How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

We all love our favorite game of Minecraft by Mojang and love building in it. Concrete crafting is one of the interesting building techniques in the game and it is more attractive and appealing. The concrete building seems easy but some key points must be kept in point or else your concrete may fall like sand and you will be left surprised why that happened.

Before you start playing Minecraft and start building whatever you like have a look at what is available for you and how can you creatively build better structures in your game.

What is concrete?

If you are a first-time user or a newbie you must be wondering what is concrete. Well, it is the same as the usual concrete we use in our regular construction to provide a solid base to our buildings and structures, similarly concrete in Minecraft has the same purpose.

Concrete is a solid block in Minecraft and is available in 16 dye colors. Either you can mine it or create it with concrete powder.

For mining Concrete, you will require a pickaxe so that nothing drops. When you get concrete powder you have to mix it with water to form concrete, be it solid block water or flowing one.

Tip:  Concrete can’t be formed with rainwater or water stored in cauldrons and bottles.

How can it be used

With 16 dye colors available in the concrete block it is a good option for decoration and appeal to the outer building. With it, you can create a more creative building. Also, the material is not flammable like wool so in Minecraft it’s all about bombs and blasts so there are fewer chances of it getting burnt with fire.

Although the strength of this concrete is not the same as the real one. In reality, the concrete is blast-proof but here in Minecraft, it has very low resistance i.e. slightly higher than the stone so it doesn’t provide much resistance to blasts and is mainly good for decoration purposes.

Also, the concrete block can be used to make a Bass drum sound by placing the concrete block under ‘note blocks’. Concrete have different ids and data values in different versions of the game so have a look at that before start using it and building.

Making of concrete in Minecraft

So let’s start building our concrete and make our creative minds replicate on the computer screen. So the steps are

1.   Dye

The first step in making your concrete in Minecraft is to choose the required dye color you want to build with. The colors available are 16 that are

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Lime
  • Green
  • Cyan
  • Yellow
  • Magenta
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Light blue
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • White
  • Light grey

Any one of the above colors can be obtained as a dye for your concrete block.

The dye can be obtained via smelting, trading, or crafting. The above 16 dyes are naturally available in materials in Minecraft such as bones, flowers, etc. while for other colors you can mix two to make a new one.

A single dye can craft 8 pieces of concrete powder so players can get many dye blocks from the flowers, or the skeleton of the killed. There will be a need for a lot of dye to create a good amount of the same color blocks.

2.   Crafting concrete powder

The second step in creating concrete in the game is to craft concrete powder, for this you will require sand, gravel, and dye. On the crafting table, you have to place 4 pieces of sand, for pieces of gravel and 1 piece of dye to craft 8 pieces of concrete powder. The die piece you use will be the color of your concrete powder which can’t be changed afterward.

For bigger projects, players may need a lot of concrete powder and for that sand, so the good news is there is a huge amount of sand available in the game on islands, shores, and deserts. Players can easily mine and collect sand and start creating their concrete.

Gravel is also available in bulk in form of Gravel mountains biomes and players can easily mine and fill up gravel to create concrete. Mine these pieces in bulk with your shovel and now you can use this gravel in making something rather than just keeping it in inventory.

Dye as mentioned can be added from any available natural resource to give your powder the color you want.

3.   Converting concrete powder to concrete blocks

The concrete powder is useless if not converted into solids it is like sand and will settle down in the water and won’t float. The method of converting this powder into solid concrete blocks is quite simple i.e. just add water in the powder and magic happens.

You can either place pickaxe in one hand holding the powder and water in another and by using both left and right mouse mine the concrete blocks quickly, or you can make a tower of concrete powder and pour water bucket on top and as the water comes in contact with powder concrete blocks will be mined.

One other technique is to simply build the structure with powder and then pour water on it and it will become solid.


The method of creating concrete is pretty simple and you can easily collect your required material to mine the concrete blocks and start building. With multiple color dyes and solid blocks, your creations will look beautiful and attractive making the game more fun than before.

Frequently asked questions
  • Do concrete blocks provide good strength?

Concrete blocks may be a bit higher in resistance to blasts than stone but are not much strong and they are used more for decoration rather than strength

  • Will rainwater harden the concrete powder?

No, rainwater or water stored in bottles or cauldrons won’t harden the concrete powder

  • What is used to mine concrete?

A pickaxe is used for concrete mixing and if you won’t use one you may lose your concrete

  • Where should sand pieces be placed on the crafting table?

Sand pieces can be placed anywhere on the crafting table but usually, they are placed on the top middle, bottom middle, right or left middle of the table.

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