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Whack your boss is a bloody game to leash your anger on your boss. Your boss is always demanding more and more work to do in a short span of time with 200% accuracy. which means he always points out too many mistakes and always scream at you that he will expel you from the job. If you are looking for something to cool down your anger then you landed on the perfect page. here we have a complete range of whack games to feel you refreshing and be like your own boss.

just like previous whack your boss where we had 27 ways to whack your boss. In Whack Your Boss 2 Fantasy Edition you may have up to 10 different superpowers to whack your boss again and again. Manage your anger and take it out! Your Boss keeps demanding more and more work! with this fantasy edition, you can show him your extreme superpowers and can whack your boss with different objects and can beat with all possible objects


whack your boss 2 fanatcy edition

Whack your boss 2 review

Your boss is a horrible person who often asks you for extra work to be done with a lot if revisions. you are tired and sick of this boss and just want to shoot him but you can’t do that in your real life. So following the above scene whack your boss is the best possible solution to cool down your mind by playing whack game. here you will find 10 different fantasy ways to fun with your boss. In this game, you will play as a different person having a different boss, and your goal is to find 10 items in the room to magically whack your boss. Keep calm and manage your anger without actually harming your boss yourself! Let all the other things and creature take care of him and have no guilt!

Ending words for whack your boss games

Fantasy Edition of Whack Your Boss is far better than 1st edition, here you will a new boss with offensive tone to work more or even work for overnight but it doesn’t end at this. Do you have found all the available tools and methods to beat your boss brutally? if you still unable to find all the 10 different ways then below we have 2 different videos showing how to play this game. Note: just stay positive and loyal to your work, and it’s just a game to feel you good so you may focus on your work. if you like this game then please do comments and share with your friends as well.

Updated: April 13, 2019 — 5:25 am

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