Vampire Realms” At PAX West 2019

The other title we checked out at PAX West 2019 from Kalypso Media had us messing with vampire business in Immortal Realms: Vampire Realms. This is an RPG strategy game where you will take on the mantle on one of three different vampire clans in a fierce battle among the undead to control the lands around you and basically rule over everything. So you are, in essence, battle managing a bunch of vampires. Like a lot of games in the genre it has it’s own mechanics when it comes to movement, territory management, leadership, and how to go about raiding and defending everything you have around you. Just with a vampire touch, which is basically what makes this different from others.

Credit: Kalypso Media

While I wasn’t too thrilled with the mechanics of the demo, I absolutely loved the art and design as this takes you to an era where the darkness had more secrets and evil than anything else. It was really cool to look at from a visual perspective, but I wanted to see more out of the demo than just controlling some soldiers to go do my bidding. Hopefully, we’ll see more soon as Immortal Realms: Vampire Realms is set to be released before the end of 2019.

Updated: September 8, 2019 — 6:46 pm

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