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Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA-IV) Download game for free

GTA 4 Download for PC at Ocean of games is just like its sequel GTA Vice city, an open world battle adventure video game produced by the RockStar and released under the propriety of RockStar Games. GTA 4 Free Download for PC was published in 2008 for multiple platforms like PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but later on December 2, 2008, it was at the top of Microsoft Platform. Grand Theft Auto IV is an action-adventure game.In the life of Grand Theft Auto GTA 4 download is at the eleventh number in sequence since 2004. In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas they put the virtual liberty city similar to the New York.

Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition Overview

It is a single player game with multiple Missions to clear at the different level of Grand Theft Auto. GTA is an open world game which allows the player to move freely around the Liberty City which consists of three big islands in the city. The Next release of this is Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V.

Features of Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA)-Complete Edition

In GTA 4 Download they player of gameplay as Niko Bellic in a single player mode which roams freely all around the world either on foot or via vehicle. It’s a kind of freestyle game. The most important feature implemented in GTA 4 Download for PC is it allows the online multiplayer up to 32 players to connect them in either co-operative gameplay or gung-ho gameplay with all of the single-player setting. The game in comprises of 2 expansion packs which were released for the game. These 2 expansion packs are

  • Damned
  • Ballad of Gay Tony

Which later become the Grand theft auto IV storyline. For further more information regarding this you can also visit

Characters of GTA 4 PC Game

The game GTA 4 San Andreas has a lot of Characters. The list of GTA 4 San Andreas Characters is quite long. And it is good to know about the characters and their role in the game. That’s why for GTA 4 San Andreas PC Game we have divided the characters category wise. And in each category, there are many characters which you must know about them. You must be familiar with their skills, abilities, strength, and weakness. Once you know them properly it will be easy for you to manage them. GTA 4 series was updated and new version is also available to Download which GTA v

Categories of GTA 4 San Andreas Characters

There are total 14 main categories of the GTA 4 San Andreas characters. And each category consists of many characters.

  1. GTA 4 San Andreas – Protagonists
  2. GTA 4 San Andreas – Associates of Niko Bellic
  3. GTA 4 San Andreas – The Lost MC
  4. GTA 4 San Andreas – Maisonette 9
  5. GTA 4 San Andreas – Hillside Posse
  6. GTA 4 San Andreas – Russian Mafia
  7. GTA San Andreas – Spanish Lords
  8. GTA 4 San Andreas – McReary Crime Family
  9. GTA 4 San Andreas – North Holland Hustlers
  10. GTA 4 San Andreas – United Liberty Paper
  11. GTA 4 San Andreas – Pegorino Family
  12. GTA 4 San Andreas – Ancelotti Crime Family
  13. GTA 4 San Andreas – Gambetti Crime Family
  14. GTA 4 San Andreas – Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers
  15. GTA 4 San Andreas – Other Characters

GTA 4 Characters in each Category

Each category of GTA 4 San Andreas has one to many characters. Keep on reading through this article to find out the characters of Grand Theft Auto 4 San Andreas.

other interesting games to play IGI 4 mark for Pc as well.

Category        Characters
Protagonists·        Niko Bellic

·        Johnny Kebtiz

·        Luis Fernando Lopez

Associates of Niko Bellic        Friend & Family

·        Roman Bellic

·        Mallorie Bardas

·        Bruice Kibbutz

·        Mohammed

·        Florian Cravic

·        Darko Brevic

The Lost MC·        General

·        Billy Grey

·        Jum Fitgerald

·        Terry Thorpe

·        Clay Simons

·        Brian Jeremy

·        Jason Micheals

·        Angus Martin

·        Dave Grossman

·        Ashley Butler

Maisonette 9·        Gay Tony

·        Yusuf Amir

·        Mori Kibbutz

Hillside Posse·        Little Jacob

·        Real Badman

Russian Mafia·        Faustin Bratva

·        Vlad Glebov

·        Mikhail Faustin

·        Dimitri Rascalov

·        Bulgarin Bratva

·        Ray Bulgarin

·        Timur

Spanish Lords       Elizabeta Torres

        Manny Escuela

McReary Crime Family        Bosses
Derrick Mcreary·Gerald McrearyPatrick Macreary     Enforcers·Gordon sargent·        Michael Keane       Assosiates·

Francis Mcreary·

Kate Mcreary

North Holland Hustlers·        Playboy X

·        Dwayne forge

United Liberty Paper·        The contact

·        Michelle

Pegorino Family·        Jimmy Pegrino

·        Phil Bell

·        Ray Boccino

·        Anthony Corrado

Ancelotti Crime Family·        Giovanni Ancelotti

·        Gracie Ancelotti

·        Rocco Pelosi

·        Vince Pelosi

Gambetti Crime Family·        John Gravelli
Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers·        Teddy Benavides

·        Armando Torres

·        Henrique Bardas


·        Stubbs

·        The cock

·        Curtis Stocker


·        Kiki Jenkins

·        Alex Chilton

·        Carmen Ortiz

Random Characters

·        Eddie Low

·        Jeff Harlingford

·        Marnie Allen

·        Brian Meech

·        Pathos

·        Margot

The above mentioned are the main characters of the GTA 4 PC Game. These characters of the GTA 4 San Andreas are really amazing and appealing. Each and every character has its own importance in the game.

Download Fallout 4 for Windows Ocean of Games

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the mutual between many RockStar studios internationally. This game is more mature with detailed style and quality among the other games of the series. Grand Theft Auto 4 PC game had strong cinematic authority. As this game is an open world game the developers of GTA 4 arrange a field research in the area of New York all the time of development and get the footage of city for the drawing team.

System Requirements for Complete Edition of GTA 4

CPUIntel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon.
CPU Speed1.8 GHz with Intel 2.5 GHz with AMD
Operating SystemWindows XP, Vista, 7,8, 8.1.
Video Card Requirement256 NVIDIA 7900
Sound Card RequirementYes
Free Disk Space Requirement16 GB

GTA 4 Download for PC Screen Shots

GTA 4 Free Download for PC

GTA 4 Download GTA 4 Download for PC

How to install GTA 4 Download for PC

  1. Download the archive file by clicking the download button given below.
  2. Extract the downloaded file in any desired location.
  3. You need Winrar to install the extract the file.
  4. Once the file is extracted click on the file “vcredist_x86-MUST_BE_INSTALLED.exe” and installed all the necessary software for the GTA 4 Download for PC.
  5. Once all the prerequisite installed click on “GTA IV + Multiplayer nosTEAM.part1.exe” and get your favorite game installed.
  6. Start the game through the game icon.
  7. Play and Enjoy GTA 4 Download for PC.

if the above download button does not work then check below this link with video guide as well.

Fresh and dynamic picture of GTA 4

In the PC version, the streets are busier – the developers perfect the illusion that you are traveling in a real city. The maximum resolution of up to 2560×1600 pixels also contributes to the realistic look. Such high-resolution images can only be displayed on top systems. If your PC meets these requirements, you can expect even more impressive graphics than on PS3 and Xbox 360.


The Multiplayer mode offers numerous game modes, from road races to the gang warfare around areas. The game is available for Xbox360, PS3 and PC. Only the PC version must be compromised, the joypad controls were not implemented optimally for mouse and keyboard.

The fourth part of the GTA series, in addition to a better 3D graphics, offers a detailed city with depth and full of life. The story mode leads the gangster Niko through numerous missions. The online mode offers variety through the many game modes, even after the story mode has been completed. In addition, there are numerous mods and GTA 4 cheats that expand life in Liberty City again.

Cheat for GTA V 4 PC:

With GTA cheats, you take the fun in GTA V 4 to a whole new level. With new weapons and cars, you can create chaos in the city and engage with the police after you have maximized the wanted status.

To activate a cheat, you have to get the phone out, press it twice upwards and then enter the corresponding numbers. From the following table you can see all the cheats that exist for GTA 4.

EffectsCheat (number)


Full health, safety vest and weapons482-555-0100


Weapon Set 1




Weapon Set 2486-555-0100


Full Health362-555-0100


Reduce search status267-555-0100


Increase Search Status267-555-0150


Change weather468-555-0100


Mafia vehicle may appear227-555-0142


Motocross bike (Sanchez) let appear625-555-0150
FBI vehicle appear227-555-0100
Police helicopter (Annihilator) appear359-555-0100
Speedboat (Jetmax) appear938-555-0100

Recommended System Requirements for GTA 4

Operating SystemWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or higher any
Central processing UnitQuad Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, AMD Athlon ATI X2 64 2.4 GHz
RAM Required3 GB
Graphics Card Requirement512 MB / Nvidia 8600, ATI 3870
Hard Disk Space Required18 GB

and another video guidance for gta 4 download and installation.

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Download WWE Games WWE 2k17 PC Free Ocean of Games

WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17 PC Free download Game setup at Ocean of Games. WWE Games is providing fighting and wrestling games. YUKES is the one who developed the WWE 2K17 PC and it’s been published and licensed under 2K Sports. It was released on 2016, 11th October. Before WWE 2k17 there was 16 WWE 2k Games in series so it’s a sequel of WWE 2k16 with more realistic effects and wrestling of real fighters.In WWE 2k17 version of WWE 2k Games, the developers added more new wrestlers which is really updated with the real world stats of the wrestlers, real stars. The game also includes the legendary stars those have once triumphed like Booker T. Fernando, Chris Jericho, Block Lesnar, Under Taker, John Cena the Legend and many other WWE superstars.

Download Tekken 4 for PC Free Ocean of Games

Download GTA 5 Ocean of Games

2k Games Production make their best effort in order to make the WWE 2k17 PC download more realistic than the entire series of WWE Games. They made it perfect realistic wrestling system which allows you the first blow, throw the enemy on the mat, table, and ladder and many other objects. The beautiful feature of WWE 2k17 PC is replaying the final move of a wrestler or replaying the drastic move of WWE wrestlers while wrestling just like in real wrestling. It is also comprised of hundreds of new animation and movements in order to make the game more advanced and best in the WWE Games Series.

MODEs of WWE 2k17 PC

Most of the games belong to the WWE Game Series work in both modes i-e single player as well as multiplayer mode. Yes you are reading right I am talking about multiplayer available for 2 to 4 players on one single PC. One of the interesting thing you must know about WWE 2K17 is MyCareer mode in which you can conduct you own wrestler in order to get fame and become rich. So this is the extended game mode of WWE 2k17 PC.

Features of WWE 2k17 Game Free Download

  • It is the 18th game of WWE 2K series.
  • The developers worked on the complaint of controls that was raised during WWE 2K16 and makes the control simplified in order to master the major moves.
  • Added the fight in a crowd as well as at backstage to add some more thrill and blood.
  • Commentary feature added more quality.
  • Graphics and Effects are quite impressive as compared to the previous versions of WWE 2K Games.
  • MyCareer mode is one of the features that need more emphasizes as you can conduct your own superstar in WWE Wrestling ring to make your own fame.

System Requirements for WWE 2K17 PC

Central Processing UnitINTEL CPU: Core i3-2105 3.1GHz

AMD CPU: Phenom II X2 550

Operating SystemWindow 7, 8, 8.1 for both 32bit and 64 bit
RAMMinimum 4GB
Graphic CardGeForce GTX 460 or Radeon HD 5870 1024MB
Sound CardYes and with good quality
Minimum Disk Space18 GB Minimum

Recommended System Requirements for WWE 2K17 PC

Central Processing UnitIntel CPU: Core i5-3550 3.3GHz

AMD CPU: FX-8150

Operating SystemWindow 7, 8, 8.1 for both 32bit and 64 bit
Graphic CardGeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 6970
Sound CardYes and with good quality
Minimum Disk Space18 GB

WWE 2k17 Download Screen Shot




WWE Games WWE 2k17 PC Walkthrough

Check out all WWE game series available here exclusively on Ocean of Games

How to Download and install WWE 2K17 on PC

  • Download the WWE 2k17 installer by click on the button showed below.
  • Unzip or unpack the game on your desktop and run the WWE 2k17 PC installer.exe file.
  • On next window click the button download.
  • Once you start to download to make sure that the internet should not be disconnected.
  • After downloading the installation process being and install the WWE 2K17 PC.
  • Have fun and play Game.
Download link has been updated on 1st-may 2019.enjoy single download link with urlta hugh speed.

Download Tekken 4 for PC Free Ocean of Games

Tekken 4

Download Tekken 4 for PC Free Ocean of Games

Download Tekken 4 for PC – Tekken 4 is one of the best video game belongs to the fighting and arcade genre of New Ocean of Games. It is developed and published by the Namco as the famous 5th sequel of Tekken Series. In 2001 Tekken was released as Arcade game and in 2002 it was released on the PlayStation 2. Generally, it took the positive reviews from the fan of Fighting and arcade games.

In order to make its distinct, the developers has a lot of gameplay revisions such as the capability of the players to move about freely before the fight round begin and the introduction of walled stages. Almost there are total of 23 characters and it includes 6 new characters. The story of Download Tekken 4 depicts that Kazuya Survived from 24 years and now enters the king of Iron 1st Tournament 4 in order to take back the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Tekken 4 for PC game includes a mini-game in it so called the Tekken force. In this game, you have to four stages to play which final stage include the fight with the master Heihachi himself. We can say without any pause that Tekken 4 is a very beautiful fighting and arcade game. The person who life the martial arts and freestyle fighting will definitely fall in love with Tekken 4 for PC.

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Download Fallout 4 for Windows Ocean of Games

Download Tekken 4 for PC full Game introduced the unique and significant gameplay which is totally changed from the last games in the Tekken Series. For the very first time, the players can maneuver around the battlefield and can interact with the objects like walls and other hurdles for more damage and power loss of their opponents. These environmental factors allowed the players to trick their opponents more in order to prevent themselves from combos and allows the player to escape from the corners and let them to turn the situation in their favor. In the Tekken tag tournament makes the player move extra slowly and fluidly. The Game comprises brand new graphics and effects with improved features like dynamic physics, smoother surface, and lights.

Download Tekken 4 for PC System Requirements

Central Processing UnitDual Core 3.8 GHz minimum
Graphics Processing Unit8000GT minimum
RAM2GB Minimum
Sound Cardyes

Tekken 4 Free Download For PC Screenshots

Tekken 4 Free Download for PC Download Tekken 4 for PC Tekken 4 Download for PC Full Version

Tekken 4 Game Features

The below mentioned are the main key features of Tekken 4 that make you to experience the game after the installation of Tekken 4 PC Download.

  • One of the best fighting game.
  • Walled fighting stages have been introduced very first time in the Tekken Series.
  • Graphics and effects improved much as compared to their previous series.
  • Improvement in lighting and dynamic physics of the game.
  • 6 New character introduced that’s make 23 in total till 5th installment of series.
  • Switch maneuver has been introduced.
  • Mokujin character is replaced by the Combat character.

Click the download button to download the Tekken 4 Download for PC.

Download Tekken 4 Game for Pc

click twice on the download button on the next page, after second time click it will take you the next page and ultimately downloading will start.

Download Fallout 4 for Windows Ocean of Games

Fallout 4 for windows

Download Fallout 4 for Windows Ocean of Games

Fallout 4 pc game is the 4th version of RPG cult series, originated by Interplay and Black Isle Studio in 1997. After the closure of the Black Isle studio and a great party issued on PlayStation 2

Fallout4: Steel Brotherhood, the trademark rights have taken over the business in Bethesda, and it’s his busy internal studio for the third and fourth part of the series, released on PC Game and the eighth generation of consoles.

Download Fallout 4 PC  is compatible with windows and other famous platforms at Ocean of Games. The Fallout 4 developed by Bethesda Game Studios. The game is released on 10th November of 2015 and Bethesda published this game. It is the sequel to Fallout series and one of the fifth game in Fallout series.

Now you can play Fallout 4 in the post-apocalyptic environment which is a retro-future. The place of game playing is vast and big. The major places covered by the game are Massachusetts, Boston and many other parts of New England. The game started on the same day when the bomb hit 23rd October.

Fallout 4

The Fallout 4 Gameplay is very precise and the features are improved in every aspect. That includes very attractive gameplays, armor system, and base building and most important for fun is the dialogue system among the characters. Enemies characters have been retained from the previous series of Fallout 4 and these enemies include the following characters

  • Mole Rats
  • Raiders
  • Super Mutants
  • Feral Ghouls with other companions Dogmeat

Minecraft Free Download Pocket Edition APK PE for Android

Download GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto V for Windows Ocean of Games

Dogmeat is immortal and as compared to other enemies it’s very hard to beat. All in all you have to survive the consequences as it’s a nice game to follow.

Fallout 4 PC

Fallout 4 PC Free Download Game Features

  • No Match of Fallout 4 Gameplay.
  • Efficient and outstanding performance on Legacy and Low-End Systems
  • User-Friendly console commands and Interface are also well managed.
  • A lot of things for players undiscovered so go through multiple missions and discover as much as you can.
  • Many missions are to discover and complete.
  • Classy Graphics add more values to the overall game.
  • The full suspense in the storyline.

Fallout 4 for PC

Fallout 4 Requirements

Before you begin to download the game have a look at the system requirements.

CPUIntel Core i5 3.3Ghz or later
RAM6000 Mb or simply 6 Gb
Hard Disk40 GB
Operating SystemWindows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and others

Fallout 4 PC Free Download

Click on the button below in order to start download Fallout 4 PC Free. It is complete and full game. Just Download the game and start playing it.

Fallout 4 PC story:

The Fallout 4 story begins in the suburbs of American Boston for an insufficient moments earlier the tragic consequences of the nuclear explosion. In a brief introduction, we get to know the hero of the family and we create our male character or female character, make changes to the external appearance and the allocation of ability points. A later moment, followed by the explosion, after which our protagonist hangs up with the family and goes to the shelter 111 number. The actual action begins two hundred years later when it is controlled by us figure out of the shelter on the apparent and begins the fight for survival in a hostile.

Steps for install Fallout 4 PC download

  1. Firstly download the installer from any website.
  2. Run “.exe” and begin the game install.
  3. While installing, follow the recommended instructions
  4. Now the game will starts download automatically and install.
  5. You should wait until the complete the installation
  6. Open the downloaded product key and then activate the game.
  7. Now you can play fall out 4 games.

When the release of Fallout 4, Bethesda released the complete list of gear you’ll need to run the game on PC. In the end, it is rather reasonable for the minimum requirements but strong enough for the config ‘recommended, when we see the final rendering of the game.

Download Fallout 4 free

Download GTA 5 Ocean of Games

Download GTA 5 – For the lovers of GTA, the wait has been ended. There comes the Download GTA 5 for PC. It is one of the most amazing sequels of GTA Games by the Rock Stars. Very popular series in terms of Gangster Games which now you have an access to download it on your pc from the @Ocean of Games. Download Grand Theft Auto V is one of the amazing and fantastic open-world action game of all the time of this modern era. It’s better to play a good game than watching a Hollywood movie.

You will be surprised by the graphics and other visual effects of the games that’s why I used to say that it is better to play a good game than watching a Hollywood movie. GTA V depicts the daily seamy mysterious of United States of America.

GTA 5 Installation Guide

The new GTA sequel GTA 5 produced by RockStar is really highly effective. The game world in which the players are playing is really very big and full of new strategic challenges and undercover accessories in every mission. Above all of these GTA 5 is now can play on multiple platforms like Android, IOS, and MAC. All of this clearly depicts the efforts and dedication by the team of RockStar. The hidden weapons, accessories, GTA 5 cheats and many other hidden objects of the game need to be discovered by the players of GTA 5 from around the globe. The playing is in the virtual city so called LOS SANTOS which is equal to the city of LOS Angles. So what are you waiting for download GTA 5 PC now and start making your own gang.

Download gta 5

Heroes of Download GTA 5

If we talk about the heroes of GTA 5 then I must say that there are mainly 3 heroes around all missions. The good and best feature is this you can switch the heroes. The name of heroes are following.

  1. Michael
  2. Trevor
  3. Frankie

Each of these players has their own specialties and skill sets. The skill set of GTA 5 Heroes can be improved later on in different missions. Among heroes the Trevor is most hot tempered. The game space where the players need to fight for the survivals is one of the biggest space as compared to any other Gangster Game. Apart from the mission you can have following sports

  • Yoga
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Scuba Diving
  • Golf
  • Others

You can also find some amazing and attractive sports cars, bikes and boats. The main story go round and round among 3 main characters. There are some awesome dialogues scripted between characters which add more interest and fun. So download GTA 5 right now and find out how amazing it is. Different missions of the game let you have fun for hours and emotions too. In simple words and summing up all GTA V is one of the craziest gangster game for lovers of actions and thrills game. It is the best game of this era.

  • The Characters are so real that seems alive.
  • The ability to replay the gameplay.
  • Missions are strategic, rich and so varied.
  • Up to 35 hours of gameplay in story mode.
  • The World of GTA 5 seems so real.


  • Main Characters of GTA 5 sometime gives hard time to connect them emotionally.
  • Due to the massive world of GTA 5 the frame rate get downs.

The best mods for GTA 5 PC

GTA 5 already offers a huge game world. When developer Rockstar officially allowed single-player mods in mid-2015, a flood of often very cool mods broke through Los Santos. Literally. Because one of the early modifications for GTA 5 is the tsunami mod. With it you can flood the whole city or dry it out.

  1. GTA 5 Redux: 4K textures

A compulsory mod is likely to be GTA 5 Redux. The mod has been in development for years and only appeared in September 2016. It adds high-resolution 4K textures to the game, reworks the weather system, adds new graphics effects, changes the behavior of police and pedestrians, and adds new animations and more. If the graphic was already very pretty in the Vanilla GTA 5, it is breathtakingly beautiful thanks to Redux.

  1. GTA V – The Flash script mod

Once as superhero The Flash run through Las Santos. With its superhuman speed, the police cannot keep up and the Ferrari next to you at the traffic lights makes you smile even tired. His impressive powers make for neat damage in battle. The flash mod also allows you to summon a suitable ally or opponent.

  1. Back To the Future Time Circuits Mod

Actually, two mods: the Delorean from “Back to the Future” and another mod for the time travel function, just like in the cinema role model. The attention to detail is enormous: Only when reaching the 88-mile mark works the time travel function, just like in the movie. Also on board: sparks and burning tire marks. If you like, you can fly the Delorean over the city. For this purpose, the wheels are folded.

  1. GTA V – Just Cause 2 Grappling hook mod

In Just Cause 2 the hero leads a grapple hook, with which, for example, two enemy helicopters can be knotted. Loose by a throw from the hip, so to speak. In the air, the helicopters collide in a spectacular explosion. Or you bind an opponent to a passing car. Or you fly as a stowaway on an Airbus. The possibilities of hook mod are endless.

  1. 4K Satellite View Map

As with Google Maps, this map mod looks much more responsive than the default map from the game. It is zoom able and clear despite the abundance of details.

  1. Fishing Mod

The jetties, piers and boats are perfect for fishing – thanks to Fishing Mod, this is no longer a problem. At selected locations and from any boat, you can cast your fishing rod and remove 21 different fish from the water. Or 54 different items – such as a dildo. You can then sell your catch in the fish restaurant.

Check out Trending Games of GTA series GTA San Andreas 

  1. LSPD First Response

Why not even change sides? Instead of robbing respectable citizens with the shotgun, as a policeman arrest unscrupulous bank robbers. The LSPD mod sends you along with colleagues as law enforcement on the street, but also adds a walk-in police station and a beautiful fleet for your patrol.

  1. Spawn Random Bodyguard

Sometimes a little help cannot hurt. Why not let up to seven armed bodyguards appear next to you at the touch of a button? The bodyguards of the Bodyguard-Mod fit the appearance of the district in which you just hang around. For example, there are soldier bodyguards in the fort.

  1. Simple Trainer for GTA V

One of the most loaded mods: Simple Trainer for GTA V is a huge playground. With it you let vehicles appear from nowhere, change the weather, teleport arms and hear radio on foot.

Download GTA 5 PC FREE

Gta 5 for Xbox

So what are you all waiting for download GTA 5 now and enjoy the never ending fun with never ending world and gameplays of GTA 5.

Download GTA 5 For PC

Minecraft Free Download Pocket Edition APK PE for Android

Minecraft Pocket Edition is one of the most wanted version of Minecraft Free Download Games. In this era of latest adventure ocean of games Minecraft is one of the most playable game. And Minecraft PE APK is one of the most thrilling version of Minecraft Games. This game is available in Android, MAC and IOS platform. In this game players have to place block cubes to make the mega structures and for ongoing adventure.

Players need to arrange all the cubes and rocks in a certain pattern to build up the structures. The materials included stones, dirt, lava, water, tree, stones and many other useful things. You need to place them in one of the appropriate place where the things perfectly adjusted.

In Minecraft Pocket Editions players are alloweMinecraft Pocket Editiond to visit the randomly generated Minecraft worlds and have liberty to show their skill of structuring beyond the limits of imagination. People can build the great and wonderful things for example from the simplest homes to the huge big castles. There are many modes of Minecraft Pocket edition as well if you play in creative mode with unlimited resources and mine deep into the world, crafting weapons and armor.

Minecraft Free Download Story Mode Season 2 Episode 1

Minecraft Free Download for PC at the Ocean of Games

In Minecraft PE Free Edition there are no particular goals and aims to achieve that’s why the players have the full freedom to play according to their wish. That’s why it is also called open world and independent game.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Gameplay

The core reason of Why Minecraft is more different from other online game is the graphics of mine craft games.

It comprises of all type of various surfaces like deserts, snowfields, jungles. Above all the people can walk in mountains, forest, plain, water surfaces and caves also.

The more important and best thing about the graphics of Minecraft games is that it contains the real cycle of day and night. The cycle of day and night is of 20 minutes. Means that after every 20 minutes of a game the day will be changed into night and night will change into day. This is really a feature which makes allow Minecraft Game stand alone among all other games.

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition Full Version 

Following are the standing features and updates in Latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

  • Mashup Pack: Latest version includes all fallout mashup packs.
  • Skin Pack: Latest version is fully loaded with the latest and attractive skins of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the downloading button and start download Minecraft Pocket Edition Full Version Free.

Download Minecraft pocket edition

Minecraft Free Download Story Mode Season 2 Episode 1

Minecraft Free Download – Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Episode 1 is one of the most adventure episodes of Minecraft Games. Here at New Ocean of Games can find a direct link to download the PC setup of Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Episode One.

Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Episode 1 2017 Overview

Season 2 of Minecraft story mode is the sequel of season 1. And Jesse along with his gang have totally crushed the storm, saved the world of Minecraft and become the famous heroes. Now in such a busy life full of responsibilities and no or less time for the adventure the friendship has been started to fade until Jesse’s hands get fastened in the weird gauntlet that belongs to the old temple which lies under water. Along with old buddy and new comrades, Jesse started a brand new journey totally messed with tough choices and good times.

Minecraft Story Mode

Story Mode Season 2 Episodes Minecraft Free Download

There are following 5 Episodes of Minecraft Story Mode Season 2.

  1. Episode 1 Hero In Residence (Released on 11 July 2017)
  2. Episode 2 Giant Consequences ( Released on 15th August 2017)
  3. Episode 3 Jailhouse Block (In Future)
  4. Episode 4 Below a Bedrock (In Future.)
  5. Episode 5 Above and Beyond (In Future)


Minecraft Free Download for PC at the Ocean of Games

Features of Story Mode Season 2 Episode 1

The main features of Story Mode Season 2 Episode 1 are following that you will experience these features once you installed it on your windows.

  • Have amazing graphics and visuals.
  • Concluding chapter of this awesome season or series.
  • Episodic Point and awesome click adventure.
  • Extraordinary background score.

System Requirements

Before going to start to make sure that your pc fulfill the following requirements of Minecraft story Mode season 2 Episode 1.

Operating SystemWindows 7, 8, 8.1 ,10, Vista and others
CPUCore 2 Duo 2,4 GHZ
Hard Disk Space4GB

Download Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Episode 1

Click here you will be redirected to next where you will have to click 3 times on download button to start to download the Minecraft story mode season 2 episode 1. Here you can find the full version of Minecraft Free Download with all its mode. Enjoy Minecraft Games and have fun.

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Minecraft Free Download for PC at the Ocean of Games

Minecraft Game For PC

Minecraft Free Download is one of the best game at Ocean of Games. It is one of the best 3D game developed by Mojang, 4J Studios and designed by the Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten. Minecraft is about the build structures and protects them from the monsters! Let me describe more the Minecraft Free Download and Minecraft apk version as well, a game is about placing and breaking blocks to make mega structures. At the beginning of the game, the players used to build structures to protect from nocturnal monsters. But when they move to the advanced level of game players work in the collaborative mode to build wonderful and imaginative things. It is also very delightful about adventuring with fellows and watching the sun rising over the ocean of blocks. Really it’s pretty.

Minecraft Free Download

Minecraft Free Download Gameplay

Being the player of Minecraft game you are at liberty to move and walk freely throughout all the objects. Therefore, you can collect materials from multiple places and can place the objects in any other place in any order to form a good structure or a new construction.

Minecraft Walkthrough

Characters of Minecraft Game

There are many other characters are in the game. The characters of Minecraft Games have been divided into two following major categories.

  1. Hostile Characters
  2. Non- Hostile Characters

Non Hostile characters of Minecraft Game include chickens, cows, and pigs that players need to be hunted in order to create different and useful materials and also for foods.

Hostile characters of Minecraft Game includes skeletons, zombies and very big spiders. Apart from these, there are many other creatures also in the game like animals and villagers. You can find all the hostile and dangerous creatures at night most of them are in dark places in den and caves.

Modes of Minecraft Game

Minecraft Game full version comprises of these following modes

Adventure Mode

In this mode of Game players need to wander in the custom maps which have been created by the other players of game.

Survival Mode

In this mode of Game, players own the resources to build a mega-structure and they must maintain the proper health.

Survival Mode

In this mode of Minecraft Game players on the unlimited resources and can create the custom maps.

Third Party Mode

In this mode of the game, the player can add many new quests, items, and characters. Players can perform many other activities like combat and crafting of many structures.

I hope you will be eager to Minecraft Free Download game for PC. Have fun and Enjoy.

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