Youtube Vanced Apk: The best alternative of Youtube 2019


This is an era where almost everyone wants entertainment and especially this is a YouTube era.

People wants everything free. They don’t want any interruption in any manner. Entertainment is the best way to keep yourself busy in their own way. People have so many options to get entertainment. Usually we use YouTube for entertainment because it was free and having so many options. Today whatever we want learn, watch almost every possible thing is available in YouTube. YouTube is one of the highly used site and every Smartphone has made it in built in it.

YouTube is for all the people in world, it contains food blogs travel blogs and so many topics to watch. Students can learn solving questions there are so many channels for student in every field we can earn, learn, buy, sell, get motivation channels and lots many more. These days people those who are having skills in their own way they share it via YouTube and get famous and according to the views and subscribers they get money for that. YouTube is a platform where anyone watch learn earn and entertain there self.

People usually get irritated when it shows ads and these days we don’t want any interruption in between that. People are so busy they don’t want to wait for anything especially everyone who watch movie or something all these advertisement is so disturbing. Everyone hates those advertisement between the show they are watching.There is a problems in YouTube that if we had played a video song in it then if we switch to any other application then the YouTube will be stop playing people hates this. For the minimize play for the videos we have to pay an amount for premium YouTube and so on not everyone can afford that. Premium has basically all the best parts but YouTube is a vast platform as we all know it is in all over the world. People don’t exactly want this they don’t want to pay for anything. We are having an option of offline download where we can download it and whenever we want we can watch it in offline but now for that we have to buy the premium pack of YouTube and then we can enjoy those features.

YouTube Vanced apk is less people knows about but it’s far better than the original one. Here can play audio/video in background as we all know that in original version we cannot play videos in background. So for that switch to YouTube Vanced and get the experience of premium YouTube. Where we cannot have to tolerate advertisements and can adjust speed and resolution. We can also zoom the video or if we pinch it get zoom out. This one is exclusively made and too good to use.

It has the best ever and more from the YouTube premium. Here there is also a auto repeat feature and themes are available (White, Dark and black). Here we can use YouTube in background as well. This application is good to use.


Download it from google there are links available and get it for your Smartphone so that you can have the best yet YouTube experience ever. They provides it for free not even any charges after the installation like so many applications shows it’s free but they charges some purchase in app after installing that. So here is no worry we need not have to pay any amount.


This application worth to their words in free. Go to the above procedure and down it. For any further details visit our page comment and share your problem.

Updated: September 24, 2019 — 3:36 pm

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