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Lego City My City Free Download APK

LEGO City My City is one of the best adventure game in the collection of the Ocean of Games. LEGO City is set up for the LEGOs. The game is full of adventure and craft. Here we promised to provide our fans with the best adventure games and LEGO City MY City is one of them. LEGO City My City originally has been launched for the PC Games. They published the game on April 04, 2017. The game is full of action adventure. Download LEGO City My City Free PC Game.

Lego City My CIty Free Download

LEGO City My City Game is further divided into seven different mini-games and in each game, you might have different roles to perform. Here you can say that in two mini-games of the LEGO City you will be assigned the role of police officer and you will control the police force. In the first part, you have to catch the burglars on foot via running. This whole setup in a completely open world. And in the second part, you will be on the high-speed street chasing.

Download Lego City My City Free

Similarly, in the other mini-games of the LEGO City My City, you will be playing the role of rescue teams. Like sometime you might be fighting as firefighters and in others, you must be assigned some other easy and difficult task. Your ultimate goal is to save the properties and lives of the LEGO Citizens.

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Originally, in LEGO City MY City all of the mini-games has one common purpose and it is spread laughing. In every situation of the game, you will be in the serious and humour world. LEGO Character makes sure you to laugh. The game has outstanding graphics and visual effects. You will be amazed by the fine pixel of the game. To sum up, all the game has the excellent compilation of mini-games. You will shortly fall in love with the game. The game is design for the children.

Lego CIty My City 2 APK

Features of LEGO City MY City PC Game

The game LEGO City MY City has amazing and stunning features. Which you will experience once you download the game and start playing it.

  • Earn the Studs – You have to collect more studs to play the game more and more. The ultimate goal is to build your city.
  • Upgradeable Vehicles – The more you play, the more upgrades you can unlock!.
  • Customizable Vehicles – You can customize your unlocked vehicles and can make your own vehicles.
  • Unlock Missions – Get ready to unlock the mission to play more and more.
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Minimum System Requirements

After going through such a stunning features you must wish to play the game. In order to run the game smoothly on your PC, you must have to fulfil these requirements.

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or higher any
Central Processing Unit Core i3 @ 2.2 GHz
Minimum Hard Disk Space Required ——-

Download Lego City My City Free for PC

Here we have the complete setup of the game. You can simply download the LEGO City MY City Free PC Game from the download button shown below.

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