Toshiba Gaming Laptops Buying Guide 2021

Toshiba Gaming laptops reviews

Toshiba has become one of the popular brands in the PC market for a long time. All of these products and models are popular due to their impressive performance and high quality. As the gaming trend is expanding with time and more and more people are stepping towards this field.

Besides, Toshiba gaming PCs come stacked with all the basic highlights that a gamer searches daily for in a gaming PC. With wide LCDs that show rich and dynamic tones, gamers can appreciate taking a look at the great designs of the games. Also, their satisfactory sound systems won’t release the rush and tension away all through the game.

Gaming laptops are one of the items that Toshiba produces. In this review depth guide, we will examine a couple of Toshiba gaming PCs to assist you with picking the best PC to fulfil your internal gamer.

Top 5 Toshiba Gaming Laptops 2020 Comparison Table

    Name    Rating    Check Price
Toshiba Satellite95/100Check Price
Toshiba Portege95/100Check Price
Toshiba Tecra A5094/100Check Price
Toshiba Satellite Radius91/100Check Price
Toshiba P55W89/100Check Price

Explore the top 5 best Toshiba Gaming Laptops

Finding out best Toshiba gaming laptop can be a challenging task to do. As 2020 become a tragic year, since a few months more people are moving towards into the field of gaming. It can be someone habit, or some people are professional gamers. But are you looking for the best gaming laptops of 2020?

Here we will follow up five best models of Toshiba that are demanding and popular because of their performance and specs. There are numerous PC brands to check when you are searching for PC for gaming. Obviously, the nature of the PC delivered by one organization to another is very extraordinary in term of value.

If you don’t know which one is the better to pick, you can review our guide to make a decision. Also, we researched and disclosed five best models which are considered as the best Toshiba gaming PC. Also, there are barely any things you need to remember, and you may need to take a look at the popular PC that you need to purchase.

1) Toshiba Satellite Radius 11 Gaming laptop

Are you looking forward to saving your money but still don’t want to compromise on gaming performance? If yes, then get a touch screen laptop that has a hybrid 2 in 1 quality. In general, this is a demanding and popular PC for essential use. It is a suggested option for beginner and intermediate gamers.  For standard office work, business use, Toshiba Satellite Radius 11 Gaming laptopNetflix, and ordinary perusing, this is the thing that we would suggest this PC to beginners.

Toshiba Satellite Radius 11 laptops is an entry-level laptop and have all features that could possibly be needed to handle the performance of gaming. Also, it can maintain the speed of your office work. Thus it is counted in the list of best laptops for ordinary use. The best thing to know about this model is that it has a touch screen that is responsive and can be turned 360 degrees.

The 11″ screen size additionally makes this model lightweight. It implies that you’ll utilize it in PC mode or tablet mode, there shouldn’t be any trade-off. Also, the console doesn’t generally offer a mechanical vibe to it and furthermore comes up short on a mathematical keypad.

Those are highlights you just need to offer up to discover such a smaller, lightweight and spending plan amicable PC. With just 4GB of installed memory, you will likewise get some slack when running various tabs simultaneously or messing around. If you need an exceptionally quick PC, we suggest investigating different competitors underneath, all things being equal. So, do you need a greater hard drive and more RAM at a comparable cost? If yes, then you might need to take a look at its specifications and features.


  • It has a Pentium Quad-Core N3540 processor.
  • It has a 2MB cache with up to 3 GHz space.
  • Its overall RAM is DDR3 4GB.
  • Internal RAM storage is 500GB HDD.
  • The display screen size of 11.6 inches
  • Provide 1366 x 768 Pixels Resolution
  • Touch screen
  • Low cost
  • Lightweight
  • Satin gold colour
  • Have less RAM
  • No solid state driver
  • Slow processor
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2) Toshiba Portege PRT12U Gaming PC

Do you need a remarkable PC with fair mid-range specs that don’t miss out on any additional highlights? If yes, then this model can be the first choice. So if you don’t want to spend a severe financial plan and need a lightweight touch screen model then choose Toshiba portage gaming PC. For most extreme Toshiba Portege PRT12U Gaming PCtransportability and use, this is the thing that I, for one suggest. Like the Radius 11 recorded over, this 12.5-inch PC can be pivoted 360 degrees to turn into a tablet.

It has a seventh-gen Intel Core i5 processor, an 8GB RAM, and a 256GB SSD stockpiling to deal with an exceptionally quick feature. In the way that you can expect from it is that the PC is not only sufficient simply use, but it is suitable for performing huge office tasks. You can also turn it out for watching films on Netflix. Its console does not have a mathematical keypad and is much the same as some other minimized PC plan.

The Toshiba model likewise carries a pen out of the container to make advanced marking, drawing, and different assignments simple. So do you need to stay with a pointer-based PC and knock up to a bigger screen? The 12 inch Toshiba portage is an incredible alternative with fundamental features and specs.


  • The hardware is intended with Intel Core i5 processor
  • Its overall RAM is DDR3 8GB
  • The internal storage is 256GB with SSD
  • It has intel HD Graphics card
  • The display screen is 12.5 inches with a touch screen display
  • The output display resolution if of 1366 x 768 pixels
  • The overall battery life is 6 hours
  • i5 fast processor
  • have solid-state drive
  • two in one flip design
  • appropriate for a long hour working
  • DDR3 RAM
  • Have small storage
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3) Toshiba Tecra A50 Gaming Laptop

Searching for the perfect presentation from a top of the line PC? Then the Toshiba Tecra model is handily at the first spot on your list. So if you need execution and couldn’t care less about cost,Toshiba Tecra A50 Gaming Laptop then this is the best Toshiba PC we suggest for power clients. With a seventh-gen i7 processor a full 16GB of RAM, you are more than covered on the speed front. Anticipate that almost any assignment should be taken care of with no slack or log jams. Dissimilar to different competitors recorded over, the 2018 Tecra highlights a full-size console with the total ten key segments.

The model is likewise worked considering security to protect your venture. You get both a unique card reader for speedy login and a security opening for securing your PC when it isn’t being used. There are two likely drawbacks here that may lead you away from Toshiba, based upon what highlights you think about basic.

For one thing, the high cost, the model’s console isn’t illuminated. Not every person needs that include, but rather in the event that you’ve had it previously, it very well may be difficult to return to a standard console. Second, most Toshiba PCs maximize at 256GB of extra room. Also, because of the high generally specs, you don’t get a lot of space to store or download games.

There are a lot of ports for associating outer gadgets in any case. It’s easy to connect an extra USB stockpiling drive. For the individuals who wouldn’t fret airing out their PC’s case, there’s likewise space to physically install an auxiliary HDD inside your Toshiba Tecra laptop.


  • It has 15.6 inches’ screen with HD 1366 x 768 LED backdrop illumination show.
  • The PC has Intel HD Graphics 620
  • Toshiba model has 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7500U Processor with 4M cache.
  • It has 16GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB M.2 SSD and multiple ports.
  • Touch cushion pointing gadget with multi-contact control
  • Equipped with a Fingerprint Reader and Trusted Platform Module v2.0
  • Have a fast processor
  • Suitable for playing heavy games
  • Comes up with a smart lock slot
  • Have a small storage capacity
  • There is no touch screen.
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4) Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 Laptop

Need a lightweight machine for hefting around classes that actually has incredible specs? If yes, then this model should be the top decision for you if you are a student. As a student, your first thought should be size and weight. You would prefer not to heft around a gigantic, massive PC throughout the day. The Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 LaptopRadius 12 (an updated variant of the spending Radius recorded above) gives you great movability.

At under three pounds and with a 2-in-1 contact screen, this model is incredibly flexible and won’t impede you while going from class to class. The specs are pleasant too, and this is one of the not many Toshiba models with a 512GB SSD. In the event that you are sparing huge school ventures on your PC, that is a major in addition to providing portability.

The Radius 12 likewise includes an HDMI out port, which can be extremely useful for giving introductions during class ventures. Two issues are regularly raised by purchasers you ought to know about prior to purchasing, notwithstanding. The fan is genuinely boisterous (for a PC at any rate), and you can presumably just expect around 5 hours of battery life.

It implies that you will have to connect at some point during class and likely won’t get a full school day of intensity on a solitary charge. Are you searching for a lightweight model with better battery life and a calmer fan? If all you need is to have high specs and features to work around the clock and do the routine assignment, then this is the best choice for you.


  • The hardware is intended with Intel Core i7-6500U processor with up to 2.4 GHz
  • Its overall RAM is DDR4 8GB.
  • The internal storage is 512GB with external SSD
  • The display screen is 12.5 inches with a touch screen display.
  • The output display resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • It has intel HD Graphics card of 520 MB
  • The overall battery life is 5 hours.
  • Have various storage spaces
  • Excellent screen
  • Lightweight
  • Compact body
  • Mediocre battery
  • Have loud fans
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5) Toshiba Satellite P55W Convertible Laptop

Most people look for convenience and profitability when it comes to buying a gaming laptop. The Satellite P55W is the best choice when you look for convenience and profitabilityToshiba Satellite P55W Convertible Laptop in the same go. The convertible plan gives convenience into our hands and permitting you to change it into different modes including of tent mode that turns out pleasantly for streaming or watching films, the tablet mode that helpful for perusing to the web, and the conventional mode itself that reliable for supporting your profitability.

The model versatility at that point upheld by the splendid and fresh 15.6-inch screen. The presentation produces a colossal measure of tones and subtleties. The screen is sufficiently large and ensuring you won’t miss anything during your work introduction. The brilliance itself isn’t that splendid like a large portion of machines have at this moment. However, the model is sufficient for any indoor and outside action without having you to change the splendor setting any longer.

When it comes to its thin and smooth structure, the port network is the best in a class model that works very well for all sort of assignments and tasks. There are no advanced ports to discover here. However, it incorporates 2 USB 3.0 ports that permit you to move or moving the information simultaneously. The thing isn’t finished here. However, at any rate, we don’t have to use it for an additional connector. All we need is to simply interface or charging my cell phone. On its highest point, most people love its full-size console which is pleasant for composing on long length. The illuminated help is there and lets you composing effectively on hazier climate.

So if you are a typist, then you are allowed to type for around 79 words for each moment with blunder rate around 1 %. The outcome is close to my norm, and this is superior to my desire. With its value, strong execution, and convenience, we evaluate that it will be hard not to get enticed by this PC.


  • It has 15.6 inches’ widescreen with HD 1366 x 768 LED backdrop illumination show.
  • The PC has Intel HD Graphics 520 card.
  • Toshiba model has 7th Gen Intel Core i7-6500U Processor and L3 cache.
  • It has 12GB DDR3L SDRAM, 1TB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive and multiple ports.
  • The keyboard has TruBrite LED-backlit with IPS Touchscreen Display.
  • Backlit Keyboard in intended with ten-key and a Click pad
  • It has Kardon Stereo Speakers which produce DTS Sound.
  • TruTalk Dual Microphones with Beam Forming Technology
  • Cell lithium-particle battery life is almost 6 hours.
  • The versatile flip body design
  • Battery life is good.
  • The attractive and sleek look
  • Graphical performance is good.
  • Have dim display
  • The webcam is not impressive.
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Factors to look on while purchasing Best Toshiba gaming laptop

Each client or gamer has various necessities; in any case, there are various basic things, as an individual, you will require on all workstations. Coming up next are a couple of the fundamental things you should consider before putting your cash in a Toshiba PC.

Your financial plan

Your budget is the most important thing you should consider it before purchasing a PC. So if you cannot deal with a particular PC, at that point, there’s definitely no reason for discussing it. Yet, it’s fundamental to set yourself up on the grounds that gaming PCs aren’t modest and value an incredible arrangement of money.

Furthermore, you might want a PC with top-notch parts, and in this way, you’ll have to pay a lot of money on the grounds that solid PCs are expensive. SO it is important to consider Toshiba laptops which have all common specs.

Display Screen

Since we’re searching for a gaming PC, it’s basic to locate the one which gives high-goal illustrations energetic tones. That yet needs to have a wide-see screen to appreciate barely bigger pictures, and if the PC has a touch screen, that is a clincher.

Toshiba has ever constructed PCs that give elite. You need to look for the one which has a more noteworthy goal and will show pictures in sharp and rich tones to improve display screen. Moreover, a solid designs card will add more capacity to the screen and convey more brilliant illustrations.

Audio feature

With respect to a gaming PC, its own sound framework issues as much as its screen and illustrations. Similarly, as individuals hate to see low-quality designs, faint screens, and dull tones, turned music, and not as much lucidity of sound are likewise several the things which could bother the buyer.

Moreover, to guarantee your gaming experience stays exciting with all the energizing hints of games, it’s pivotal to choose a gaming PC that gives rich sound and shields you from wearing a headset each and every time you utilize the PC. What’s more, the speakers of your Toshiba gaming PC ought to give the most extreme padding, insignificant twisting, and a fair base to get a top-notch sound insight.

Internet speed

The quality internet facility of any PC is fundamental with the end goal for it to stay associated with the remainder of the planet progressively. So if your PC can not give a steady climate to your web association, at that point, it does not merit spending your money on.

Besides, it’s significant for a gaming PC to have a quick web association so you may make the most of your games without any slacks, alongside your games and applications stay current.

Always Remember what you’re searching for and place your preferences directly to look for the right gaming PC. How about evaluating our comprehensive guide on the best five Toshiba PCs that are best for school and gaming activities?


Are a Toshiba PC and latest models being useful for gaming?

Indeed, Toshiba is among the best workstations for gaming. It’s a decent customer rating, and you likewise don’t be reluctant to purchase Toshiba PCs for gaming.

Is Toshiba gaming laptop being acceptable?

Toshiba PCs are generally common. They are not remarkable, and they’re poor. They have a normal rating. Despite the fact that the firm has quit making workstations, you will discover repaired PCs offered in the commercial center.

Is Toshiba Laptops better than the HP?

Toshiba has quit producing PCs and scratchpad. So, if you might want to think about, at that point, HP PCs would be the best contrasted with Toshiba workstations.

Exactly how long can Toshiba workstations last long?

Toshiba PCs have gone enough demand in society because of its durability as compared with different PCs. The business quit making workstations in 2016. However, their renovated models keep on being ready to move in the business.

Are Toshiba models suitable for the business work?

No, Toshiba isn’t suitable for business purposes. They quit making PCs, yet they are making other advanced items like TV and sound rigging, and many more.


Gamers need those laptops that have a great list of features and provide extreme usefulness. It should contain high-quality functionality that can keep up to deal with the upcoming gaming upgrades. In this way, guarantee you pick the ideal Toshiba gaming PCs with unfathomable highlights that may come and match your gaming needs.

Presently at that point, what’s your opinion about those five best types of Toshiba gaming PC? Without a doubt, they have made you at any rate somewhat intrigued by them. Indeed, we have given the best one all things considered. They are the most elite sorts in Toshiba. Originating from a similar maker may make the highlights basically like one another. In any case, you can see yourself that they are distinctive somehow or another dependent on our expert guide above. Along these lines, pick the one that has the best highlights and the best cost for you.

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