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Skeleton Trap Clash Of Clans wiki Snare & distract a clueless adversary with an unexpected engagement of brief, however tricky skeleton troops. Skeleton Traps can be ordered to attack to air or ground troops. skeleton traps of coc can be upgraded at lower cost against low gold coins but your Clash of Clash Town Hall builders should be free for the operation of CoC Skeleton. Basic level 1 skeleton trap clash of clans damage range is 5 tiles. A complete guide for Coc skeleton levels is available here exclusively on Ocean of games Oceanofgame Ocean0fgame theoceanofgame

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Coc skeleton trap Skeleton Trap Clash Of Clans Summary:

  • Skeleton Traps are structures that remain hidden until they are activated by an attacking troop moving into their trigger radius.
  • Once its triggered then the grave rises from the ground & multiple Skeletons appear in the area that around the coffin to attack nearby troops that are depending on whether it is set for ground or air troops.

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  • They can be configured to attack either ground troops or air troops.
  • They will remain invisible if set to ground and an air troop passes over and vice versa.
  • The number of Skeletons comes depends on the level of the Skeleton Trap.
  • The Skeletons released have a small skull icon next to them to signify they came from a Skeleton Trap as opposed to being summoned by a Witch, similar to the icon displayed next to Clan Castle troops. The reason behind this is because they play an equal role to the Skeletons summoned by a defending Witch in the Clan Castle.
  • The Skeletons from the trap have exactly the same stats as the Skeletons summoned by the Witch.
  • Skeleton Traps set to defend against air troops have wings instead of a skull on the face of the coffin. Skeletons that arise from being triggered while set to defend against air troops float through the air with the aid of two small red balloons, the same balloons as those on the Air Bomb.

Skeleton Trap Clash Of Clans Upgradation:

  • Initially, Skeleton Traps are a light shade of brown and have a skull or a bat-like a figure on the face of the coffin. It is boarded up, indicating that the skeletons were possible once people.
  • At level 3, the Skeleton Trap is a darker shade of brown and has five brass studs on the face of the coffin. A short, dark brown board connects the coffin together at the top.

Skeleton Trap Clash Of Clans Trivia:

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  • Subsequent to sending, the casket rapidly vanishes. Burn blemishes on the ground where the Skeletons ripped at up through the ground vanish a brief span later.
  • Skeleton traps are right now the main devices that can target ground or air troops.
  • Skeletons sent have all the earmarks of being indistinguishable to the Skeletons the Witch summons, with the exception of when they are in Air Mode, which gives them 2 inflatables joined to their necks.
  • You can tell on the off chance that they are the Skeleton Trap’s Skeletons since they have a skull beside their wellbeing bar, and not at all like the Skeletons gathered by the Witch, their wellbeing bar is changeless.

Skeleton Trap Clash Of Clans Level 1 To Level 3:

Town Hall Level1234567891011
Number Available00000002233
LevelSpawned UnitsCost GoldRe-Arm CostGoldBuild TimeExperience Gained XPTown Hall Level Required
23600,0004,0006 hours1468
341,300,0005,0001 day2939
Trigger RadiusUnit Type TargetedFavorite Target
5 tilesGroundNone
5 tilesAirNone


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