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Spectrum tv apk is your latest cable Tv app on smartphones, smart TVs and other digital media players. It brings you more than 300+ live Tv channels and services, including live sports and news too. It is developed by Charter Communications in-association with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.

It is such a magnificent app, turning your simple mobile devices into Cable Tv on the go and giving you access to over, 25,000+ movies and Shows. And today we are going to overview more of its features and functions. Also, you can get spectrum Tv apk download link on this page.

spectrum tv apk

Features of Spectrum Tv App: 

The features of Spectrum Tv are very impressive! Considering the cost of its subscriptions, it offers a bunch of different features with each different subscription. And the features it comprises of are as follows:

  • Spectrum Tv app gives you more than 300+ live tv channels and more than 25,000 on-demand movies and tv shows to watch on your smart TVs, AppleTV, Roku, Xbox, etc.
  • Upon installing Spectrum Tv on mobile devices, you can enjoy watching more than 100+ live tv channels and 17,000 movies and shows, too.
  • You can even watch tons of On-Demand Movies and Shows, Local News Channels, Live Sports, and other channels via your mobile devices or through your PCs / smart TVs, etc.
  • The add-on service lets you add any of the add-on channels you wish to add to your current packages. These channels include HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and others.
  • The monthly subscription of Spectrum Tv is very cheaper than that of any other service provider, which is about $24.99 per month.
  • You can choose through any of the three different subscription packages, which are the Spectrum Select, Spectrum Silver, and Spectrum Gold.
  • Spectrum tv app can be installed without any additional installation fees, contracts, cords and cables, set-top box and equipment needed.
  • Most of the channels are available in 720p over 1.5 MB speed, while others are in 1080p over 3mb speed.
  • The Parental Control feature gives you full control over all channels and shows, you want to watch or manage directly.
  • With the interactive tv/program guide function, you can easily browse through and watch your favorite tv channels smoothly, even set reminders and read program info also.
  • Spectrum tv is also a cross-platform application. It is available on android and ios devices, SmartTVs, Roku and Xbox also.
spectrum tv

Spectrum TV Prices and Packages: 

The prices vary as with each package, as of the Spectrum Select, Spectrum Silver and Spectrum Gold, these are the current packages available for spectrum.

1. Spectrum Select: 

It can be considered as the starter pack. It comprises of more than 125+ channels and pretty much-limited services.

2. Spectrum Silver: 

It is the mid-tier spectrum package or mid-tier pack. It comprises of 175+ channels and good services.

3. Spectrum Gold: 

Its the topmost tier package or pack. It comprises of 200+ channels and premium services.

Note: Add – On Premium Packs can be added to any of the above packs.  

Download Spectrum Tv Apk: 

Spectrum tv apk is currently not available in all countries across the globe. As a result, if you are from any unsupported country, then you can’t get spectrum app from play store. But we have given the spectrum tv apk download link here, you can download it from this page.

It is a safe and secure download link. Also, we have tested this app on different devices, including smart TVs and Pcs, too. Just click on the download link or the download button given below, to begin your download.

spectrum tv app

How to Install Spectrum TV Apk on Smartphones: 

To install spectrum Tv, follow this simple installation guide as explained below.

  1. To begin with, you need to first download spectrum tv apk from the download link given above.
  2. When your apk file is downloaded, then you need to check from device settings > security, that whether the “Unknown Sources” option is enabled, as sometimes it is disabled by default, enable it.
  3. Now go to your downloads or file manager and search and tap on the spectrum tv apk file to begin the installation process.
  4. A window will appear, scroll down and select “Install”  and wait for few seconds.
  5. Once installed, exit the window and go back to your homepage.
  6. Launch Spectrum Tv App, now sign up with your email id to create your spectrum account to access the app and its services.
  7. Now your spectrum Tv is ready to watch and stream your favorite channels and services.

That’s it! Now your Spectrum Tv will be successfully installed within few moments. And you can enjoy watching your favorite movies and tv shows anytime and anywhere.

What to install spectrum Tv app on Roku?  

Follow this guide to install spectrum tv on a Roku device:

  1. First of all, create your Roku account on the official Roku website.
  2. Then log on to your account and using your Roku remote go to Roku channel store.
  3. Enter and Search for Spectrum Tv in the search bar.
  4. Click install. And your spectrum tv will be successfully installed.
  5. Launch Spectrum Tv from the menu and enjoy watching your favorites.

So this was the installation procedure for Roku devices. Not much different, the installation procedure for Xbox is quite the same.


As from the above overview, it’s clear that spectrum tv apk is much better and cheaper than any other cable tv streaming service provider. With more than 300+ channels and services, spectrum tv has now become a flagship tv service provider!

We have already seen enough of its feature and functions. The installation process is also well explained above. And don’t forget to check the spectrum tv apk download link in the download section above. This app is free to download.

If you are having any queries related to the installation process or any other doubts regarding the application, then do let us know through the comments below.

And keep visiting maxapk.co.

Updated: July 16, 2020 — 9:35 am

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