Minecraft Free Download Story Mode Season 2 Episode 1

Minecraft Free Download – Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Episode 1 is one of the most adventure episodes of Minecraft Games. Here at New Ocean of Games can find a direct link to download the PC setup of Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Episode One.

Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Episode 1 2017 Overview

Season 2 of Minecraft story mode is the sequel of season 1. And Jesse along with his gang have totally crushed the storm, saved the world of Minecraft and become the famous heroes. Now in such a busy life full of responsibilities and no or less time for the adventure the friendship has been started to fade until Jesse’s hands get fastened in the weird gauntlet that belongs to the old temple which lies under water. Along with old buddy and new comrades, Jesse started a brand new journey totally messed with tough choices and good times.

Minecraft Story Mode

Story Mode Season 2 Episodes Minecraft Free Download

There are following 5 Episodes of Minecraft Story Mode Season 2.

  1. Episode 1 Hero In Residence (Released on 11 July 2017)
  2. Episode 2 Giant Consequences ( Released on 15th August 2017)
  3. Episode 3 Jailhouse Block (In Future)
  4. Episode 4 Below a Bedrock (In Future.)
  5. Episode 5 Above and Beyond (In Future)


Minecraft Free Download for PC at the Ocean of Games

Features of Story Mode Season 2 Episode 1

The main features of Story Mode Season 2 Episode 1 are following that you will experience these features once you installed it on your windows.

  • Have amazing graphics and visuals.
  • Concluding chapter of this awesome season or series.
  • Episodic Point and awesome click adventure.
  • Extraordinary background score.

System Requirements

Before going to start to make sure that your pc fulfill the following requirements of Minecraft story Mode season 2 Episode 1.

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 8.1 ,10, Vista and others
CPU Core 2 Duo 2,4 GHZ
Hard Disk Space 4GB

Download Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Episode 1

Click here you will be redirected to next where you will have to click 3 times on download button to start to download the Minecraft story mode season 2 episode 1. Here you can find the full version of Minecraft Free Download with all its mode. Enjoy Minecraft Games and have fun.

if you have any query about any game setup and face any problem in downloading then feel free to contact us or let us in the comment section.

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