Best Tips and Tricks for GTA 5 XBOX 360

cheat for GTA 5 Xbox 360

Best tips and tricks for Download GTA 5 for Xbox 360

With the best tips and tricks for GTA 5 Xbox 360, everyday gangster life is much easier in the Rockstar games action epic available on XBOX 360. Among other things, we show how to make the cops depend on faster, where to find helicopters and what to do in order to get a fat share package. We also point the way to one or the other curiosity hiding the development team in the virtual metropolis of Los Santos and the surrounding area. Frozen aliens? A meeting with Bigfoot complacent? No problem with our tips.

Tips & Tricks for GTA 5 Xbox 360

Loose boards in the Bugatti Veyron blend

In GTA 5 Xbox 360, there are a variety of vehicles, and we are going to share the GTA 5 Xbox 360 vehicles Tips and Tricks for some special models are rarely found. Perhaps the most coveted car in the game is the Truffade Adder, which looks very similar to the Bugatti Veyron. Those who want to cruise Los Santos in this exclusive sports car should take a look around the Rockford Hills at Portola Drive. There the speedster appears regularly.

Bigfoot in the sights

Bigfoot really exists. Well, at least in GTA 5 for Xbox 360. To face the mysterious creature with huge shoe size, you have to play the mission “Predator” in Story Mode. At one point you should turn off by sniper rifle three people in the woods. If you look around instead through the rifle scope a little, Bigfoot can spy with a bit of luck.

Lower the search level undisturbed

Shortly before the search level has dropped to zero, you will be spotted again by the police – that has happened to most GTA players before. A simple trick to safely lower the search level is to visit your own garage. If you close the gate, you are in a safe haven, because the cops can’t open it.

Tips & Tricks for GTA 5 Xbox 360

Fly high with the Buzzard helicopter

If you want to fly over Los Santos and surroundings with a combat helicopter, please note the following tip. To find the aircraft, you have to go to the Palomino Highlands. There, via the Northeast-leading highway to Los Santos Government Facility. Whoever walks through the gate and then turns left, meets a large building. The buzzard helicopter is ready on its roof, and the ladders for the ascent can also be found on site.

Share package through additional mission

Near Franklin’s house, there is a halfpipe waiting for a worthwhile additional mission. A boy has stolen a bicycle there so that he can be brought back to him. The next day, they learn by e-mail that the boy is a millionaire who gives a fat share package as a reward.

Encounter with Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Already in the prologue of the game, you can find something very special. If you are being pursued by the police, you have to deviate to the right of the path and drive under a bridge to a frozen river. Trapped under the ice is an alien in it.

GTA 5 tips & tricks

Discount when buying weapons

Weapons and ammunition go into GTA 5 Xbox 360 in the long run pretty much in the money. Well, if one of the dealers gives a discount here. But for the estate, you have to do something first. At the shooting range, all challenges with gold rating want to be completed. But the discount of 25 percent can also be seen.

Secure diving equipment

If you want to get your scuba equipment in GT 5 Xbox 360 early, you should visit the harbor of “South Los Santos”. There are two boats ashore and a jetty nearby. From this one sees a dinghy with the inscription “Nagasaki Dingyi”. If you jump from the boat into the water, you automatically have the diving equipment.

Steal rescue helicopters

If you are in Los Santos and urgently need an aircraft, you do not need to drive to the Buzzard helicopter in the Palomino Highlands. Instead, there is also a trip to the hospital located in the southern district of Davis. Via the ladder, you can reach the roof and take a seat in one of two rescue helicopters.

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