TVZion APK Download | 2019 Latest Version 3.8.1

TvZion Apk is one of the few alternatives to the Terrarium TV apk. It is a very popular application to watch online or download movies, tv shows and most importantly the animes, which gives it an upper edge over other applications. It has a vast library of anime and cartoons.

A few months ago, TvZion app was stuck in a controversy due to some unknown issues. But now the issues are resolved and with the release of its latest version, you can now enjoy the app once again. The Tvzion download link is given on this page. You can download the app from this website.

tvzion apk

Minimum Requirements for TvZion APP:

Features of TvZion for Android :

With the latest released version of TvZion apk, some of the features of TvZion are also extended. Thus, we can say that it has a lot of features to explore, which are as follows:

  • Get access to watch and download thousands of Animes, Movies and Tv Shows in HD quality on your mobile screens.
  • TvZion app also supports Trakt and 9animes. And therefore it has a vast library of the latest and newly released animes in HD quality.
  • Not only it provides Hollywood Movies and Tv Shows, but it also gives access to all of the Netflix Movies, Tv Shows and Animes for free.
  • No requirements of any kind of subscriptions or registration to use the app or access its content.
  • No ads display during watching, downloading or using the app. Therefore TvZion ad-free entirely.
  • It provides up to 50+ HQ to LQ download and streaming links for each and every single episode of various animes, movies, and tv shows.
  • It comes with advanced metadata detection feature to detect the exact size, bitrate and server quality of each of the provided links.
  • It automatically plays the next episode of a series with autoplay or the auto next feature, which saves a lot of time.
  • User-friendly interface allows the user to easily browse through the contents.
  • TvZion app also supports Android SmartTvs, FireTv, and Firestick. This means you can watch your favorite stuff on Big Screens too.
  • In addition, it supports cast feature to cast your mobile screen on anycast support big screens.
  • Support all android devices ranging from operating system 5.0 OS and above. It is also a multi-platform application.

Download TvZion App for Android:

With its relaunch after the end of its controversial issues, there are not many tvzion websites where you can download this app. After taking look at its numerous awesome features, you may want to get this app. Therefore, here on our website, you can get the official and original version of Tvzion for free.

To download the app, simply click on the provided Tvzion Apk download link or button given below.

tvzion download

How to install TvZion App on Android?

Follow these easy steps to install the tvzion apk on your android smartphone to watch unlimited movies, tv shows and of course animes:

  1. Click on the TvZion Apk download link in the download section and download the app into your smartphones.
  2. Go to the home screen and then Settings, scroll down to security/privacy and then enable the “Unknown Sources” option, if disabled.
  3. Again go back to Homescreen, then File Manager or Downloads.
  4. Search for the apk file of TvZion, you just downloaded.
  5. Click on it and a window will pop up, scroll down and press “Install”.

Just wait for a few moments and within a few seconds, your TvZion App will be successfully installed.

Note: After launching the app, it will take some time for the initialization process. Don’t exit or quit the app. It is necessary for the app to load all the contents.

tvzion app

What is TvZion Pro Apk or Pro Version?

That is the Premium Version of TvZion. It is also known as TvZion Pro Apk. It unlocks ZionClub, ZionToons, and ZionMovies too. It enables access to Debrid Suite, which includes Debrid Account, Debrid Cloud as Source and Magnet Picker. It also gives to access to a number of high-quality links for movies and shows. 100% Ad-free experience and a lot more other stuff too. The premium subscription of the TvZion App comprises as follows:

Final Words:

TvZion Apk is indeed a great application and proves to be serving a number of users with a wide range of anime, movies, tv shows, and other contents. With Trakt, RealDebrid and 9animes support, it truly has a vast collection of media. Its always has been a very popular app.

As we have reached to the conclusion and already seen an overview of all of its specifications and features, don’t forget to download the tvzion from the provided TvZion apk download link for android in the download section on this page.

Do note that, we provide software and applications clearly for educational purpose only, therefore this is not an official tvzion website.

Also, if you have any complaint or problems related to the installation, working of the app or any other queries related to the app, then do let us know through the comments!


Is Tvzion Apk Safe?

Yes. Of course, it is safe and sound. We have tested this app on both android devices and smart TVs. We have already scanned this app for malware and it is absolutely safe. It completely works well.

Is it free of cost?

Yes. It is free of cost to download, install or use the app. It’s a freeware. So this means, you don’t have to pay a single penny to enjoy this fun app.

How much is the Pro Version of TvZion Cost?

The pricing of Tvzion pro Apk depends upon the number of devices and months you would like to choose for.

Do I have to Subscribe or Register?

No. There is no need to subscribe or register in order to use this TvZion app. It is ready to use the application. Just install and launch the app. It’s that easy and simple!

What devices does it support?

It supports basically all sort of devices from android smartphones to android TVs, smart TVs, Firetv and firestick too.

Is it ad-free?

Yes. The recently new version of Tvzion is a Tvzion ad-free version. There are no ads displaying now while watching, browsing or download any movies or shows.

Do it supports external video players?

Yes. It does have supports for external players like Mx player and VLC Players other than the default video player.

Updated: July 18, 2020 — 2:18 pm

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