HP Power Plus 15-CB079NR Pavilion Laptop Guide

HP Power Plus 15-CB079NR Pavilion Laptop Guide – Highly Recommended Gaming Laptop


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With a great screen resolution, good looks, and superior audio quality, it is worth considering getting the HP 15 pavilion models with a mid-range system. It is the most demanding low-range system that is powerful enough to tackle all heavy photo editing and gaming tasks.



The HP Pavilion series is one of the most demanding and globally renowned series in the gaming industry. Pavilion series is known for its robustness which is known for its efficient reliability and performance. After effectively dispatching a progression of universally handy and business PCs, the organization appears to have moved its spotlight to the consistently on-request gaming field and have dispatched the most recent mid-range gaming PC, the HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop.

The PC is intended with all basic and colossal assumptions, as it is promoted to be outstanding amongst other gaming workstations in the spending plan. The exceptional selling point about the PC is its enduring battery, which is an uncommon scene for a gaming PC.

The HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop is a gaming system in all the most recent and market-moving arrangements of a gamer’s life. The system is required to bring down any semblance of MSI, Dell, and ASUS in the section level to mid-range gaming PC’s fragment. After all the promotion and assumptions, the HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop is considering the most demanding and low-cost system, which has all the expert-level features. We have drill down further to know our considerations on the HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion gaming laptop.

HP Power Plus 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop:

Gaming has never been a modest interest, like Origami that just requires collapsing of papers. If you are an expert gamer and want to play modest PC games, staying aware of the furthest down the line innovative patterns will take you back a decent amount – than purchasing a stack of paper. Now explore the HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop, which is a popular system that is accessible for gamers with not-so-stacked pockets.

In case you’re searching for a mid-range Windows PC, would it be advisable for you to go for the HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop? In reality, there’s no clear motivation to pick this PC. However, there are heaps of little reasons and cost-effective features that motivate people to buy this pc for their ordinary use.

The HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop is an incredible PC for fan gamers who need smooth 1080p playability. It’s not modest, but rather is a great decision if, as the vast majority of us, the prospect of expenditure upwards of $3000 on an apparatus requires some uncommon elegance and week-long contemplation to get over the pressure of such a buy.

In a similar line, there are designs with Radeon AMD’s RX and overall system memory of around 12GB as the base model. Also, you will have the system, which is intended with RAM memory of 16GB along with another feature of GeForce NVidia’s GTX Ti at first in class.

Our survey result state that the HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop is a source system between the other two emphases and is equipped with GeForce NVidia’s 1050 GTX designs card, 8GB RAM, and a beautiful new Kaby 7700HQ Lake i7 CPU processor. A similar chip was utilized in the awesome Acer Predator Helios 300 we looked into in the distant past. However, it undermines the Predator in evaluating as it for the GTX NVidia 1050 of 2GB graphic card model.

Specifications of HP Power Plus 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop:


Gaming Model


HP Power Plus 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop:


Connectivity Ports The HP 15 Plus system is intended with multitasking connectivity ports with wireless Realtek and the 3.0 fast Bluetooth connectivity setup.
Wireless connection facility The HP model has fast wireless rebooting connection skills with additional C-type and A-type SUB ports, HDMI connection, and Bluetooth connectivity.
Memory space The system is intended with a solid static drive. It provides you fast booting times with an internal space of 128GB. The smart system is supportive with large storage and snappy, responsive capacity.
Storage Space The overall system storage is 1TB of demanding and reputable data kit of Ata serial.
Graphics card The model has a GeForce NVidia graphic card which offers a creative powerhouse of demanding visual apps. The tech is intended with Game Ready, and Pascal drives for additional space.
System Processor HP processor is supportive with 7th i7 generation with Quad-core multitasking option. It enables you to have strong performance that enables new multitasking ways to your system.
Display Screen The screen is splendid, with 15.6″ with a diagonal Anti-glare backlit setup.  The screen is made with high-quality crystal material to enjoy clear and vibrant images in a wide display view angle.
Charger and Battery power The system’s power life is around 5-6 hours, which depends on your task’s speed and nature.
Trackpad and Keyboard You will enjoy RGB sharp backlit keyboard which an additional supportive numeric pad.
Weight and Dimensions The overall system weight is around 2.2 kg which has a large storage capacity to drive more access to heavy nature games and apps.
Audio and Video Quality Speakers are sharp and offer high-quality sound. The video quality is based on the graphical representation in the diagonal range of the Anti-glare screen.


Highlighted Features of HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop:

  1. Overall Chassis:

The overall chassis is a significant improvement over the standard HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop as far as looks and unbending nature. Edges and corners are more honed, more grounded, and more characterized for an improved style. Endeavoring to turn the brushed aluminum base outcomes in exceptionally slight twisting and squeaking that shouldn’t be an issue practically speaking.

The top is definitely less optimized, which makes it look sleeker than the more seasoned plan. The snared back is a smart thought on paper as it lifts the base somewhat for improved wind stream and ergonomics. However, the display wavers all the more effective, and the most extreme point is restricted to around 150 degrees. The remarkable top plan likewise involves the whole back edge of the framework and, in this manner, removes expected space for ports and ventilation.

Protection from side-to-side contorting is a normal, best-case scenario and is effectively the most adaptable piece of the journal. Assemble quality is usually astounding, with no unintended holes or cleft on our test unit. The overall measurements and weight are not fundamentally unique in relation to other 15-inch mixed media scratchpads, including the Lenovo Y520 Legion, Acer VX15 Aspire, and the Odyssey Samsung system. Now you can explore more options with more up-to-date tight bezel plans like the 720 Yoga, and P15 XPS 9560 systems are, to be sure, a lot more modest than the HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion.

But as per our survey, we’re not very shocked to see that the HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion power plus system is almost an upgraded system from the Pavilion series in size and weight. Since both offer numerous comparable body characteristics regardless of the totally expanded case plans.

  1. System Maintenance:

Except if it’s an ElitePad, EliteBook, or ZBook, HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion purchaser workstations are harder to support contrasted with those from Dell, Lenovo, and others. The system’s pattern proceeds here on the Pavilion Power Plus system as the baseboard is locked up with an amazingly firm outlook.

It is made with sharp edges and corners, even subsequent for eliminating the basic Philips screws. Cukusa gives an adjusting manual for clients who need to dismantle the journal for redesigns and long-lasting structure.

  1. System Warranty:

The standard one-year restricted guarantee applies whenever bought straightforwardly from HP.com. Cukusa will cover extra parts installed by the affiliate, such as RAM and capacity drive, for as long as three years. If it’s not too much trouble, see our Guarantees, Return arrangements, and warrantee facts for country-explicit data.

  1. Input Devices:


  • Keyboard:

The Chiclet console dimensions are 34.2 x 10.0 cm, which is one of the basic improvements over the past Pavilion gaming series. Since the HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop frame is more unbending, the console’s middle surface is firmer to press with improved material input. The plastic keys actually feel gentler in input when contrasted with the XPS 15 or Lenovo ThinkPad X arrangement. However, the rattle is extremely low for a generally peaceful composing experience.

White backdrop illumination is accessible that must be flipped on or off as is normal across most HP journals. Scratchpad from contending producers may have two, three, or more console brilliance settings in the review. The full-size console has all-around laid plastic keys that give delicate material input.

Also, the keys don’t have a lot of messiness and carry white backdrop illumination that must be turned on or off. Also, their note pads offer better backdrop digital alternatives, including brilliant settings.

  • Touchpad Control:

The extra-wide chrome-managed trackpad of around 11.5 x 6.0 cm. It is a more modest surface zone system than the 15t Pavilion 15 and 15 XPS system contain. The Synaptics programming can perceive up to three-finger contributions with no issues, and the plastic surface flexes just somewhat while applying solid pressing factor with a finger.

While cursor control is responsive and float is smooth, key input is extremely supple and powerless. Using the touchpad control is not so effective. That is the reason we suggest you utilize an external mouse, which is more conceivable and effective.

For the touchpad, you have a chrome-managed region that is fitted to work with Synaptics programming that can perceive up to three fingers. Out of the container, the reaction is feeble, yet controlling the cursor is smooth enough for my loving. If your work incorporates loads of moves, an outside mouse is ideal to use.

  • Speakers:

The greatest volume is marginally stronger than on the HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop. However, quality isn’t really any better. The basic clamor estimations show a high edge rate of bass and high pitch frequencies contrasted with the more adjusted and smoother bend of the bigger Sky Eurocom Sky speakers.

It is good to know that bass is woefully inadequate with regard to high-volume settings. It won’t resonate with the suspension at all or present any static. The coordinated speakers aren’t really downright in the low-quality Ultrabook terms. However, they’re an absolutely below-average system when we talk about the high-quality media machine.

  • Force Consumption:

Standing by on the work area will draw somewhere in the range of 8 W for up to 19 W relying upon the force profile and show splendor set. Normal burden as addressed by 3DMark06 will interest around 77 W in being in the middle of the HP 17 Pavilion and Strix Asus system.

The greatest burden with FurMark and Prime95 will draw 106 W from a force connector. The overall dimensions are 14.0 x 6.5 x 2.5 cm, which is appraised for up to 150 W. It provides you a high force overhead which isn’t really a downright issue. It is a modest and compact 130 W or 140 W connector that would have worked comparably well.

  1. Display Screen:

The HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop edition incorporates three presentation alternatives. You will have IPS 1080p Matte, reflexive IPS 1080p touchscreen, and UHD 4k matte IPS technology in the display screen of this model. Our test unit is furnished with a similar Optronics AU AUO41ED 1080p matte IPS board. The new display screen tech is likewise utilized on the HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop edition.

At this time, the backdrop illumination is observably splendid, whether difference levels, reaction times. You will explore different shading spaces, which will remain almost high dependability between the two Pavilion models. The UHD 4K board will probably show distinctive difference levels and shading spaces than the 1080p alternative, similar to the HD resolution FHD and UHD boards of the x360 Specter 15 arrangement.

Clients who need G-Sync or high-quality 120 Hz can get range of screen setting choices. These specs will work together and should view at the new Omen arrangement as nor are accessible on the HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion Power Plus laptop.

When we talk about the display quality, the screen quality is fresh, and the shading temperature isn’t excessively cool, as may occur on less expensive boards. There is an inadequate dullness found on the screen, especially when opposed to polished options.

However, we don’t discover it to be excessively diverting during long-term use. Backdrop display screening and draining are exceptionally precious for those who want to enjoy high-range games. You will experience expert gaming around the left and right edges of this unit.

Shading impact can reach around 50 to 70% of the AdobeRGB and sRGB guidelines, similar to the old pavilion edition. Also, the restricted shading space is standard on numerous standard IPS boards, and clients searching for more extensive extents might need to consider the Yoga 720, XPS 15 arrangement, or even the new Specter 15 x360 all things will work equally. For gaming and regular data completion purposes, this system screen’s tones are adequate and give you remarkable gaming time.

  1. CPU Performance:

The Pavilion Power arrangement can be designed with either the Core7300HQ i5 or Core 7700HQ i7 CPU. The system is intended with the RX Radeon 550 or GTX GeForce GPU. The AMD illustration choice is restricted to 2 GB of VRAM GDDR5. At the same time, the NVidia setup can accompany either 2 GB or 8 GB of VRAM GDDR5.

In updated models, HP likewise offers this equivalent body as a “non-Power” variation with the more proficient ULV i5 Core 7200U CPU and coordinated HD 620 Graphics GPU. Such an arrangement is outfitted more towards word handling and video real-time instead of gaming and escalated performing various tasks. Optimus is remembered for the NVidia setups for changing to the coordinated HD 630 Graphics depending on the situation.

  1. System Processor:

The Core7700HQ i7 in our Pavilion Power performs where we anticipate that it should be as indicated by the professional benchmarks by CineBench. Clients will see minor lifts over the more established i7-6700HQ and i7-5700HQ in both single-and multi-strung responsibilities.

While the stockwork area i7 will be approximately 22 to 25 percent quicker than our i7 HP power plus model. The lower-end Pavilion Power SKU with the i5 will be more than 30% more slowly than the system core i7 in multi-strung responsibilities since it is a double center chip.

Running CineBench technology of Multi-Thread in a circle brings about no consistently diminishing scores after some time which is particularly significant on a gaming scratchpad. In correlation, the equivalent 7700HQ i7 CPU in our GS63VR MSI can drop in execution by as much as 10 to 15 percent at the time when you go for gaming testing conditions.

  1. Software Compatibility:

HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop system runs with the popular and useful Windows 10 to leave the case, which is practically a standard with regards to gaming-positioned workstations. It has a huge application market and a much bigger client base, settling on it an ideal decision for each gaming PC.

However, the HP Pavilion Power 15 carry a few virtual products pre-introduced, yet some of them are helpful. Also, they can be uninstalled from your system easily and effectively. Also, you can appreciate the unauthorized Windows experience with this PC.

Because of the heavenly arrangement of particulars, the PC offers, the exhibition on this gadget isn’t a tradeoff using any and all means. All things considered, the system provides incredible execution and can stay aware of all the performing multiple task requests of the clients. We tried the PC at its max speed by installing and using numerous hefty applications at it.

Fortunately, the PC took care of different applications uncommonly well. We were watching 4K substance on the PC, with numerous applications including benchmarks, chrome with very nearly 15 tabs open, and that’s just the beginning, to which the PC reacted truly well. We didn’t experience any issue in utilizing the PC as the essential work machine. The extensive console and the trackpad assisted us with remaining beneficial with the works. All the network alternatives furnished with the PC had exactly the intended effect without any issues. 2

We several benchmarking tests to decide the force and execution of the gadget. The PC gave sufficient benchmarking scores, effectively beating the arrangements of the greater part of the other gaming PCs under the low budget cost. We likewise took an execution test, including the information move rate tests, to which the PC gave astonishing outcomes. Because of its blend of SSD and HDD, the gadget had the option to accomplish awesome information move rates.

  • Quality Designing Options:

To the extent the gaming on this HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop system, the company added, GDDR5 of 4GB GeForce NVIDIA GTX TI designs coprocessor is a show-stealer here. Being a basically gaming-positioned PC, the HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop system can deal with practically every one of the cutting-edge games easily, even with the designs set to mid-undeniable level settings. To test its 3D delivering strength, we ran 3D Mark on the gadget, and the PC scored a fair 9000 clock speed rate.

In any case, don’t expect the rich, smooth gaming experience from requesting games at most noteworthy design settings. So on a definitive note, clients will be happy with the gaming execution of the gadget. So it is productive to have this pc if they hold their assumptions under tight restraints. We two or three current games remembering the GTA for most noteworthy realistic mode, and the PC progressed admirably.

  1. Extras:


  • Webcam

The HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop system carries on with an HD 720p web camera. The gadget’s camera can help in video reasons for living. However, they can’t get the job done by somebody who will utilize it for the purpose of altering and taking their images in high definite. Based on the gadget can catch pictures, the outcomes may be a touch frustrating. There is an obvious visual clamor in the pictures, and they seem to be somewhat dim. Also, the picture gets changed very well to the edge, and the camera’s capturing rates are adequate.

  • Connectivity Slots and ports:

The HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop support all the arrangement of ports and connectivity outlets; one would anticipate from a PC. The console carries on with a couple of USB 3.1 Ports of generation one, a sound jack, and a safety Kensington lock on the left-hand side and on the right-hand side.

You will also have an HDMI connectivity port along with a storage card reader. The port determination on the PC is excellent, and you could never run out of ports with this PC. However, we feel that the ports are adjusted marginally near one another, and that may be tricky while associating thumb drives to other nearby USB ports.

  1. Audio & Video Quality:

In any case, they are adequately unobtrusive to give a decent sound and listening experience. The gadget accompanies double Speakers, which are inside tuned by optimized play for better sound yield. Additionally, the PC accompanies the organization’s exclusive HP Audio Boost innovation for better sound at different presets.

All things considered, the PC’s full HD show can deal with practically all the substance you toss at it. We assure you will have great watching video content on the PC. But, as we referenced prior, the showcase is a bit grainy, and it isn’t the most splendid to utilize effectively in the sunlight conditions.


  • It has a long-lasting battery life
  • There is no throttling issue found in the CPU
  • There are a wide GTX and AMD 550 RX graphics options
  • You will have 4k UHD and high definition touchscreen
  • The system is supported with NVMe internal storage dual bays
  • Improved design and stronger overall chassis


  • System fans are a bit noisy
  • The upper lid is rigid
  • The surface temperature is uneven
  • No DisplayPort and Thunderbolt 3
  • The clickpad feel bit spongy
  • Internal speakers are unimpressive




  1. Is it good to have an HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop?

As per the research, it is cost-effective to buy the capable and demanding new HP edition of the pavilion. The system is indented with all better specs that are become a need of every gamer. As per its price, the system contains all exceptional and basic specs like the SSD NVMe storage facility, Processor of Ryzen, and the smart screen, which make it more popular in the market that handle all general and intensive workload.

  1. Is any other model available which is good as compared to this pavilion series?

With great looks, an incredible screen, and prevalent sound, this mid-range PC offers astounding worth. While it isn’t amazing enough for a weighty picture or photograph altering, as a regular PC for ordinary individuals, we strongly suggest it.

  1. Is HP Power Plus Pavilion 15 have a touch screen?

There are several touch screen models accessible in the market of HP. But as similar to the previously mentioned HP Pavilion 15t, the newest Power Plus model gives you cell phone style perusing availability. Contact screens do abbreviate your battery life apiece, so remember that as you shop.

  1. Is HP Pavilion 15 useful for gaming?

The exhibition is incredible on account of the Ryzen 7-3750H processor, and the GTX NVidia 1650 design card offers the most graphical outcomes easily. The battery life is incomparable to most gaming PCs. However, you will connect the PC to control while gaming.

  1. Is it terrible to keep the HP Power Plus model connected constantly?

Some PC producers say leaving a PC connected constantly is fine, while others advise against it with no evident explanation. Mac used to exhort charging and releasing the PC’s battery at any rate once each month. HP company suggests everyone keep the battery juices streaming for a limited time.

  1. Is the HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop tough?

HP workstations are not entirely tough when contrasted with the more grounded contenders outside, like ASUS and Dell. To get the most exceptional gaming system, we would prescribe you to get an HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop, all things being equal. For all of us, things are getting fascinating as PC battery innovation advances on an upward bend. It is the basic focal point of HP pavilion models. The HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop makes a solid appearance with almost 8 hours of battery existence with FHD and HD display screen.

Final Verdict:


Buying a high-quality specs gaming system that is available at a low-cost is the best decision you can ever make. HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop is worth considering for those who have a low budget plan and wanted to spend their quality time on their HP system while gaming or composing any business work.

The basic reason to buy this pc is the classy and ultralight plane. For some people, it may sound a little less, but if you need something that will glance noteworthy in terms of quality work, then this pc is suggested for you. Another is the superb HD show which, when cooperated with the prevalent Bang and low-quality sound, settles on this is an incredible decision as a diversion community.

In the new HP 15 Series, the HP 15-CB079NR Pavilion laptop is effectively the most recommendable decision when contrasted with the two different models. It undermines the lay on a value highlight premise and, the HQ-class combined with Pascal designs card to make it more attractive. On this framework, HP worked really hard in refreshing the case to the point that the framework is more agreeable than its value rivals, while the splendid showcase improves the general client experience.

In any case, you should know about average speakers and not all that great completion on the touchpad prior to purchasing. It’s rarely an ideal world, all things considered, and for these deficiencies, HP wraps it up with phenomenal execution, the great decision of capacity choices. Now you can enjoy its attractive, stylish, extraordinary battery life and sensible evaluation in one bundle. Also, if you need a PC that is ideal for work, school, and playing current titles, this HP Pavilion merits the cost.

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