Power to customize the main Character

Here is the GTA 6 most awaiting feature. The players can customize the main character of the game before playing GTA 6. The customization includes

  • Physical Appearance customization.
  • Cloths
  • Hairstyles.
  • LifeStyles
  • Others

GTA More Missions

Missions are much more about making Money. Yes now in GTA 6 you can double up your money by robbing banks, by doing jobs like joining the cops or army. This will give you the more realistic feeling of the game.

GTA more Realism Feel

All of the above mentioned GTA 6 features will give you more real feels.

GTA 6 House Changes

GTA 6 features give the players to accommodate themselves in the house. But now you can’t be stuck in one house. You are able to buy and sell the houses and can move from one place to another place.

More and More vehicles

GTA 5 has now contained a lot of new vehicles. These vehicles are really awesome and boosted with the new GTA 6 features. But in GTA 6 there are a lot of new featured cars and monster trucks like

  • Shelby GT500
  • Hot Rods
  • Ford Pickup Truck
  • Chevy Pickup Truck
  • Chevy SS Camaros

GTA 6 Locations

The rumors about the GTA 6 Features are on real fire. People are discussing on the forum about the prime location of the GTA 6. The cities of the GTA vice city either will be vice city, Houston, or Taxes. Let’s, stay tuned for the update on the GTA 6 Features.

GTA 6 Official Trailer

GTA 6 Official Trailer 2

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