Hard Truck 2 King of the Road Free Download for PC

Game Hard Truck 2 King of the Road

is a European version of Hard Truck 2. The game was published under the flag JoWooD Entertainments And later was published by them in several countries on 7th of June 2002. Hard Truck 2 is a racing video game developed under the flag of this ValuSoft and finally launched by Softlab.

This Hard truck 2 Is a truck simulation and a racing game. Within this Hard Truck 2 match, you can perform and verify your skills of driving in unique cities of Europe. The match featured a soundtrack by heavy metal band Aria. In addition, you may race with motorists of a vehicle. This Hard Truck 2 game‘s objective is to furnish the products.

Hard Truck 2 Kings of the Road PC Game

In different period events, you will be known for the circuit racing with a number of different trucks. by those racing, you can earn a lot of cash. With that hard earned money you’re able to start your own company in the match. Not just to open your business can you do many other things with money. You may fix your automobile or may purchase a new one. A small portion of the money is going to be invested in the professional services and refueling. So plan your own future of the game to accomplish the goal of own a firm. The authorities and police are always chasing you so constantly produce the strategic plan so as to fool them.

Have a seat in the steering wheel of a 32-ton truck and split with a shocking rate on streets. The divide of traffic rules, ram through roadblocks, cut your competitors, in summary, do everything that’s prohibited to receive your cargo to the clients before that of trucks that are competing. However, maybe not on the authorities is about heels and that I am going to want to handle every chance. The option of 20 completely adjustable vans.

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Hard Truck 2 Kings of the Road PC Game Download

Characteristics of Hard Truck 2 King of the Road:

These are the following main characteristics of the game Hard Truck 2 Free Download.

  • Natural images of 3D with lively illumination.
  • A full built-in system of economic.
  • 3 different multiplayer modes.
  • Night/day chain and Dynamic climate.
  • Several exceptional properties comprising exhaust, smog. Marks of this bike, flash lens and also hail.
  • Lots of travelable trucks through famous builders, by way of example, Mercedes Benz, Freightliner, Volvo. Renault, Kenworth, Mack, also Peter constructed.
  • The continuous network of the street using a version of planes such as hidden paths.
    You can test your abilities to force.
  • Contain circuit racing.

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Cheats for Hard Truck 2 King of the Road Free Download

While driving, press [Pause] and enter one of the following cheats:

  • ADVANCED MAP – showing hidden containers on the map
  • MILES OFF – no mines
  • OPENALLROADS – open all roads
  • FILLUP – for unlimited fuel
  • FREE REPAIR -totally Free Repair.
  • FREE RECOVERY – advance Police Protection ( press [Ctrl] + [5])
  • TURBINE – increase thrust rate

After entering the cheat TURBINE, you can use the keys [Ctrl] + [1] to [4] to specify the direction of the thrust.

Hard Truck 2 King of the Road System Requirement

  • Operating systems: Windows 2007 and later
  • Central Processing Unit: i3 2nd generation
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard disk: Free 1000 MB
  • Graphics space: 100 MB
  • better to use game mouse and keywoboard

Hard Truck 2 Kings

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Download Hard Truck 2 King of the Road Free for PC

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