Predator 300 Acer Helios Review Guide – Best High Spec Gaming System

Predator 300 Acer Helios Review Guide – Best High Spec Gaming System


The field of section-level gaming is getting popular right after the pandemic situations. There are a lot of gaming systems accessible in the market, and those gaming systems are considered a horrendous milestone. Also, the trends of playing PUBG and the Legions battling Predators games hovered around the world. Current designs chips give more capacity to moderate machines than any other time, and GeForce NVidia’s GTX Ti GPU gives extraordinary blast to your gaming series buck.

That is the thing you can have complete controls with Predator Acer’s 300 Helios gaming system. It’s a low tried value that extends the meaning of a spending PC. However, the high edge rates of this system and the highlights pack out the rival of midrange models that cost thousands more. Eventually, gaming workstations are tied in with gaming, and the spending rate offers higher esteem.

The Helios hits both of those imprints better compared to any system available at this budget plan, based on the Editors’ Choice for section-level gaming PCs. With the two glaring imperfections, specifically the cooling framework and the speakers, this gaming PC sneaks up suddenly. Further, we will explore the specs of this machine that are worth spending.

Predator 300 Acer Helios Gaming System:

The Predator Acer’s 300 Helios gaming system looks great when users ask for the luxury outlook. Regardless of which setup you get, the system packs some very amazing equipment, alongside simple hookups for greater presentations, a screen with a quick invigorate rate, and an exceptional keypad on its console. At the same time, the Helios 300 predator system can support all real-time games quite well.

By the day’s end, most gamers prefer to buy the Predator Acer’s 300 Helios gaming system, which is combined with all essential components to have a high-grade gaming experience. Also, it offers a wide scope of arrangement alternatives.

Acer worked effectively with this updated Predator 300 Helios PH315 model, essentially making another PC with more features, modest structure factor, most recent age equipment, and the majority of the advanced highlights for the potential purchasers. So, if you want to have a high-level gaming experience, then it’s the right choice for you.

Just as the needs the IO and battery life, the plan may guide a few clients in their gaming profession. However, generally, this demanding list of features is remunerated by reasonable valuing. Also, it makes this scratchpad one of the more mainstream alternatives in its specialty.

Specifications of Predator 300 Acer Helios Gaming System:



Gaming Model


Predator 300 Acer Helios System


Connectivity Ports There are a lot of connectivity ports available, which include 1 Type-C and 3 Type-A ports of 3 generations. Also, you will have 1 LAN, HDMI, headphone, miniDP, and a lock Kensington port.
Wireless connection facility The Helios 300 predator system comes up with 1550i Killer AC Wi-Fi connectivity ports. It has a super-fast Bluetooth connection and an Ethernet E2500 Gigabit LAN port.
Memory space The system RAM memory is of DDR4 of around 32 GB (2 separated DIMMs 16GB 2666 MHz memory spaces)
Storage Space The Helios system storage is of SSD in two separated 512 GB Raid forms and SSHD of 2TB.
Graphics card The system contains MAX-Q 2060 NVIDIA graphical card for high-level gaming.
System Processor The system processor is of Lake i7 intel core of 9750H type.
Display Screen Acer model predator display is 15.6″, which offers a high classic resolution rate with IPS technology. The system screen has a matte complexion with an optimized 144HZ panel.
Charger and Battery power The Acer system has a high-grade power adaptor of 180 Watt, and the battery consumption is 58 Wh.
Keyboard and Extras You will have a sharp backlit RGB keyboard with around four zones. There are two sorts of speakers available in this system, along with stereotypes along with an extra feature of High Definition Webcam.
Weight and Dimensions The systems’ overall weight is around 5.3 lbs. which is offered with a power brick high-level EU version body structure. Its overall dimension rate is 14.3 x 10 x 9.
Video Quality The system screen provides sharp video aesthetics with Smart HD Intel 360 GeForce NVidia technology.


Highlighted Features of Predator 300 Acer Helios System:

  • Console and Touchpad

We really like the console on this gaming PC. It’s not just agreeable, ergonomically safe, with adequate performance, adequate travel, and a matte vibe to hold your fingers back from slipping. But at the same time, it’s responsive and easy to use the keyboard. Like the plan, the console of this system doesn’t have any inconceivable highlights that stick out for having a great gaming edge.

The functional easy route keys oversee things like killing the touchpad on and picking diverse presentation alternatives, and changing volume, and in any event, the WASD keys are featured. Also, it is just about as powerful as all consoles should be. The system has a higher grievance, which means that the base keys are taller than the others. We find that when we’re utilizing the bolt keys for gaming, we regularly miss the ‘Up’ bolt key on the grounds that the ‘Down’ bolt one is taller than other models.

The touchpad is providing you a unique working edge. Like most gaming PC touchpads, this is not useful for gaming; however, it is responsive enough for profitability assignments. You’ll need a mouse on the off chance that you need exactness and responsiveness, as with most gaming workstations. The touchpad is additionally a little close when you’re pushing down. In addition, we have run into its issue of being non-responsive or unpredictable when we have a mouse introduced. The issue ordinarily fixes itself when we restart the PC and detach the mouse.

  • Camera, Display, and Sound:

Here’s another illustration that is the basic subject in this gaming PC. The camera found in this system could be better, and the sound quality is great as high. How about we simply say there’s a great deal of opportunity to have this system at a low rate? However, the Full HD show is startlingly awesome for a PC of this sort.

Other than that, we’re quite content with the 1080p showcase. The system has consistent with life shading generation, with more grounded blue and maroon tones. They look even better as compared to hotter tones for gaming and watching motion pictures. Also, the overall presentation of this system likewise flaunts at a 144Hz invigorate rate. The feature is not available in any other low-budget gaming system. That is the reason people find out this system intrudes with a significant design structure to help limit obscure and compensate for dropped outlines.

The camera is providing you clear and HD results. The 720p goal is observably grainy. However, it is sufficient for settling on video decisions and gatherings. Unfortunately, the arrangement of speakers is one of the PC’s two significant defects. Also, the speakers here are inferior, best case scenario. They have next to no yield on the low end, and their top of the line is cut off, bringing about a sound that is dull, level, tangled, and empty.

At the point when you’re utilizing the PC for gaming, you may generally get irritated by the huge sound of this system. Also, you generally have the choice to utilize earphones. In any case, if you’re watching films or tuning in to music, the sound will sound dainty and dull, even after you make equalizer changes through the included Atmos Dolby programming.

  • Design and Exteriors:

In 2019, Acer presented one of the highest demanding systems Helios Predator which is a finished update of the past systems with whom it keeps minimal in like manner. It is known for its higher demand and high-class components.

First of all, this is substantially smaller, with slender bezels all around the screen. Acer didn’t bet everything on the super minimal structure factor. However, at the dimension rate of 366 x 255 mm, this Predator is more modest than the principle contenders like the ROG Asus Scar, Legion Lenovo Y740, or the GE63 MSI Raider. It is a genuinely robust PC, which is weighing around 5.3 lbs. on the higher-specs setups.

The overall weight is supported up by the increment in form quality. The primary deck feels durable and scarcely swells when squeezed more earnestly, so you’re not really going to see any give in the arm-rest or console deck with everyday use. The screen, then again, still flexes a reasonable piece. But, despite the fact that there’s no effect on the real board when pushing on the cover. We recommend putting this PC inside a defensive sleeve while hefting it around just to prevent undesirable tasks.

  • Aesthetics of the System Body:  

Thick bits of metal are utilized for the top cover, inside, and sides, while the underside and bezels are produced using hard plastic. The two materials consolidate well, yet the plan actually leaves some sharp corners and holes on the front, and surprisingly a genuinely sharp front-lip. Taking all things together decency, that is angled and shouldn’t chomp into your wrists with everyday use. That correct corner, then again, it frequently finished squeezing simply on my veins when composing. All in all, I wish Acer would have, by one way or another, gathered together those front corners, as they do on the Triton 500.

To the extent style, the refreshed Predator 300 Helios system is cleaner and brings an amiable look than it used to be. Acer went with a Black and Blue subject, and the inside is totally dull and basic (when you strip off the stickers on the arm-rest). In addition, the status LEDs have likewise been pushed to the sides. The top actually holds a board lit Predator logo which can’t be turned off, just as two dull blue plan emphasizes that are not lit. That is the reason this PC may be sued to perform all office and routine tasks of the stricter work/school conditions. However, you can go through a decal to cover that sparkling logo.

  • Gaming Performance:

The Predator Acer 300 Helios is a full-power system that comes up with a GTX Ti Max-Q graphic processor to provide a strong lead over in the gaming field. As compared to the other expensive systems, the Helios work under the Max-Q form at the less expensive rate. In those high-definition games, it works reliably well between five or ten casings quicker. The Acer likewise conveyed playable framerates at 1080p, with essentials that went somewhere in the range of 42fps and 87fps. Its midpoints went somewhere in the range of 64fps and 109fps. That is the acceptable speed that permits us to reach a few gaming tasks.

On the additional side of this system structure, the model will aspire to play any current and high-grade game in strong details and provide you sharp illustration settings. It will, even more, smoother and perform quicker than the Asus, and the additional speed implies that it will upgrade the level of top games for more into the future as well. There’s sufficient speed here to deal with esports titles at triple-figure framerates. It implies they will work in a smooth way on the 144Hz screen.

Also, there are cutoff points to the GTX Ti’s capacities.  It doesn’t have the ability to yield to higher goals or to VR gaming headsets. There likewise isn’t any Ray-Tracing or DLSS. Assuming you need more graphical force, PCs with the RTX 2060 are a superior choice for you to tackle all heavy games.

Also, if you search out that GPU, you will not simply have Ray System Tracing. You’ll likewise get a critical lift in games. That is on the grounds that the 2060 RTX is around ten or fifteen edges better in games. All things considered, the GTX Ti included here is an incredible 1080p system core processor, and it works quicker than the Max rendition at a less expensive rate.

  • Data Security Feature:

The Helios predator 300 system doesn’t offer numerous security highlights. There are a Kensington lock space and a Trusted Module 2.0 Platform (TPM type 2.0) on board. However, Microsoft requires all OEMs that remember the last for their gadgets even if they sell them pre-stacked with Windows 10. Also, Acer doesn’t offer a finger impression scanner even as a configurable alternative.

  • System Software:

Acer preinstalls its Predator Sense programming on the Helios 300, similarly as it has with each gaming PC that it has sold over the most recent couple of years. The organization has given the product a blue and dark skin to coordinate with the shading plan of the current year’s Helios 300, which is a decent touch. Hunter Sense now not just permits you to screen the CPU and GPU yet, in addition, overclock them somewhat.

You can change the console’s RGB backdrop illumination in Predator Sense as well. Acer’s Predator Sense programming runs on the Helios, in spite of the fact that it’s been chopped down generously, maybe to mirror the Helios’ cost. Here, you’re given insights like CPU and GPU temperature and fan speed. Predator tech Sense likewise permits you to flip among programmed and most extreme fan speeds or make your own fan profile. Additionally, this product permits the clients to screen and control the machine temperature and furthermore encourage the clients with game profile saving element.

As we examined before, Acer put a Predator button over the console for the brisk dispatching of Predator Sense programming. However, clients can likewise get to this product through the work area. Likewise, on the left top side of the PC, a Turbo button is put to switch the fan speed from programmed to most extreme. In any case, the Sense programming likewise gives alternatives to set custom rates. In addition, Acer encourages the clients of Predator Helios 300 with a guarantee of 2 years according to standard terms and conditions.

  • Maintenance:

The Helios Acer Predator 300 doesn’t have a support cover. However, that is no terrible thing as eliminating the base plate is an easy interaction. Doing so uncovers the three drive straights, battery, Wi-Fi card, and socketed RAM, among different parts. Acer additionally incorporates the link expected to add a 2.5-inch drive, which is convenient. The system is easy to maintain at home without spending too much on its system upgrade.

  • Connectivity Data Ports:

One of the basic and popular features that haven’t changed on the Helios Predator 300 is the network connections. Also, it indicates that while using this system, you can’t get distracted because of the unnecessary soundtrack of the Bluetooth connections. After the survey, we concluded that the system provides you two different pokey-moderate connectivity ports alongside a high-quality earphone jack. Also, on the left edge of this system, you will have different connectivity ports as well, which include type-A, Type-C, Gigabit Ethernet, one high generation port.

  • Software Performance Level:

When it comes to software performance, the Acer Helios system provides powerful integration. The software is intended with Cinebench technology. The system performance, along with the updated software, can show us execution in short multi-center CPU chores. It is stated that in the current Acer model’s you can squeeze the software updates quicker than the Special Edition’s stock.

When you use this Cinebench to quantify single-center execution, you can also evaluate the system software execution. It will help you to figure out all the necessary software working updated running t the back-end of the system. However, the system provides a decent solution for the PC to be attached with each and every other Core i7 PC. The consequence with the current Predator 300 Helios system is marginally provided better performance as compared to what the SE form of the PC accomplished. Put some time to evaluate the working of this feature on the battery size: at 48 watt-hours.

The higher-invigorate rate which is found in the system board in the fresher adaptation will likewise force the battery. We had a similar grievance with the SE adaptation. On the other side, when it comes to its plan, the system presents a couple of warm difficulties. To one side of the two fans of this system, you can see that that the warmth pipes connect with the GPU first and afterward connected with the CPU.

In other gaming PC designs and models, the fans are commonly shown on the edges of the PC. It also gives the CPU a direct admittance to the cooling fans. More limit plans keep the GPU and CPU on their own different warmth lines and cooling fans.

  • Input Devices:

The Helios predator 300 system highlights a full-length console with a number cushion, which a few merchants appear to forego in their 15.6″ models. The keys are very much separated and agreeable to type with, and the uneven incitation is fulfilling. The keycaps highlight white content, with the WASD keys containing red content and lines. The keycap text is clear, so the red backdrop illumination radiates through when the framework is controlled.

The capacity column has a few preset capacities. F3 flips remote network, F4 takes care of the PC, F5 opens the Project menu, F7 flips touchpad usefulness, F8 quiets the sound, and F9 flips backdrop illumination brilliance. Furthermore, Home, Page Up, Page Down, and End go about as media keys. At last, you will have the up and down keys through which you can change the volume while the Left and Right keys change show splendor.

The touchpad follows the edges of the PC, with a chrome line and red coating on its edges. The likenesses end there, nonetheless. Following the touchpad is somewhat jerky, and the surface is inclined to drag. Also, the dragging surface allows the average all-around following considerably more hard to clean it regularly. Left and right snaps are lopsided. The top portion of the touchpad has a shallow snap, while the base segment has a lot further endpoint. Residue and flotsam and jetsam can undoubtedly sneak by the touchpad from the base end. You may prefer to use a devoted mouse if you are a system programmer.

  • Cost and accessibility:

The basic level and the compelling design of Predator Acer 300 Helios initially made in the US. The system is available for $1,000, which includes a 2.8GHz, quad-center Intel Core 7700HQ i7-processor, a GeForce 1060 NVidia GTX (GDDR5 for up to 6GB) high-grade graphical gaming card, RAM of 8GB, and your safety data storage space for 256GB strong state drive with additional 1TB hard drive.

The model isn’t accessible in the UK. The models of Acer available in other counties will offer you low-quality processor and illustration cards. The basic level setup in the UK has a 2.5GHz, quad-center Intel Core 7300HQ i5 processor and a GeForce NVidia GTX Ti with 4GB of video memory. However, it may boost up the performance of both a 1TB hard drive and a 128GB strong state drive. In Australia, then again, just a single series in mentioned features is accessible. It flaunts similar specs as the US and UK’s best quality models, and costs are around AU$2,499.

Which setup is best for you depends, obviously, on your requirements. The unit the Acer determined in this system, which matches specs of the greatest setup aside from the 1TB hard drive, works admirably enough even with the most demanding games at a less expensive rate. Also, you are restricted to work around a few high-demand AAA games with simply the 256GB static data dive at a low rate.


  • Great gaming performance for up to 1080p
  • Wide range of storage rooms for data safety
  • Smooth and super display screen for high-level gaming
  • Exceptional and clean structure than its old models
  • Built-in sturdy quality
  • Heavy but compact enough to carry everywhere
  • Matte and smooth finishing screen
  • Provide high level and extreme definition profile
  • Thermal capable implementation with software recent updates
  • Easy to use and upgrade features at a competitive price


  • The metal coverage is strong but brings sharp edges.
  • The Chassis can work under load.
  • CPU performance can get slower
  • Base Acer model is classic and better than the tester.
  • There is no card reader for the Thunderbolt.
  • Battery life is not enough for experts.



  1. Is buying Predator Acer Helios Gaming System worth it?

As per the reviews found on the internet, the Predator Acer Helios gaming system considers as the best pc that provides a high level of performance in terms of the limited price tag. However, it may suffer from less battery life, but the system’s overall working tagline is at its peak. So, it is truly productive to buy this gaming system.

  1. How can the Acer predator laptops last?

The basic level system provided by the Acer predator series will last for more than five years. It states that if you buy this laptop for gaming, then the system will last for around 5-7 years when we stride in terms of energy consumption and heat distribution level.

  1. Are the ASUS gaming laptops being better than the Acer company?

Some people prefer to buy ASUS laptops, but the only area where people are motivated towards the Acer predator series is the design, support, and performance. ASUS has provided more than options when it comes to have the best gaming pc.

  1. Is the Predator ASUS Helios gaming system durable?

Also, it is proved that it’s actually solid with the front and back corners of the undercarriage are sharp. Furthermore, the metal that stretches out down the sides has made right edges at the base, which is available in Predator Acer Helios.

  1. For what reason are Acer workstations modest?

Well, the same is applied to gaming laptops. Also, Acer’s PC is less expensive than HP and Lenovo essentially. In light of the fact that Acer just began with their PC, they are yet to acquire market esteem. Furthermore, they are progressing nicely to procure their Brand an incentive as they are giving quality items at a sensible cost.

  1. What games can Acer Helios Predator 300 system run?

The gaming PC can run Apex Legends, Fortnite, GTA V, PUBG, and Minecraft. Also, some of the high rates games are also suggested to play on this pc. Some surveys depend on the number of the best PC games a PC can run. In the Predator Helios PC, you can run more than 1000 games.

Final Verdict:


The Predator 300 Acer Helios is apparently a low-budget gaming PC. With that, their several imperfections about the gadget that is excessively self-evident and too critical to even consider disregarding. In any case, as it is predicted from many other high spending gaming PCs, reductions and bargains are normal. But if you need the best gaming system for yourself, then you need to pay more amount to get all features.

All things considered, the market of the best gaming stations are intrigued with this current model’s exhibition at a limited cost. It is an incredible gaming system as compared to the expensive gaming PC. It can deal with the most wanting games at medium to higher settings. It has a revive pace of 144Hz, which you’ll ever find in gaming workstations of its sort. Also, it has a fresh, 1080p display screen with a consistent, attractive shading range.

Now you don’t demand to spend $2,500 for having the best gaming system in which you can play most current games on high or ultra-settings at 1080p. Now you can get those capacities in a PC that is available under the required budget plan of $1,200. However, all modest gaming PCs make some enormous compromises to pack that much force in at that cost. We review the system and already tested almost every gaming system, and we tracked down that this system offers all remarkable features that are available in all expensive gaming systems.

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