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If you are a true fan of the RuneScape than you must not be familiar that there are 2 different versions of the RuneScape PC. The first version of the game is known as the Old School RuneScape and the second one is the latest & updated version which is just called the RuneScape. Today in this article at the ocean of game we are going to cover up features & direct downloading link of the modern version of the game but you can also download Old School RuneScape by following the complete Old School RuneScape Guide.


The RuneScape is sometimes also called the RuneScape 3. RuneScape is the fantasy based Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game which officially has been creating by a British developer of video games and released under the flag of Jagex Game studio. Till now, more than 250 million accounts have been created of the game which clearly depicts the popularity of RuneScape. Moreover, the plethora of Spin-off games and a number of books which are fanbase fantasy books are available in the market. Unarguably the RuneScape is the most popular online game ever. You may also like to play &  Download Golf Clash for Android for free.


RuneScape is based on the point & click in the Gielion world of fantasy. You being the player of the game can easily communicate and interact with the other players as well as with the non-player characters. These non-player characters are the game controlled objects and are available at the many areas of the game.

The whole decision of the game is totally based on you but before making a decision you must know that in the game nothing is necessary because everything is optional. Whatever the player will decide you must be fully trained by skills in order to fight against the monsters. You must also know some ethics to socialize with other. They way you socialize with anyone is totally up to you & them. You have full rights to decide & define your own fate and will have multiple options through which you can choose and entirely to make yourself happy.

Key features of RuneScape

Here are some of the amazing & appealing features of the RuneScape. You will enjoy all of these features once you download & start playing the game on your system. So, what are you waiting for? Surge now!

  • The world is open and you are at liberty to roam anywhere. The overall environment is really sprawling.
  • You will have to train yourself against multiple skills. To be exact and more precise there are 26 different skills in the game ranging from fishing, cooking, craftsmanship, and swordsmanship. You can set your priority.
  • The non-players computers are intelligent enough to communicate with you perfectly.
  • There are a plethora of storyline quests and side quests.
  • The game is very flexible and developers are consistently working on updates. So, the content of the game & special events is added frequently.

The RuneScape is one of the longest running game in which the new players consistently keep on entering the open world arena. The player upon entering need to train himself and get some skills. He gains the skills by the actions he performs such as the ability to mine effectively rather than harvesting.

RuneScape Download PC

As we proceed in the game the skills level of the players raising high and they got more and more access to retrieve the raw materials and use them in the close fighting. There are total 26 skills these skills define clearly their playing styles. The skill system is classless which means there are no limits to learn and enjoy any particular skill by any particular characters. You may also like to Download Battle Bay PC with BlueStacks for free.

So, what are you waiting for! Pave your path to become a legend, a warrior by slaying the monsters. Chop down the trees to build your own castle. One thing is very important and it is the collaboration of yours with your team to tackle the boss monsters. You can also test the skill of your role-playing as a team member.

Download RuneScape PC Latest & Updated Version Free

Finally, here comes the direct downloading link of RuneScape PC. You simply have to click on the downloading link provided below your files will start downloading automatically. Don’t hesitate to share your valuable feedback with us.

Updated: January 16, 2019 — 11:06 am

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